Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pareidolia Photos PH Creative


I originally took these photos for my other blog Strange Clips, but that blog is on hold for awhile, so I thought I'd be a good citizen and recycle.

Basically Pareidolia is seeing recognizable images in random things, these are from various places around my house, mostly the toilet floor, good vinyl there, I did another set before these ones which some may have seen.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Top Five Bigfoot Videos Ever

This is a list of the top 5 Bigfoot videos that haven't been debunked, IMO, most of them have not been proven either way to be genuine or hoaxes though skeptics, believers and researchers all have their own evidence, opinions about them, will we ever know either way at all?

5. The Redwoods Bigfoot Film
Filmed August 28, 1995 in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park by a film crew from Waterland Productions. Though the video is pretty dark you do get to see a very burly figure and supposedly you get to see it's dong. You can read the Redwoods Video here plus watch the original and enhanced videos as well, much better quality than the youtube version.

4. Manitoba Bigfoot Footage
Filmed April 16, 2005 by Bobby Clarke, on the Nelson River, Manitoba. Maybe this should be number 5 or not on the list? it's not the best footage ever, what I found interesting about the Manitoba Bigfoot story is that Bobby Clarke sold the rights of the video days after filming it, would I do that? probably, unless the evidence was good enough to convince people to go into the mountains with guns, then I'd probably think twice.

3. Memorial Day footage
Filmed in 1996 by Lori and Owen Pate, Chopaka Lake in north central Washington State. I'd have to say very similar to number 4 of this list, a lot clearer and was witnessed by multiple people, but to me doesn't seem very convincing, but what do I know I'm just an arm chair enthusiast. The Memorial Day Footage is on this list because it hasn't been proven either way fake or genuine, like the rest of them.

2. Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage
Filmed 1994 by Paul Freeman, near Blue Mountains, Oregon. Probably one of the best Bigfoot videos ever, though there is a little controversy surrounding some of Freeman's other evidence. Here is some more footage of what is said to be of a dangling baby Bigfoot.

1. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, Bigfoot Footage
Filmed 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, Bluff Creek in Northern California. Yeah you probably guessed this would be number one, in the 40 years since this film was shot I don't think any other video has come close to being as good as the PG film, the clarity of the video, the details of the figure it's still the best out there I think. There are a few other videos that may be a lot better than some of the ones above, maybe not in background story, but in video quality, some of which are already posted here. I have no conclusion, all I have to say is what would you take off of this list and what would you replace it with and why?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Haunted House Drawing

Been a little slow on the video front the past few days and most of the posts I have been working on are in limbo, bout half done, so I thought I'd post another one of my drawings.

Haunted House
haunted house drawing

I drew this I think when I was 18 years old with an HB pencil on hard paper, it was one of my first drawings to benefit from being at art school, before then all I used to draw was Batman and other comic book characters and as always it is unfinished with no plans to ever finish it, maybe recreate it though.

You can check out the rest at My Paranormal Media most of the drawings that I will be posting are already there apart from the drawings that I am working on at the moment which will relate a lot more to my interest in the paranormal.

Boo Post - Mass UFO sighting, ghost and whiskey, busted

So... What was paranormal today.

UFO sightings bring town to a standstill - A mass UFO sighting in Warwickshire, there's a photo and also a video of the event at the link. You could say that they are lanterns, but I really can't tell, interesting though especially since it's a mass sighting and in the video you can see other people filming and taking pictures of the UFOs so hopefully there will be some more footage of these objects online.

Whiskey-loving ghost of Bailey's Prairie - Nice little story about a man who wasn't buried with his whiskey and is still looking for it. The write up is a transcript of the video that goes with it.

Deputies bust ghosthunters - The Georgia Paranormal Society had a ghost hunting trip cut short by the local deputies. I've kinda wondered about this while in abandoned places, never been asked to leave by the Po Po before.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FOTD - Can you hear the ghost knocking?

Fake of the Day.

Ghost knocks on wall can hear it well

Made me laugh.

Boo Post - Drones, Halo3, Big Birds amd more

So... What was paranormal today. or what I was interested in today more like it.

Critique on the Drone/Strange Craft Photographs - A write up about the drone photos with some photos showing some fishy results.

Big-bird encounter one for the books - An eyewitness account of a pair of giant birds with a wing span of 20 feet. Nice story, really got my imagination going, I've always loved the idea of giant birds, I even did my high school design project about a local legend of a giant eagle, presumably based on the Haast Eagle.

Children as young as five to be fingerprinted in schools - This just doesn't seem right at all.

Gettysburg ghost stories - Home of one of my favorite ghost videos. I didn't know it was such a ghostly kind of place, I mean the Ghost Tours part.

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS to shut up shop? - I used to love this paper as kid, I used to read it wondering why I hadn't seen any of the stories on the nightly news, I was totally sucked in.

Halo3 shorts from Weta - When I first heard that Peter Jackson was set to produce a Halo movie I was pretty psyched, but then I heard it was canned. I can't believe I missed this though, it looks like Weta are still connected to Halo in a way, supplying props and supplies. Check out the teaser for the trailer below.

Halo 3 E3 2007 "Arms Race" Live Action Trailer

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strange drones as a viral campaign?

For awhile now people have been suggesting that this whole strange craft drone thing is some kind of viral advertising campaign, a few of which I saw suggested were for halo 3 and the Transformers movie. Nothing I've seen of Halo 3 suggests that it is anyway related to the drones, Transformers has come and I haven't come across anything to say it relates to the drones apart from maybe the Cloverfield trailer shown before the movie.

Which is pretty interesting because this Cloverfield(working title) movie is cloaked in secrecy, no one seems to know exactly what the movie is about, but as with Transformers theirs more than meets the eye. The trailer for Cloverfield seems to have clues in it, as a result people have been lead to this site, which is a really annoying site, but there may be more clues on it to lead to somewhere else on the web.

Another mysterious online brain teaser is, the characters that can be found here seem very similar to the drone markings, but they aren't the same, after completing the puzzles presented you get an email sign-up form that tells ya to check back on the 1st of august. As with cloverfield people have also been able to find sites through some Internet detective work such as this site ethanhaaswaswrong, but maybe that's just someone trying to mooch of it.

Both of these cryptic promotions are very compelling and I think they suit the drone thing well, but I haven't seen anything definitive to link them to each other.

The thing with the drones is that you have these witnesses with photos, then you have someone who seems credible come forward with documents that kind of prove that what these witnesses saw were real, they just seem to real to be true. If the whole thing is real, well then, we're gonna have some great technology to play with.

So if the drone thing is a viral campaign, what can learn from Cloverfield and ethanhaaswasright, if it is similar maybe there are clues that people haven't been looking for, could be a sign of a failed viral campaign if no one is looking, does the evidence lead anywhere else? where could it go from here? could it be just a flat out hoax or could it be real?

I don't know, the drone thing is getting a little stagnant now, which could indicate that it isn't a campaign because with the other two they lead you to a point that keeps ya on your toes, you know there's more and you gotta figure it out, with the drones no such luck.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Boo Post - Fairies, Bigfoot Permits and great sculptures

So here's another Boo Post just a couple days after I said I'd try and do them every couple days, can't believe I'm actually sticking to something, well time will tell.

So... What was paranormal today.

Hunting the elusive fairy video - Looks like The Horror is back in action with the latest post about Gordon T Holmes, the guy who filmed that video at Loch Ness a month or so ago. G.T Holmes has also written a book and CD-Rom package about his experiences with Fairies tittled "FAIRIES ON ILKLEY MOOR", The Horror contacted Holmes to maybe get a hold of this but was told that it maybe available online somewhere, I had a quick search for it myself but couldn't find anywhere to purchase it. Head over to the link above and maybe leave a comment if you know how to get a hold of it.

Got your Bigfoot hunting permit? - Short article about a group of bigfoot researchers hunting for Bigfoot then being asked for a permit by forest rangers, it's probably more to do with the group consisting of several dozen people.

Strolling the Crypto Garden - Lesley has a nice post over at The Debris Field about her visit to Shidoni sculpture garden, looks like a very cool place, she has some photos up of some of the sculptures, the place kind of reminds me of my old art school days, peoples projects big and small all about the place, I miss those days.

So that's what got me interested today, kinda like doing this, hope I don't get distracted, I easily do sometimes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Zombie Drawing

From time to time I'll be posting some of my illustrations, I posted a lot of these on my first blog, a blog I no longer update.

This is an old Zombie drawing I did for no real reason, just some fun.


I drew it with an HB pencil which is mid range hard and soft and used a hardish kind of paper, with most of my work it is unfinished. This is the only picture of zombies that I've done and I should really get into drawing them more, love the subject. I have had a lot of comments about the lower zombie not quite looking right, but I was going for the "no flesh, only skin feel".

I already have a lot of my drawings, photos and videos up on the sub site to MPL, My Paranormal Media, so if you want to check some more out go there.

I may have posted this here before, not sure, but it does give me something to post about on those slow days.

Pencil Cases

Fake of the Day - UFO Inflatables for sale

A common explanation for UFO sightings is that they are balloons let loose in the sky. After watching this video it'll probably make most agree with that explanation.

UFO Flying Over China!

Looks like some promotional video for a inflatables company, the balloon is pretty impressive, it looks like your typical flying saucer and from a distance with a stabilizing weight could look very convincing, surely hope these don't catch on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Falling Skies news of the Paranormal

I can't actually remember where I came across this, anyway it's a social bookmarking site, like Digg, but it's just for paranormal news.

With the way some of the big paranormal sites present new news (not naming any), Falling Skies is a refreshing idea I think, not a new idea, but new to the paranormal community I think. All I think it needs is a dedicated community of followers, much like Digg has, to make it a great source for paranormal news.

I know I'll be following it and trying to spread the word.

Boo Post - Chimps Bigfoot Dropa and Prime

As with my previous post Fake of the Day, my Boo posts will be pretty similar, hopefully I get to post one every day or two, I read a lot of blogs and news and why not put that to good use as well.

So... What was paranormal today
Well newish anyway.

Giant lion-eating chimps - pretty interesting read, kind of reminds of the book and movie Congo. Wish there were some photos of these chimps.

Selling Bigfoot - Good point about Bigfoot researchers and making money. My opinion is that if it had the kind of money involved that say a sports association has, Bigfoot would have been found by now, though I really wouldn't like it if Bigfoot were found, just doesn't seem right. In New Zealand our national bird is the Kiwi and we also call ourselves Kiwis, but the bird is in a bad state, one solution that I know of that could boost the population of the Kiwi is to farm them for meat, in doing so making bucket loads of money from breeding them, the idea has been around awhile but is not very popular, though I think it would work.

The Dropa Stones
- Aura has a post presenting a documentary about the Dropa Stones, I have heard of them but haven't really looked into them much, I haven't watched all parts yet, but I'll be back there to watch them.

OPTIMUS PRIME Speed Painting - nothing to paranormal about this, but it's dang cool, it's a speed up video showing some one creating an awesome image of Optimus Prime using photoshop, wish I could do that.

Related Products.
Optimus Prime Toys

Fake of the Day - The Poltergeist Bedding

Maybe I shouldn't claim this to be fake, but then again why not. Looks easy enough to achieve, hide behind a bed and pull some doors and stuff.

Out of about 20 videos I watch only one may be worth posting, so I thought why waste all those minutes of watching fakes, why not put them to good use and post the best one I see for the day.

Sounds good, gives me an excuse for a half arsed post anyway, making good posts is so hard and these should fill the days until I complete them all.

With the video below I don't think the uploader expects to full anyone, judging by the description. All it is some poltergeist looking activity with beds conveniently hiding the view of the floor, best fake I saw today.

Ghosts . . . or not?

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Poltergest Products

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shapes in the Clouds

I love looking at the clouds for strange formations, sometimes what I see in them are so vague and I'm sure we all see something different, so I play around with them in photoshop to bring some of the Shapes in the Clouds that I see.

You may have seen the last two before I made posts for WW using them.

Face in a Lamp Post
Face in a Lamp Post
The Hoff in the Clouds
The Hoff in the Clouds
Peeking over a Cloud
Peeking over a Cloud
Rhino in the Sky
Rhino in the Sky
Skull over a Dark City
Skull over a Dark City

I was going to post these to my other blog Strange Clips, as you can tell buy the water marks, but I've decided to make them a WW for this blog. These are what I have made so far and I hope to make many more, as soon as I get some new cloud pictures that is.

Drone Sightings History by DrDil

Just came across this pretty cool thing, it's embedded just below, it's a PDF embed, that's new to me.

Anyway it looks like a complete history of the whole Drone Photo thing, it starts from the Chad Drones up until the Isaac Caret Documents. I was trying to do something similar with this post "UFO Drone photos inspired Videos" but it just looks messy.

I think you can download the PDF from the embed below, if not here's the link to the site that hosts it Drone Sightings History by DrDil.

I have a theory about what this whole drone thing is about, but I'll have to look into it a little more before I share my findings.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Paranormal Media

Just a quick update, I've added a new sub-blog for MPL called My paranormal Media, it contains most of the videos and images I have made for this blog and I hope it will be easier for people to view the media instead of loading up multiple posts. it will act like a static webpage, no blog posting will go on there and anything I make for pretty much any of my blogs will end up there.

It still needs some work though and I will be adding a lot more to it in the coming weeks, especially with a few of the themed series of posts I'm about to begin posting, that hopefully people will like.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ghost Video of a Fat Kid

That's from the description of this Ghost Video and well it does look a little chubby. It's some pretty interesting ghost footage, right up there with the little girl in the corner ghost film, imo.

I really wish they had the original sound playing on the clip instead of that spooky music.

The video is pretty quick and shows normal speed and slowed down, the figure definitely looks like a ghost, but at some points it looks solid, you can also see something going on in the doorway after the figure has left it far behind.

I've been trying to figure out how this could have been done other than the fact that it could be a ghost, but the only thing that I can come up with is that it's actually just a kid walking through a doorway.

Definitely a must see.

Old Hospital Ghost Boy

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Something a little different

For the past few days I have done nothing but follow the E3 Game Show that is going on at the moment and I think is soon to be finished.

Strange thing is I don't actually own any of the new gaming systems, my brother has them so I feel that I partly have unlimited access to them, hehe.

Been a little weird also because I haven't felt like this before about any sort of internet event, I've been following the major video game sites with a passion, waiting for updates for new game trailers, I even watched the three press conferences that were streamed live over the net.

I'm a huge tech nerd but not much of a console gamer (I always get anxious to do something else while playing games, even though I'm enjoying what I'm playing), but I am feeling the urge to buy a PS3 for myself.

Here's trailers for some of the games that I really want to play:

This game is not what you'd expect to come from game systems these days, very refreshing. It's a puzzle game that uses optical illusions as inspiration.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
I was pretty surprised by the realism of this title.

Little Big Planet
Looks like fun, create stuff and share it with your friends online.

Killzone 2 E3 2007
This is the one I would probably buy the Playstation 3 for, it's a FPS, very violent, it may have an age restriction, so younger audiences probably shouldn't watch this.

I don't know what it is, I'm semi obsessed with all this, maybe because of all this 3D modelling I am doing at the moment, probably.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Mysterious Places - video 5

Here's another video of The World's Mysterious Places using google to explore these sites, this is number five in the series and I am really enjoying them, the previous 4 I have posted here at MPL, if you want to watch them at the source or share them you can check out the uploaders collection who is under the user name Jemster.

I really hope the user makes more of these as they are very fascinating, this video explores some of the more unknown stone circles through out Britain, hill figures along with other strange and ancient mysteries.

The videos are very chilled out and for me give food for thought.

The World's Mysterious Places - Part 5

My previous posts about the other videos:

Mysterious Places Video 4.
Mysterious Places Videos 1, 2 and 3.

New Bigfoot Video from Easterville

Here's another Bigfoot Video from youtube, here's the description that came with it:

"My nephew & his buds seen & captured this Bigfoot on their camera didn't even notice them approaching cause of the wind...very interesting....Enjoy."

My first impression was of someone in a black hoody and why wasn't the person filming the Sas below the waist.

Anyway the video shows a pretty big stationary figure not far from the person filming. It's really close and if it weren't for the quality of the camera we may have had a better look at it, you could also attribute the length of the clip to it being from a camera phone as well I think.

I can understand the statement as to why they could get so close without being detected by the figure, but why didn't they video the legs? To me the figure bares a striking similarity to what is seen in the Patterson footage then again it looks like my mate in a black hoody.

I think this may be the Easterville
where the video was shot and here's a translation of what is said in the video:

These young men are speaking in cree..."There's someone standing here boy"...(another speaking)"it looks big"...."can you see it boy?"..."it's kinda far away" Comment left by the uploader of the video.

Bigfoot - Easterville

Is it just another youtube hoax?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Corn Creek Bigfoot Video

There's something strangely familiar about this Bigfoot video, I don't want to say why I think that is because I could be wrong.
It is like most other Bigfoot videos, the title says it was shot in Corn Creek. The footage is short and of bad quality, the scale of the subject is pretty confusing, to me it at least, it looks small and also big, I don't know?

Corn Creek Bigfoot footage

Does anyone else have that familiar feeling after watching this video?

Chupacabra Responsible for Cattle Mutilations?

Short clip, I think totally fake, but it's pretty funny. Towards the end of the video you see something abducting a cow, the title of the video is "Chupacabras attacks cow in plain daylight", well it's only one.

Could Chupacabra be responsible for cattle mutilations?

Chupacabras attacks cow in plain daylight

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Strange Cloud Formation, what do you see?

Pretty slow on the supernatural front, so I think it's time to show off some more of my photography and photoshop.

This weeks theme at Photo Hunt is fake and I think this image fits it well.

What do you see in this cloud?

This is one of a series that I'm working on for my other blog Strange Clips, all to do with cloud formations and using photoshop to bring the shapes out more. I see strange things sometimes, but I'm running out of photos to play, time to take more photos I think.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ghost Hunting Equipment Wish List

In terms of Ghost Hunting Equipment I have very little, just a few cameras. I'd Like to have a few other gadgets, but for the most part I am only interested in the photography side of ghost hunting.

So here's a list of what equipment I do have, followed by a list of what I would like to have.

So first of the big boy, the FujiFilm FinePix S9500, 9.0 MeagPixels, 10.7 Optical Zoom, Super CCD something or other. If you know your photography, you'll know how to use this. I used to know what it all meant, but I lost a lot through out the years. You can use it as a standard point and shoot digital camera and the results are pretty good, set it to auto and forget, but if you want more control it has many options that you can play with for all sorts of situations, you can also set it to fully manual. It uses 4 Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries and I've got to say that you must use this type of battery with it, they last so dang long, I can go 4 or 5 hard out sessions before I need to recharge.

For night time photography it's not the best, though I don't use the flash that much given some of the situations and I still get pretty good results. The flash is good and you can tweak its settings, it also has a hot shoe for an external flash, which is something I am interested in buying.

Still learning how to use it properly, the menu system is pretty shocking, but again if you set it to auto it's your typical point and shoot, but if you know what your doing you'll get the most out of it.

Your typical home video camera, pretty old, but the quality is pretty good. It's not even a digital video camera, good old VHS. The finepix camera above has a video mode which is pretty much the same as this and more convenient, computer wise.

2.1 MegaPixel, 16 levels Digital Zoom, basically my cell phone takes better shots than this. If your out side during the day it takes nice photos, any other situation it sucks, pretty buggy to.

My camera phone, it's pretty good in all situations, though not high quality photos and movies, it's very convenient.

Very compact tripod, just what I need to have if I ever see another UFO, wont get those shaky camera complaints if I capture one on video. Even though it can handle the first two cameras I would still like a bigger, more sturdier one.

I also have a webcam that I can be setup as a stationary camera to monitor whats going on, it's pretty good in low light, all I need now is a hefty laptop.

So that's what I have at the moment, here's what I would like to have

I guess camera wise I would like a basic manual 35mm SLR film camera, there are so many to choose from. The main reason for another camera is just to have the best of both worlds, digital and film, both come with their own pitfalls when it come to analyzing anything that maybe of a paranormal nature and there is much debate as to what is best for ghost hunting, this way you can cover both areas. Would probably want an external flash to go with these.

I would also like a good video camera that works well in low light with maybe night vision capabilities, I don't know to much about dedicated video cameras, but I do know that they come with Hard Drives these days which is cool, would probably have to have an excellent interface and on board editing as well.

A very sturdy tripod would have to go with these, just to reduce camera shake as much as possible with stationary cameras.

A laptop with a huge HD would be great for investigations, plus loads of memory cards, film and batteries.

Tape recorders just to try and get some EVPs.

Other ghost hunting equipment that I could probably do without, as I am mostly interested in photographing and filming the paranormal are Air Ion Counters, Infrared Thermal Scanners, Thermometers and EMF Detectors. Sure they may help me find hot spots, but then again I don't put to much weight into there uses as paranormal evidence.

One day I may own some of these ghost hunting gears, I'm really wanting some Night Vision, but until then I'm pretty happy with what I have especially my FinePix S9500.

Monday, July 02, 2007

New drone photo with a ground unit.

UFO Casebook has a new drone photo, this time though there's some kind of ground unit, looks to me like a docking device.

I don't know about this, the thing that strikes me most is that the ground device it placed in some pretty long looking grass, but the feet supporting the object are still very visible, I would imagine that the grass would be covering them up.

I'm actually enjoying this whole strange drone craft thing, mainly because the images are just cool looking and I am enjoying seeing new photos every now and then.

I'm covering most of what I find in my post titled UFO Drone photos inspired Videos, which contains links to the drone photos, the videos on youtube inspired by the photos and a few other things related to this continuing saga.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Arizona Bigfoot Video Enhanced

I first saw this video a couple days ago, but didn't post about it because it was really hard to see anything, very blobsquatchey. I just came across a video which shows an enhanced version of the Bigfoot Video, which is far more impressive than the regular footage.

The video just below is the original news report from azfmaily , the video was captured from one of a network of cameras that Tom Biscardi has been able to setup throughout the states.

The video is a news report and starts off with a Bigfoot ad, that's not the Bigfoot video, keep watching to get to the real footage. The proper video shows a dark figure in the bottom left hand corner. It's very hard to make anything out.

News Report about Bigfoot in Arizona

Enhancement of new Arizona Footage

I still don't know if I see Bigfoot, the arms look longer and I really can't tell if it moves like a human or not. What do you see in this enhanced version of the Bigfoot video from Texas?