Friday, August 31, 2007

Impressive Computer Generated UFO Video

I'm really enjoying a lot of these computer generated UFO videos, this one shows a very large mother ship type craft and it looks pretty realistic, getting a look at these can only stir the imagination to how if one day UFOs do decide to present themselves on a mass scale this could be very well be what it would be like.

UFO footage

Payu2blog Blog Advertising - SP

If you're a regular here some of you may have noticed that I am doing sponsored posts and this is one of them, I label each with - SP, just as a kind of disclosure.

The service I am using for Blog Advertising is Payu2blog, and out of all the payed to blog services I'm enjoying this one the most, the assignments are pretty brief and the freedom to write the way you want to about the assignments is pretty cool.

The thing with payu2blog is that when you sign-up they make very clear that you have to be committed to completing the assignments that they send you, the good thing though is you can set the maximum or minimum amount of offers you want to complete each month, the whole things a little like a blogging job.

It's been about 2 or 3 weeks since I started working with them and all up I have received 18 assignments to complete all worth $5 each, I have been payed for my first 10 offers through paypal and I should expect my next payment in a couple of weeks, they payout biweekly.

It's been a good way to earn some extra cash.

I consider myself Pagan

This may be out of the blue, but I guess it's time to talk about my beliefs, I consider myself a pagan, meaning I don't subscribe to any of the big boy religions, I semi live by my Maoritanga, meaning Maori culture. It is hard in this day and age to live this way because so much of what Maori belief is built on is by being part of the land, having a place to stand, tending that land to survive and feeling good with an honest days work and knowing it's all for something, something that you know inside out and respect.

It's kind of hard to do that when you've got your 9-5 to go to, but I guess that's why they say choose something you love doing, same concept really.

There's also a lot of little superstitions that I live by, mostly regional but could apply to other tribes of New Zealand. One of which is I always have to see a full rainbow, if it's half a rainbow it's an omen that someone is going to die, kind of like a banshee's wail.

My tribe and region also has its own spirit guardians, including an eagle, an owl, driftwood (trust me it's mysterious) and many more.

I hope to make this more a part of MPL because there's some great stories to be shared and some great creatures as well, creatures I can draw.

I want my five years back

Fake of the day

Be careful what you wish, I thought I had stumbled upon some new Bigfoot footage, everything was there for it to be great, the sound of a vicious beast, frightened men, a run for dear life with the beast giving chase. In the end I was left wondering where 5 years of my life had gone.


Warning, it's a screamer.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My thoughts on Cloverfield

Been following this Cloverfield thing pretty loosely, I tried to figure it out for awhile but I'm just not that smart or involved.

Anyway AICNs latest post has got a rumor about something, the interesting part is about "the monsters" scales fall off they turn into small monsters, rumored raptor like. Another bit to read is about the end of some trailer where a soldier says "she's been bitten", bloody zombies now.

I sure hope this whole viral campaign is misleading because my thoughts about what the movie may be about are not what I want to watch, but hey at least my thoughts are totally made up.

Here's what I think it's about. So you've got this drink called Slusho, it's made from magical ingredients from the sea, people love to drink it, the monster is from the sea, the monster shows up one day to claim Slusho back, turns out the monster is the mother of the magical ingredients from the sea. Little bits fall off of monster and turn into little monsters that bite people, people get sick, die and spawn little big monster babies, the monster returns to the sea never to be seen again.

Kind of lame, I sure hope that's not it, maybe I need to get a better imagination.

I'm hoping that all this Internet stuff is around to throw every ones expectations out the window, I hope when the movie comes out people will be sitting in the theatre with pre-existing ideas and be totally side winded by what they see.

Just a little rant.

Rob Zombies Halloween

Michael Myers is one of the horror maniacs that still manages to give me the creeps, probably because the character is more realistic than Freddy or Jason, Mikes pretty much your average serial killer type, though he does seem to have super human abilities at times.

When I heard that Rob Zombie was reworking Halloween I thought to myself "great stuff", I loved The Devil's Rejects, it wasn't what I expected at all, I loved the bit where the psycho family takes time to relax with family friends, it's so not what you'd expect from most movies these days.

Rob Zombie seems to take the time to explore the little things in his movies instead of mentioning them and passing on them just as quickly.

That's the kind of thing I hope Halloween has, intimate moments that don't seem forced or are a byline to the action.

I think Halloween comes out today, not sure when it'll come out down here, hope I don't have to wait to long.

Halloween Trailer 2. rated R

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sasquatch a Protected Species in King County Washington

So it goes like this, a guy wants to sell his land, King County officials come in and tell him that they've just decided to designate most of his land as wetlands and that no development could take place because it is habitat for protected species.

One of the species on the list is Bipedes Giganticus something or other, BIGFOOT.

The video explains it a lot better, it's from C-Span.

BIGFOOT as an Endangered Protected Species

I really wish I had a point to make, little interesting tidbit anyway.

Bigfoot Educational Film

Maties I need some motivation and where better to find it than in comedy.

Bigfoot Educational Film

Made me crack up something wicked, but just in case it didn't it's not, you'll see what I'm talking about from this Futurama clip.

They still make that show? if not they should coz it was a crack up.

Arizona luxury real estate - SP

I had a friend move all the way from New Zealand to Arizona, sounded like a pretty cool place to live, though it sounded really hot. I couldn't begin to imagine what would be involved in moving to another country, you'd really have to use a service such asArizona luxury real estate I'd think.

I could see myself vacationing overseas, but I don't think I could live anywhere else apart from where I am now, I love this place.

Bed and Breakfast - SP

Wouldn't it be nice to just get away to a nice little Bed and Breakfast, I really wouldn't mind just getting away for a couple days, a change of scenery would do me good I think. Sounds like heaven at the moment, small back pack, a B&B and a couple days fishing or taking photos.

Just my kind of holiday, low key and unplanned, oh man I need to get away.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Support for the How to make a fake ghost video, video

Judging by some of the comments left on the How to make a fake ghost video on youtube, some people are having trouble getting it to work. I've checked the Debugmode website where you can get the software used in the video and as far as I can tell the version hasn't updated, I used Wax 2.0e in the video and it seems to still be the same one available for download.

Also I checked in wax to see what file types were supported, there's a lot, but the only video format I could see that is supported are AVI files .avi. So your best bet is try out what you have and if they don't work maybe convert it to an AVI file, you can find loads of converters on google.

It's also important to add the chroma key to the first video, then use the slider to transition between the two videos, I tried adding the chroma key to the second video clip and well it just doesn't seem to work that way, also if it doesn't look right play with the color picker, most of the time though you won't need to touch this.

One other thing there's also a lot of comments about "ghosts not having shadows", the video only took ten minutes tops to make, 10 minutes effort = a 10 minute result, just put more time in and it'll look better, though I don't think anything you do with this technique will produce anything people will be likely to believe is of a real ghost.

I did get some Lunar Eclipse Photos

The weather cleared up a little and I managed to get some photos of the Lunar Eclipse before the clouds rolled in. I spent a good half an hour watching as the white light of the moon disappeared and a deep red took over. Took loads of photos and some video, the videos are kind of stank, can't use digital zoom in video mode.

Just popped over to Bob's Blog and he's been busy getting some images of the eclipse as well, beautiful shots.

Anyway here's some photos of the eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

The colors may differ from photo to photo, I was using different exposure times to try and get the best results possible, I also used digital zoom along with optical, maybe be a little grainy.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tonights Lunar Eclipse

NOTE: This post is about the last Eclipse, but tonights one, February 20th 2008, starts at around 8:43 EST.

So I was all set to take some photos and videos of the Lunar Eclipse tonight, was a pretty nice day, not to many clouds in the sky, but as night drew in the weather turned to arse.

It's windy now with a fair bit of cloud cover, I can still see the moon at times but nothing sustained.

I don't know why I can't remember the last eclipse to come my way, I know I've seen one though, I hope I have anyway. Hold up, yea it was a solar eclipse when I was back in school, I think I damaged my eyes and got a bad head ache, maybe that's why I can't remember it.

Anyway, would have been cool to see a blood moon for myself, but I'm sure there will be a bunch of video uploads going up overnight.

Caesars Palace - SP

Seeing that Area 51 is not to far from Las Vegas why not take out two birds with one stone and visit both, well I'd like to take a trip at some stage. Gotta have some place to stay so why not Caesars Palace, even if you don't know much about Las Vegas I'm sure a lot of people have heard of Caesars Palace, looks pretty posh and I wouldn't mind staying in a nice hotel.

Personalized Pens - SP

I remember when I was in high school we would always go on trips to careers expos, the thing that everyone liked was that there were always a lot of freebies on offer from the various booths, especially company pens, used to come home with hundreds of them, I think I still have some of those pens to this day.

I think a cheap way of getting your brand out there would be by using personalized pens, people hold on to them and the message stays a long time. Can never have to many pens.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Source of the Haiti Videos

I thought the Haiti UFOs were for some kind of viral campaign and a lot of other people did also, turns out it was just a little research for a movie about a hoaxed UFO video that gets wildly out of control, according to this article anyway.

No matter how you look at it there are still going to be people who swear black and blue the the videos a real, the discussions will probably go on for years.

Oh and check this little video out.

naughty grannies it's not what you think.

Enfield Poltergeist

Just finished watching a documentary about the Enfield Poltergeist which is said to be one of the most well known poltergeist events ever documented. I remember first reading about this from my big book of the paranormal when I was about 12 or so, it wasn't really an in depth read, just a blurb that went along with a photo, the photo was enough for me to steer clear from looking into it further, the kids in the picture looked terrified.

I really didn't want to watch the video because I had been pretty scared of that story since I was young and I've come to find in adulthood whenever I revisit something that affected me as a kid, well that magic gets lost.

The doco is pretty good, it includes a lot of people that were involved in the investigation including two of the children now all grown up, it also has a few photos and video recordings from the time and a good amount audio recordings, the audio is said to have come from the poltergeist who named himself Bill and was using one of the girls as a medium. The voice is really creepy

Interview with a Poltergeist

I don't know what to think really, the fact the children did play tricks on the investigators hurts the credibility of their story a lot, when it comes to the paranormal it's hard to bounce back from such a thing, any shred of doubt and you'll be dismissed by the debunkers all the time.

Well back to listening to some classic rock, this stuffs choice.

Look to the Stars with Google Earth

If Google Earth didn't make me feel smaller than I am, now it makes me feel even smaller, in the grand scheme of things anyway.

I just stumbled upon this, maybe it's old news, but I've never been one to regularly update software. Google Earth now has a feature where you can look to the stars, I just updated the software and gave it a shot and it really does make ya feel tiny.

I think it uses images from NASA and other sources to let you look at any part of space you want, it works much the same as when looking at earth. I zoomed into a little bit of the sky that looked empty and when the image updated I found it wasn't empty at all and had various info points scattered throughout.

If your much of a star gazer I think you'd have hours of fun with this update.

Explore the sky in Google Earth 4.2

Real Estate - SP

My sister in law is studying how to become a real estate agent, really seems like a lot to it and it seems very interesting, I really have no experience in buying or selling a house, but I guess the first place I would visit would be a real estate broker.

Maybe I should visit my sister in law, get some deals going, hehe.

Memory Boost - SP

If I had more memory on my computer it wouldn't slow down as much when I do simple tasks, though I only use my computer for Internet surfing and streaming videos. Sometimes though I wish I could play some of the more advanced games on it.

All I know is that if you upgrade your computers memory you'll boost what ever your computer can handle, be it IBM memory and others.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sinister Sas Footage

Fake of the day

Not exactly fake, more of a short film in the vain of The Blair Witch Project.

It's pretty creepy, has a Evil Dead kind of feel to it, mixed in with some Rob Zombie. On another note I think Rob was supposed to be making a Sasquatch movie, I know he has a Bigfoot comic book, pretty cool.

Bigfoot Revealed!

Golfing - SP

The only golf I have ever played is from going to the driving range, ten bucks bought you a bucket of balls, my friends got a set of golf clubs, he's tried to get us to go but the timings never right, wouldn't mind going one day, spending the day out in the sun drinking a few beers.

Oh I have been golfing before, mini golf, great stuff.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dragon Drawing

Dragon DrawingThis is also one of my older drawings, this one was a design for a tattoo for a friend, I never expected him to get this big ass dragon done. I just met up with him one day and he said "hey check this" and he had the dragon on his shoulder.

I have people ask me to do designs for them all the time and I really try to steer clear of doing them, I always feel guilty I never feel that my art is good enough to permanently mark someones skin.

Check out more drawings at My Paranormal Media.

Pencil Cases

Portable Nebulizer - SP

What could I use a portable oxygen concentrator for I'm not entirely sure, after reading the site I think it has something to do that is similar to asthma inhalers, it concentrates air and then you use it for making your liquid medications into a mist.

So I think it is used for when you're away from home and don't have the same access to what need.

Tourism Area 51

Seeing that I can't go to Area 51 myself, I'm to poor, I decided to let youtube do it for me. This is my second edit of this post where I have added a few more tourist videos of Area 51, I'll be continuously updating this post to present the best amateur Area 51 videos I can find, I sift through the rubbish so you don't have to.

These videos are home movie clips shot mostly by tourists playing chicken with the camo dudes at the gates of Area 51. Though I really want to see someone cross the line, I don't think we ever will, most either get to the warning signs and freak out a little and I've only seen one video of people actually going to the second lesser known gate. Those camo dudes must be trained to the teeth and must have a great supply of video tape and memory cards.

Newer videos will be added to the top.

If you'd like to contribute to this collection you can do so by adding vids, photos etc on Our Paranormal Boards.

Updated April 2008.

4 Wheeling fun near Area-51 warning signs.

UFOs, Area 51 Part 1 and 2.
Edited with a voice over and creepy music over amateur footage. Pretty informative, gives info on some of the other associated places and surrounding areas of Area 51 along with some brief history, they also show both gates to Area 51. Videos associated with the site Chasing Midnight.

Part 1.

Part 2.

My visit to Area 51 and New people arrive at Area 51 gate.
A brief explanation why a lot of these tourists don't cross the line along with the second video of more security guards showing up but safety in numbers as they meet some more Area 51 tourists.

This guy actually looks like someone from the x-files, he falls just short of the gates, though he does have am encounter of the supposed to be there kind.

Even closer to Area51 final
This guy makes it look easy.

As Close to Area 51 as You Will Ever Get
This is the first video that I saw and I really enjoyed it, it's pretty long but you pretty much get to journey along with the guy as he approaches the warning signs, he keeps a close eye on the camo dudes as well.

Area 51: Aerial Surveillance
A couple of guys take to the roads and skies to get a closer look at Area 51, they even get spot lighted by the camo guys at the more popular entrance.

Area 51 Perimeter
A couple driving up to the warning signs, but the video ends anticlimactically.

Groom Lake / Tikaboo Peak BBQ April 2007
A group of air traffic controllers on their annual trip to Las Vegas with a stop off at Area 51, oh and Mandy from Hooters. Really enjoyed this one, great music and it looked like so much fun. Here's their trip video from 2006.

Area 51 Trip 2001 and 2005
This guy is pretty daring, he gets circled by a pretty mean looking helicopter and even climbs a hill to get a better look at the camo dudes, looks like one pretty boring job those camo guys have. I think these two videos show just how close you can get without being hastled, I wonder if anyone else is willing to get closer.

Judging by the number of videos on youtube it seems like a pretty popular place to visit, though I didn't see any videos of people willing to cross the line, my theory is if a group of say 10,000 people went up there and decided to go it deeper there's not much the Area 51 people could do about it, a part from shoot every one I guess.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I need a new Desk - SP

The desk I use now as my computer desk is pretty much falling apart and really wouldn't mind getting some kind of office desks to use.

Though I probably wouldn't have any room for a fancy desk, I wouldn't mind one, a nice big classic style hard wood desk with lots of secret compartments, lots of storage space, that would be cool.

Well all I really need is something with at least one drawer, I hope that's the right word, the desk I have now, well it broke off.

Unexpected Ghost Activity

OK now steering in a completely different direction from that pretty serious sponsored post, here's a video that will surely cheer you up.

ghost - not what you expected!

The video has been viewed over 300,000 times and it made me laugh out loud for sure.

Rehab - SP

In the past my family has a had to deal with aspects of substance abuse and what I have come to find is that if one doesn't want the help they need, well there's not much you can do, but once they do want it drug rehab is something that can help the process along, once out of rehab it can be hard, but you can never really be around the same things again and control it, you have to really stay away from the stuff.

Some say the End of Days

I say if they believe it it will happen for them, what I am talking about is the Mayan calendar which some believe predicts a significant event in the year 2012, maybe the end of the world who knows?

I remember watching something on T.V about it maybe 20 years ago I would have been 7 then and I remember asking my dad if it were true, he just said to me it's theirs so don't worry about it. What he said to me is something that I live by today, I don't pretend to be an expert on much and I sure hope I don't go around telling people what's what, I'm just an explorer of information.

Anyway speaking of info I just came across a count down clock for the end of the Mayan calendar, which is pretty cool, though really it's not that exciting, there's just over 5 years on it, I wonder if it will be around when it gets to the zeros.

A Strange Kind of Monster

Fake of the Day
I won't go into this one, but lets just say I was a little confused when I first saw it. Supposedly it was on a News show, but I can't make out the branding.

TV news : monster part 2

Here's the first video of the monster.

It kind of reminds me of those crazy suites, you know the ones where it looks like someones riding a kangaroo or something. To me the video looks like someone in a suit on all fours walking backwards.

Samsonite Luggage - SP

I first remember the name Samsonite from the movie Dumb and Dumber, you know the part when he was trying to remember the name of the lady he was look for, look to the briefcase "ah Samsonite", the name really stuck with me, mainly because it's the only brand of luggage that I know of, haven't done much traveling.

I usually use plastic bags and well they're a pain to use, I may need to think about getting some luggage, especially if I want to travel overseas, pretty sure I won't be able to use what I use now.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Have the recent Haiti videos damaged UFO videos as evidence?

With the recent Haiti UFO video that spread like wild fire across the net and it's pretty quick debunking, comes a lot of imitators, I guess trying to catch on to the success of the videos that caused all this. The problem for them though is that no one is going to believe what they put up, every new "spectacular" UFO video that I have seen since has comments like "nice Vue 6" or "we know it's fake".

I took a look at the Vue 6 website and it isn't a cheap bit of software, but it does have cheap versions, I'm guessing you won't be able to save the files or out-put them or something. The site also has a demo-reel available for download and I just watched it, what I saw was the Haiti video, not entirely, but the nice beach at sun-set with palm trees was there.

It seems that a search of UFOs on youtube now brings up a lot of results which some are claiming to be of real alien crafts which are obviously not, I don't mind it because I do like watching them, but when the uploader claims it to be real it makes me feel a kinda of bad for them, instead of trying to deceive people and cash in, why not just come out and say "hey look what I made", I'd probably subscribe to their channel if they did that, just to see what else they'd come up with in the future.

I also feel the Haiti UFO vids have really damaged UFO videos as evidence a bit, as any video that is not up to par with how convincing those videos were could easily be dismissed as a "lame fake", though most with a genuine interest in the topic will probably take the time to look into them a little more, some may go the easy route and shout "Vue 6".

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Resident Evil 5 Trailer

This game looks freaky as, the art direction and graphics have come to level where I think a video game will give me the creeps again like Resident Evil 1 did all those years ago, still remember encountering that first zombie.

I did play the last Resident Evil game and it was pretty cool, it was one game that I actually stuck with, good story and the game play was to my liking.

I like the way they try to change things around for the series, unlike other games out there, cough *Halo 3* cough, the setting for RE5 looks totally different than the last chapter and looks freakier even though it's pretty bright, the game play looks very similar to the last though. All that is left to wonder is if that creepy store guy will be in this one.

Cheap PS3

Wedding Invitations - SP

If you're going to get married you're going to need wedding invitations, no one will come to it if you don't let them know.

I've only ever been to two weddings in my life both were my uncles, he finally found the women he was most happy with.

I can't remember the first time as I was pretty young, I do remember it was the first time I ever got my groove on and well since then I just can't stop shaking it. I do remember the second time pretty well and it felt pretty cool at the time getting a nice personal invitation to attend the wedding, come to think of it that was also the first time I ever stayed in a motel.

I don't think I'll be going to any weddings anytime soon, me and my pals are still pretty young and party it up all the time, though when we do start to settle down, I know we'll all be sending wedding invitations to each other.

I didn't know I'd wined up talking about myself more while doing sponsored posts, kind of funny how it's working out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A third UFO video from Haiti?

Well no, this ones supposed to be from Los Roques, the similarities to the Haiti Video are pretty striking, though this one shows a huge Mother Ship. It's actually pretty freaky.

UFO Sighting 08-15-07

This UFO video is a fake, the person who made it left a comment saying it was for entertainment purposes only. I was entertained that's for sure, I really like seeing these CG movies, I like special effects. Just wondering if he was the person who made the original two videos, he's got some other great work in his collections as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

St. Croix Falls Wisconsin Bigfoot Video

This video has been around awhile, I first heard about it on Cryptomundo, but I never got to see the video, it was taken down from youtube, but thanks to Squatch Detective the video is back on youtube.

Interstate Wisconsin Video of Alleged Bigfoot

It's one of those "to good to be true" videos, this isn't one of those blobsquatch videos and it's even harder to make out if it is human or not, though from the cryptomundo report it does seem a little like the wookie suit they show.

There was an investigation into the video but after communication with the shooters stopped, I guess the investigation couldn't continue and the video was deemed to not be authentic for that reason.

Eternal Youth - SP

The secret to eternal youth is probably found in skin care products, as a dude though I probably wouldn't know, though when I look at some of my older lady friends, they have been taking care of their skin for years and it really does show.

Maybe I should start taking care of myself better, I'm a man but things that I did when I was a teen are starting to catch up on me, especially the aches and pains.

Joe Rogan on UFOs

Joe Rogan - UFO's

Some STRONG Language.

Thought this was pretty funny, some stand comedy by Joe Rogan, you know, that guy from Fear Factor. Maybe not so funny to UFO abductees though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fallen Angel Video Debunked!!!

So I guess anyone who is interested in the paranormal has probably seen this video before.

This video is said to show a fallen angel, chupacabra , ghost, demon and many other things. The video, though pretty old now still gets a lot of attention, popping up every now and then in new waves of popularity, I still see new discussions around the place as though it were new.

Possible Fallen Angel in Catalonia

Anyway you may want to check out the "making of video" which shows a guy getting prosthetics and make-up put on to look like the creature, I came across this by watching some of ParanormalVideos uploads.

The Making of the Fallen Angel Video.

The creators of the video also have a pretty cool website which is done up to look like the Weekly World News, it has multiple videos and pictures of the whole process, though the site is mainly in Spanish (I think?) it's still easy to navigate, here's the link

After this it seems likely that the whole thing is a hoax, I always thought that, but the mystery to me was "who made this", though I'm having a little trouble finding any background info, the language barrier I guess.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ISP trouble

My ISP has been a little bit of a pain the past few days, so I haven't been able to research or stream videos and such, hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow.

Strange thing is I can still access the net, although at dial-up speeds, but my phone line is totally cut off. This is the second time this has happened within two months, last time I was without phone or net for over a week, I sure hope that's not the case this time round, but hey the said they'd be here yesterday and now they're coming Monday, I won't hold up any hope.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dominican Republic, Haiti UFO Videos

Fake of the Day

I say Fotd because they sit into that to good to be true category. It's some pretty amazing UFO footage, at first glance they're pretty hard to tell if they are CG or not, I still can't make up my mind.

Say if it's someones home project, CGing these vids has got to be crazy hard to do, someones office prank? could be, a viral campaign? could be.

Really beats me.

update: The Creator of these videos uncovered.

UFO Haiti

UFO Dominican Republic

Been reading some discussions from various places, everyone seems a little all over the place on these, I wonder if anymore info will come to light, I'll be keeping an eye on it, that's for sure.

EDITs:Thanks Admin for pointing this out.

Just saw this video that points out some very interesting aspects of the above videos, pretty detailed analysis and the song, I love it. The most interesting thing in the video below is that it shows what appear to be duplicate trees.

Just found another video that looks just as good as the first two videos, though entirely fake.

UFO Haiti "wanco"

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beasts of Greek Mythology

Just a short clip, got some nice images in there and I think some caps from the PS2 game God of War. It's a list of five beasts from Greek mythology, my favorites from the list are Cerberus and cyclops. The Cerberus segments got a pretty funny image, pretty unexpected with all the other images in the video.

Greek Mythology's greatest beasts

Behemoth Drawing

I drew this maybe 10 years ago, basic pencil on paper drawing, like most. I've always liked drawing giants, behemoths etc, probably why I like Bigfoot so much.

With this drawing of a huge tamed beast, I imagined a world that beasts like this were common, that accounts for the three parking posts. These beasts could crush anyone who rode them, much like Elephants they're still unpredictable, hence the warning signs.

Most of my drawings tie into a pretty much never ending story I'm working on, a lot of the world I imagine is all drawn out I just got to work on a beginning, middle and end. Bout time I focused on that, been literally years, you may not see me around here to much, got a hankering for some drawing.

Oh this is for Wordless Wednesday, though it has a few words and it's still Tuesday in a lot of the world, it's Wednesday here though.

See More at My Paranormal Media

Pencil Cases

UFO Sighting Checklist

I often wonder about some of the things I see in the sky, could they be UFOs or something else, most of the time what I see is well to small to make a big deal about, you know, try to take a photo of it and it comes out not looking at all like what your seeing.

Then again some of it could be due to some of the things on this list on How to identify a UFO, though my best UFO sighting doesn't fit well into the weather Balloon explanation.

I do like that I now have a list of things to look at in the sky, pretty cool.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on Ufos

I just finished watching was "Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs". I did really enjoy it, but it wasn't what I expected it to be, I had read about it from time to time and had the idea that it would expose a lot more of the secrecy that surrounded UFOs, what I did get from it was a very interesting discussion about various UFO incidents, interviews with a few very reliable sources, footage that I had seen before on youtube (probably cut from this doco) and some thought provoking theories.

Most of the doco centers around a discussion between Dan Aykroyd and David Sereda, both discuss famous footage such as the The Phoenix Lights and the spheres from the the NASA transmissions along with UFO footage interlaced throughout the movie.

What I liked most were the discussions about what kind of energy UFOs used, how could we do the same as what these crafts seem to be capable of, what would we do on mass contact with alien beings and what would have to happen for the U.S government to come clean on this whole phenomena.

There was one thing that got me thinking, I can't remember if Dan or David said it, what they said was that a lot of people are stuck at a certain point when it comes to UFOs and the paranormal and that point is trying to prove evidence as fake or real. What I get from that is people should try and get some of these ideas about alien technology to work, I mean just look at the old Star Trek shows, they had cell phones and now we do (at least I think they had them?).

It was very entertaining with some cool ideas put forward, I feel like watching the Blues Brothers now.

Physicists discover new way of levitation

So I just decided to check out news after watching a couple of UFO documentaries and one of the stories that caught my eye was about a new way of levitation. The article at Science Daily titled New Way To Levitate Objects Discovered discusses how nano tech could benefit from this discovery by reversing the quantum force that causes such devices to stick, pretty interesting to me, especially after watching those UFO docos.

Humans more or less "stick" to the earth along with pretty much everything else, just up the scale and you got levitating people. Though the article says that this type of quantum force is small, anyway they should find the big quantum forces, I want to levitate.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some Tube ITC

Just doing some tube surfing and came across someones ITC video, pretty surprised to see a new one, they don't come up to often.

I've only attempted instrumental transcommunication a few times, but the person who did this video has a whole site full of ITC, many creepy results to.

Instrumental Transcommunication

To many big ideas, not enough me

For awhile now I've been trying to keep up with the latest paranormal news and writing about here, only trouble is I keep looking but nothing interests me enough to write about it, hence (hope that's a word) not to many paranormal news posts, plus not many other posts. I have a huge backlog of unfinished original posts, but because of incessantly trying to find new news I never get around to finishing any of them.

I also feel I've lost the point of this blog to an extent, needs to be more personal, more me. I have a bad habit though, if something interests me but it's older than a couple months I wont post about it, I gotta get over that, to much blog fuel in my veins I guess.

Just gotta post what I like, not what I think people will like.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Day I Saw a UFO

UFOs I Wrote about this awhile back, it was actually one of my first posts to MPL, I've always meant to make something graphical to show what we saw with out explaining to much.

I still have doubts, it could be a weather balloon, but it really doesn't make sense. We watched the two objects for quite awhile, the white ball seemed solid and perfectly round and the metallic square was flat, seemed the size of a car hood maybe bigger and was spinning in all directions, they looked to be at the same height and seemed a good distance away from each other.

The picture shows pretty much what we saw, we couldn't see anything attaching the two objects, the picture also shows how large these objects were, we could clearly see them and apart from the features I mentioned above there was nothing else of detail.

Could it just be a weather balloon?

Here's the full photo, it's the view from my house.

Japanese Ghost Videos

I think these are full clips from another series of Japanese Ghost Videos that I have seen on youtube, seems like they from some kind of T.V show, not sure but they do seem to make some pretty scary ghost videos, pretty fake though.

Youtube's been playing up for me lately and I haven't been able to find anything that great, nothing new anyway, but I hope you enjoy these I had a few LOL moments watching these and some creep outs.

They are a little lengthy, they like to play the scene out then recap what you should have seen.

Japans Scariest Ghost Movies Part. 7

Possibly some kind of cave demon?

Japans Scariest Ghost Movies Part. 5

Water Mellon, Chocolate Rolls and a demon on my couch.

Japans Scariest Ghost Movies Part. 1

I had a lot of comments about my How to make a fake ghost video video casting a shadow "ghosts don't cast shadows". In this video they can't decide, you'll see it.

There's plenty more to watch, just click on of the video players to see more, just wish I knew if these were from a TV show.