Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fallen Angel Video Debunked!!!

So I guess anyone who is interested in the paranormal has probably seen this video before.

This video is said to show a fallen angel, chupacabra , ghost, demon and many other things. The video, though pretty old now still gets a lot of attention, popping up every now and then in new waves of popularity, I still see new discussions around the place as though it were new.

Possible Fallen Angel in Catalonia

Anyway you may want to check out the "making of video" which shows a guy getting prosthetics and make-up put on to look like the creature, I came across this by watching some of ParanormalVideos uploads.

The Making of the Fallen Angel Video.

The creators of the video also have a pretty cool website which is done up to look like the Weekly World News, it has multiple videos and pictures of the whole process, though the site is mainly in Spanish (I think?) it's still easy to navigate, here's the link fallenangelmakingof.com.

After this it seems likely that the whole thing is a hoax, I always thought that, but the mystery to me was "who made this", though I'm having a little trouble finding any background info, the language barrier I guess.


  1. The video has created by the Barelona's Studio "Cocobongo artworks" for "Diesel".

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Looks to me like those guys got ban hammared by youtube XD

  3. the first video is completely fake I made and analysis of it a few months ago.

  4. Thanks for sharing this videos with us. I think we need more ideas like this one... everything is brilliant, specially the effects.

    1. Hahaha at "buy generic viagra", you sound ridiculous with this "I made an analysis" post. It's not real, but neither is what you're saying.

    2. Hahaha at "buy generic viagra", you sound ridiculous with this "I made an analysis" post. It's not real, but neither is what you're saying.

  5. Anonymous8:14 PM

    The variations of the site fallenangelmakingof are hard to find. I recently ran across one, but it just became unavailable some time in the last few days.

  6. Very cool video. Never saw that before. Very informative. Thank you for this article.

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  9. 10 years later, CocoBongo has made a 360 VR tribute: http://www.cocobongo.tv/fallen_angel_10/