Friday, July 27, 2007

Top Five Bigfoot Videos Ever

This is a list of the top 5 Bigfoot videos that haven't been debunked, IMO, most of them have not been proven either way to be genuine or hoaxes though skeptics, believers and researchers all have their own evidence, opinions about them, will we ever know either way at all?

5. The Redwoods Bigfoot Film
Filmed August 28, 1995 in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park by a film crew from Waterland Productions. Though the video is pretty dark you do get to see a very burly figure and supposedly you get to see it's dong. You can read the Redwoods Video here plus watch the original and enhanced videos as well, much better quality than the youtube version.

4. Manitoba Bigfoot Footage
Filmed April 16, 2005 by Bobby Clarke, on the Nelson River, Manitoba. Maybe this should be number 5 or not on the list? it's not the best footage ever, what I found interesting about the Manitoba Bigfoot story is that Bobby Clarke sold the rights of the video days after filming it, would I do that? probably, unless the evidence was good enough to convince people to go into the mountains with guns, then I'd probably think twice.

3. Memorial Day footage
Filmed in 1996 by Lori and Owen Pate, Chopaka Lake in north central Washington State. I'd have to say very similar to number 4 of this list, a lot clearer and was witnessed by multiple people, but to me doesn't seem very convincing, but what do I know I'm just an arm chair enthusiast. The Memorial Day Footage is on this list because it hasn't been proven either way fake or genuine, like the rest of them.

2. Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage
Filmed 1994 by Paul Freeman, near Blue Mountains, Oregon. Probably one of the best Bigfoot videos ever, though there is a little controversy surrounding some of Freeman's other evidence. Here is some more footage of what is said to be of a dangling baby Bigfoot.

1. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, Bigfoot Footage
Filmed 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, Bluff Creek in Northern California. Yeah you probably guessed this would be number one, in the 40 years since this film was shot I don't think any other video has come close to being as good as the PG film, the clarity of the video, the details of the figure it's still the best out there I think. There are a few other videos that may be a lot better than some of the ones above, maybe not in background story, but in video quality, some of which are already posted here. I have no conclusion, all I have to say is what would you take off of this list and what would you replace it with and why?


  1. I don't know much about cryptozoology. So, I can't comment on what should or shouldn't be on the list. However, I'm sure one day they'll be able to determine which ones a legit or not.

  2. Imho, these are probably the best videos out there, there are many more but if you take these examples into account imagine what the others must look like.

    I also feel that video probably won't convince people of the existence of bigfoot, not unless it's of bigfoot picking berries and taking a nap2 feet away from a camera.

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    The more evidence I see the less I believe. There are simply too many hoaxers out there.

  4. Shogun26912:12 PM

    While there are surely a lot of hoaxes and mis-identifications out there, you still have around 5% of the sightings that simply can't be written off. I just saw a very good documentary where experts did scientific studies on the Patterson film, and were able to do measurements on the creature based upon the lens size, distance from the subject, and the height of the surrounding structures, being the trees and bushes in this case. They were able to set the height of the creature as 7'4", with an error rate of 2". So unless Patterson was able to get someone over 7 feet tall and order a monkey suit that would tightly fit a 7 foot man, then you have to lean toward the side of it being real.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      I agree completly with your comments 110% I believe they do exist unlike the scientist who are like ostrige who bury there heads so they can see the evidence

  5. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Here are my top 7 Bigfoot Videos

  6. All of them very lame and inconclusive, they all seem to be a guy in a suit. And the first one already was categorized as a hoax, the guy spoke on tv saying it was a suit.

  7. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Yes Bill Heoronomous is the guy in the suit. The whole town said Roger was trying to see his wife was taken care of afer he passed away. The makers of the suit and the guy with the goofy walk(no need to disguise his walk) He already walked that way. Everyone in that own said it is no mystery around here who was in the suit. Even small talk Bills friend said I would be worried about a bullet in the butt. Bill laughed and said that was the very hing he was worried about. Think logically just hope to find one and lo and behold it appears. I bet Bob Gimlin has always laughed about fooling people for sooooo long. Also Austin beat the time of the bigffot running in the video. Also a the end the creature raises its mask off and Austin agreed it was too hot for comfort. Fact or faked have exposed the running bigfoot to my satisfaction. The others good job.

  8. If you find the subject of Bigfoot fascinating, check out "Sasquatch Ontario" channel out on "You Tube". Hear a Bigfoot like you've never heard be fore. BTW, when I tried to view your #2 choice it said "This Video Does Not Exist". In the Redwood video I think BF is carrying something in his hand and I don't think it's is dong. If it is, the boy needs a jock strap lol, or some duck tape. Looks like he stepped in gum at the end of the clip too.

  9. I think Big Foot is an alien species that comes to our planet for cultural rituals. I study a lot of UFO research and any species that outsmarts humans...thats something with a uniquely high IQ.