Thursday, September 15, 2016

I need to learn to play piano

I think I may really need piano books for beginners because I've been making quite a few tunes for videos lately, most of it through software which all use a piano keyboard as the base. I'm using the computer keyboard at the moment and It's not that smooth, I imagine using a real keyboard would be so much more smoother, I really should look into getting one that hooks up to my computer.

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Mixing Tunes and Flipping Switches

I wish I had the numark dj mixer, then I could figure out how to use it. I've been doing quite a bit of music creation for videos lately and this looks quite similar to a lot of the virtual mixers and what not I've been using. Having it physically there would I think feel a lot more intuitive, physically turning knobs, flipping switches. I really would like trying it out.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

TWD vs THD Preview

Below is a preview for an animation I'm working, chock full of zombies, guns and action, the full video shouldn't be to far away, check it out and if you like it then please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel Creepy By Design.