Friday, February 03, 2017

Jam Sessions

So I have quite a few musicians and friends who are willing to help me out with sound for my videos and animations, they're just waiting on me to finish some vids so they can get started with the sound. I have one friend in particular who is great with instruments, who has no experience with the computer side of things and I'm hoping to introduce him to that side of things. I think that once he gets into it, there will be no stopping him.

Follow me on Twitch

I almost forgot about this, I'll eventually be streaming drawing sessions on twitch, so if you're interested in seeing be a little creative, the please follow me.

Retro Sounds and Loops

I've got a lot of animations in the works at the moment, some are far from finished, some are just waiting on sound. One thing I have found with making videos is the sound makes it, if your sound is off it can make a great video mediocre. That's why it would be great to have some nice sound gear, has kaossilator gear and I think it would be awesome for the kind of retro sounds I'm after for my animations.

Check me out on Twitter and Youtube

Don't forget to check me out on twitter and youtube, much more active over there, though not by much.