Monday, January 29, 2007

Silver UFO filmed in Turkey

I don't know what to make of this video, I came across it on The Book Of THoTH forums. The video is said to come from Turkey and it shows a bunchy silver thing hidden amongst some trees, about half way through the video the object begins to leave the trees heading skyward, the rest of the video follows it as it floats through the sky.

To me it looks like a bunch of silver balloons and not having much experience in seeing a bunch of balloons floating through the sky I'd have to say I don't think they should move like that, but I'm probably wrong on that.

I think it is a pretty interesting watch and the guy in the background panicking makes it feel more dramatic.

I translated the description of the video the best I could:

"The best instants of filmed UFOS OVNIS already! It repairs that no longer air, starts to leave things black color of inside of this!"

I translated a few of the comments with babelfish but I couldn't make to much sense of them.

Here's the link to the video.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A recap of the last one hundred posts at M.P.L

I thought I had posted more but it seems that this is my one hundredth post to M.P.L.
I thought about what I may do for this post, but I couldn't really think of much. So keeping it simple I'm going to take a look back at some of my favorite posts and things that I have done with M.P.L.

Some of my favorite posts

I remember when I first thought about writing a blog about the paranormal, I was busy with another blog that featured funny videos and such and was getting a little bored of it, I no longer keep that blog up to date. So I created My Paranormal Life with a simple post saying "hi" and for the next few posts I simply made up junk. As I posted more often I realized that I couldn't get bored of paranormal news and videos, especially after seeing the video mentioned in the post I wrote about the Valentown ghost video, for me at the time it was the most amazing ghost video I had seen, not long after that I saw and wrote a post about a Gettysburg ghost video for me another one of those amazing ghost videos. For me those two are my favorite ghost videos out of all that I have posted.

Another video the made me think differently about ghost photos was the video Hundreds of scary Japanese ghost photos, I posted one video out of a series of twelve I think, and the videos contained hundreds of ghostly images. What got me thinking was that you could dismiss most of them if not all as mistaken identities, double exposures and photographer errors, but a lot of the photos had very similar setups to their more famous western counter parts, a lot of the pictures in the videos sometimes look very similar the photos in The Top Ten Best GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS Ever Taken posted at The Knight Shift.

At first I was more interested in ghost videos, but became more interested in cryptozoology after seeing a video that claimed to be a a live megalodon, since posting it, the general consensus in most of the discussions I've read is that it is a Greenland shark, but without knowing the actual size of the cage in the video, most seem to think it is a little bit of an illusion.

One of my more recent posts took of like a rocket, well that's what most seem to think it is and I would have to agree, it got picked up by and I got about 15 to 20 thousand visits from it in a week. I did get a little grief about my research and description of it, but I was only using the info that was with the video. It did get me looking at UFO videos a lot more, a topic I wasn't really interested in, mainly because most UFO videos show little tiny specks in the sky that are very shaky, but I have seen a few more that are pretty impressive since then.

My Paranormal Life Media

Along with commenting on paranormal news and videos, I have produced a few of my own videos, for the most part they are all first attempts at something and are leading on to the videos and other media that I am working on at the moment.

The video below was the first video that I made for this blog. A very simple video slide show of a trip I took to a cemetery.
My Paranormal Life Investigation Video

With the second video I jazzed things up a bit and animated the title, the content was pretty much the same as the first, but there were a lot of photos with orb type things in them. I put those down to a rain and flash combo.
MPL Investigation Video 2

The third video is a short preview of a 3D animation that I am currently working on, which is taking bloody ages to make, the models and bone system are taking up huges amounts of time, and I'm still only learning as I go with the program that I am using.
MPL 3D animation Preview

The forth video, which has kind of been a little misunderstood in some cases was How to make a fake ghost video. I made it initially because I was sick of seeing totally fake ghost videos, but for some reason they still had comments by people that totally believed they were real. In knowing how to duplicate the results one can spot a fake more easily, that's the way I see it and why I made it.

Below are some of the photos that are featured in some of the videos above, they are the most interesting photos that I have taken, farely beautiful I think, but sadly i think it's just the flash reflecting off of rain droplets.

Paranormal Life Community

Just some info on where else I am online.

First of there's my MySpace page

I enjoyed that, I nice little recap of the past 100 posts with hopefully more to come.
, feel free to add me.

Then there's the Flickr group, Scary Creepy Weird at this time there are currently 43 members with 150 photos in the pool, some very cool images there, but not many relating to the paranormal.

There's also my IamHaunted profile, it's pretty much MySpace, but it only deals with people interested in the paranormal, there's been some controversy there lately, I hope it doesn't get to bad because it's a very nice idea.

I've forgotten about the magnify group, so here it is again Paranormal Life magnify group.

And lastly MyBlogLog, been spending a lot of time here, well mainly coz it seems like every blog I visit these days has the widget on it. It's also just fun.

I enjoyed that, a nice recap of the last one hundred posts at My Paranormal Life.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photo Friday: Fast and WW

This is a little off topic, just trying a few things out. When I first started blogging I used to blog about art and photography and I would participate on these two sites every week, Illustration Friday and Photo Friday, each week they post a topic and you can submit a link to your blog post about it.

The box below I don't quite understand it but I'm giving it a shot.

Pencil Cases

Funny videos with a paranormal twist

Sometimes you just need a laugh, well I do anyway. After watching countless hours of paranormal videos, most of which are mislabeled and fake, I find myself drifting towards the funny ones. that's what this post is about.

Just a couple of funny videos with a paranormal twist.

The first video involves Bigfoot (a man in a gorilla suit Bigfoot), it had me going WTF most of the way through it, the plots just ridiculous, but I found it very funny. I won't tell you anymore about just so you guys get that "WTF" moment out of it.

Something odd was caught on a security camera, a dancing, cripwalking ghost. Na not really a ghost but the editor made out it was, strange thing is, is why was this dude dancing in the middle of an apartment buildings parking lot at 2 am in the morning.

Maybe I shouldn't be laughing at this one, but I was watching it thinking that it was going to be a screamer, but I think he is just frustrated. It shows a gut trying to use telekinesis to move a small object.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Manassas Civil War Ghost Video

This video was taken by a man and his family while on a trip to the Manassas battlefield, the video shows a field, a big white house and a woman walking across the field that looks like she is in period dress.

The description with the video says that they didn't notice any body else around at the time of the filming, but only noticed her after viewing the video weeks later.

I know from my home movies that when viewing them I see people that I didn't notice at the time, but I don't know with this video. It has a nice look at the surrounding area and it seems fairly quiet, it would be simple to create and these areas probably have a lot of reenactments going on.

But there's just something about the figure that just makes me think ghost.

Manassas Civil War Ghost

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bigfoot Sightings on Google Earth

I was visiting the bigfootforums and saw a thread titled "Google Earth Sighting Maps, Comprehensive Report Maps", this is very interesting, the thread starter has put together a file that includes hundreds of Bigfoot sightings that can be loaded up to Google earth, when I did that I was presented with a view of the U.S.A with literally hundreds of dots, each dot was a Bigfoot sighting and had links and info on each one.

I couldn't begin to imagine the amount of time that would have gone into putting all this together but I'm very pleased that someone has, if your into Bigfoot, I would have to say this is must to have.

You can get the file from the forum thread or from Mangani's BigfootMaps near the bottom of the page.

It's easy to use but you have to have at least Google Earth for it to work, just download Google earth, install. Then the bigfootreports.kmz file from the above link and double click it and your done, it will open in Google earth.

Before this I had only used Google earth to see my house, Area 51 and the travelling spots of my friends.

Alien abduction of a cow caught on video

Reading through a few stories about alien abduction and cow mutilations, got me thinking, if you want to capture UFOs on video maybe you should scope out fields of cows, it's the next logical step.

Well this video shows a cow being abducted by a cloudy disk shaped object, in broad daylight with a very steady camera man.

I'd have to say this is fake, but who knows.

Here's a little bit of the description that is with the video "Alien cow abduction -
Other viewers have noted that the fact that our camera man, who keep in mind is apparently witnessing a live UFO abduction, seems to hold a steady hand throughout the entire process. Perhaps this guy just happens to have a lot of guts, but 9 out of 10 people would probably drop the camera and run like hell."

Real UFO Abduction of a Cow!

Monday, January 15, 2007

4 minute long video of dead Alien Baby

This video shows what is supposedly a dead Alien Baby, The video description that's with this video says that "This was found on the side of the road in a California desert near a marine base" I did a little search for any info and found the same video on a few other video sharing sites all had the same description.

The video is 4 and half minutes long and for the majority of the time the videoer is zoomed in very close to the creature, the creature looks, well like an alien baby. The creature is in a trash can surrounded by rubbish.

I'd have to say that this fake, but a comment from the fark comments got me thinking (I've been getting a lot of fark traffic for the spiral video I posted awhile ago) the comment mentioned how paranormal videos are usually very short, but this video is relatively long compared to other videos of the same nature.

What I don't get is if it is real why didn't they call the police or act a little more concerned, also when ever I come across a dead bird or something I usually poke it with a stick, something that the people in this video didn't do.

Well any how I found it fairly interesting.

Alien Baby

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shadow Ghost following kid around the house

Taken with a camera phone again, this video shows what appears to be a shadow person or something following a child out of a closet.

It's pretty freaky looking but the kid doesn't seem to mind, the descriptions mention that it was taken by a comedian named Dean Lewis who was discussing his sons imaginary friend on a radio station called The Jagger Show, you can download the original there.

I know with my camera phone, when videoing there's a lot of delay and it leaves a trail on moving objects, nothing quite like the video below though, I'm looking forward to when you can get a camera phone with 10mp interchangeable lenses, HD video quality that fits right into your jean pocket.

Ghost Video -Follows Child through House

Social Network Sites with a Paranormal feel

I've been spending a lot of time at a couple sites that I have found to be very fun, the first is a social network site called I Am Haunted, it's a lot like Myspace, but it's dedicated to the paranormal and I find the layout a lot more tidy and easy to use than Myspace. If you sign up please add me as a friend, the link above takes you to my profile page.

The second site I've been spending time at is a Q&A site called myLot, there's a lot of paranormal related discussions and pretty much any other topic you can think of, there's a hell of a lot of users on here and it's very easy to use. Whats different here is that they pay you just for posting questions, they pay you to reply and the pay you for uploading photos, you wont become a millionaire, but it doesn't hurt to get payed for your time. All you need is a PayPal account to get payed

Friday, January 12, 2007

Attempted Alien Abuction caught on Video

I saw this video awhile ago and bookmarked it, when I went to post about it the user had taken it down. I forgot about it, but I recently stumbled upon it on youtube.

It has probably been discussed to death but I do like it, it shows a couple of lads kicking around a football, the ball is kicked down the ally a bit and one of the guys goes to get it, as he goes to get it something from behind a lamp post reaches out and grabs him, something with a very long arm.

Now this was taken on a camera phone and the quality is not the best, plus the zoom on the phone changes the colours of the video which when I first saw it I thought "some editings going on here" but then I thought it is a camera phone and the quality of those isn't that good to begin with. I don't know how to take this attempted alien abduction video, they could have had some one hiding behind the post, but the creature seems to be super skinny for that to make sense, could be computer generated with some kind of overlay to make it look bad quality, I'm sure a video expert could find that out.

The youtube video had a couple of links with it which included a lot of the back story and what has happened to the kids after going public with their video, EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTER VIDEOGRABADO IN MÉRIDA and Alien Encounter
Filmed In Mexico?
both links have the same write up and the first also has the video.

Real alien caught on tape

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Video of a spiraling UFO over russia

Not much info came with this video, just that it's a ufo spiraling out of a wormhole in Tomsk Russia. It's a really amazing watch, at first it shows what looks like a comet trail with a bright light at the head, then it goes dark and appears to open up releasing the ball of light which then starts to spiral, very pretty.

I haven't seen anything quite like it before and I can't begin to explain what I think it may be so I won't.

Sure hope it's not a fake.

UFO - Spiral Slips out of Wormhole in Tomsk Russia

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

How to make a fake ghost video

I thought this would be fun to share, since learning about video editing and 3D effects I've learnt a few things and also being as cheap as I am, I have put together a video tutorial on how to make a basic fake ghost video using only free software.

The results will depend on how much time you want to put into it, for me I am going to use this technique to make a series of funny video shorts, well I hope they will be funny.

The tutorial video took me about 20 minutes to make and the actual ghost video will take less than ten minutes.

I also hope that this will give some insight into recognising fake ghost videos that claim to be real, something I will never do.

How to make a fake ghost video.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Flaming UFO falling from the skies in Finland

I don't know what this is, it looks like a meteor or plane on fire falling to the ground, from some of the comments I gather some have translated what the reporter was saying, but it doesn't help much, they didn't know either.

What ever it could be it seems pretty hard to miss.

Flaming object falling from the sky in Finland.

Ghost on the road video

I think what is shown in this video is probably a case of mistaken identity but I like it, it shows what looks like a figure on the right side of the road, it appears at around 24 seconds. I reckon it was filmed on a camera phone judging by the quality but the figure does look very ghost like.

Ghost on the road.