Monday, June 18, 2007

ZEITGEIST the Movie, Religion, Conspiracy, Money and Power

I just finished a watching a movie called ZEITGEIST on Google video, I just couldn't stop watching, if you've seen it you'll know what I mean.

The movie has three parts, The Greatest Story Ever Told, All The World's A Stage and Don't mind the men behind the curtain.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is about the foundations of Christianity and many other religions, which in Zeitgeist explains that they are more or less based on the Zodiac and that it has been a motif used long before Christ. One version of this is the story of the Egyptian god Horus, from the movie the story seems the same as Christs.

All The World's A Stage deals with 9/11 conspiracy theories, much of this I see on a daily basis and it's mainly a collection of news footage, not commentary like in the first part. For me it didn't have the spark that first and third parts had, but I think as a lead up to the third part it works well.

Don't mind the men behind the curtain goes into how a few people (bankers) are manipulating the people of the world through controlling money. Seems simple, inflate, create debt and call it in after enough time. It also goes into how war is used to make them even more money and gain even more control. One thing that I found interesting is that apparently in America there is NO law that says you have to pay your income tax, it's just assumed that there is.

I found it a very compelling watch, as for the honesty about it, I can't comment, that would probably take a life time of research.

You can watch it in its entirety below, its just over two hours long and this is a pre-release to the final version that is coming soon.

ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Full Production, Official Release.

If you don't want to watch the whole thing in one go, below are links to each part, each about 30 minutes long.

ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Part 1 : "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Part 2 : "All The World's A Stage"
ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Part 3 : "Don't mind the men behind the curtain"

There are also even smaller chunks on youtube, each about ten minutes long if you don't want to tackle any of the above.

UPDATE 30 June 07: Just replaced all links to the new versions of Zeitgeist, the old versions are about to be deleted.

You can also find a list of Zeitgeist versions in about a dozen different languages on the main Zeitgeist website.


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    If you go to the official website :

    Thank you for your interest in Zeitgeist.
    Zeitgeist was created as a not for profit work to inspire people to start looking at the world
    from a more critical perspective. The large Internet response for this film was very unexpected,
    as the work itself is not finished. The Google release was simply to show immediate friends
    & consultants. Over the course of the next few weeks a new version of the work will be presented.
    In all humility I want to point out that 99% of the information in the current work is accurate.
    The 1% that is highly debatable is going to be clarified or removed. The graphics are also going to be
    improved. Furthermore, on this site there will be a source list for the entire film, detailed by segment.
    It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves.

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Well, it has certainly taught me to look at the world from a more critical perspective, or at least movies. I now view statements like "99% of the information in the current work is accurate" with the seriously critical perspective it deserves, after checking out some of the presented "facts" in Zeitgeist.

  3. I guess you could say that 99% of the info is accurate based the sources used?

    All I really know is that after watching Zeigeist it gave me more of a desire to research things a little more.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    You only need to look at a few, relatively simple statutes to see that the duty to pay income tax is mandatory. You can look up the statutes yourself in any law library (just ask the librarian to help you find Title 26 of the United States Code.) These statutes demonstrate that the claim that there is no law requiring anyone to file income tax returns or pay income tax in the U.S. is complete nonsense.

  5. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Interesting information debating Christianity who put this propaganda together. I only see Christianity being disccted what about Muslim religion or any other religion this says something open up your eyes to this

  6. You'll see the quote on the main Zeigeist website that says something along the lines of don't believe everything your told, find out for yourself.

    And that's what I take away from the movie and I think that's the point of it. Comparing the quote and the movie I see them saying that the movie is the authority, find the truth yourself.

  7. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Well although this movie has some SCAWY music and some very flashy sounds it is laden with falsities. Uncountable falsities about religion and the origins of man. At NO TIME IN MANS HISTORY was the SOUTHERN CROSS viewable by people above 30 degrees latitude south. Therefore Egyptians and others above the equator or parallel to it would have no knowledge of the southern cross. Horus was a GOD not man and was not crucified at all. In real history Ra is the sun god and later becomes confused with Horus mostly attestable to the greeks. Horus is the god of TWO eyes the MOON and SUN. Hours comes from the Greek HORAE who were goddess of order and later came to mean the progression of time. Horus is not depicted on the Eqyptian hieroglyph in this movie it is the king Akhenaten so that goes out the window. There is a mention of Krishna Attis Dionysus Mithra and others having the same birth dates as Jesus and similar life stories......FALSE. Attis not crucified and was a god not a man, Krishna in the GITA shows his GOD image to Arjuna and this is attestable to the arch angel Michael who is a perfect extension of god. Michael is seen as having many faces and represented as a warrior amongst the arch angels. Exactly what is revealed to arjuna before his epic battle in that portion of the Mahabarata. Krishna was not crucified and was born on the date july 19th he was wounded by an arrow and died. Mohammed is actually listed on a piece of paper that slips by with the name Xaca as also crucified to compound the "reality and gravity" of what is in truth garbage. Mohammed was not born on DEC 25 as were any of the others listed. Mohammed was born on JUNE 8th and died after falling ill as did Xaca which is another was of saying Buddha. The Buddhas mother was MAYA which literally translates to ILLUSION... be wary of false gods and false prophets. The "reclining" Buddha so often heard of comes from his postion at the time of his death after becoming ill. At the time of his death the buddha said dont say that we have no master now....all created things must end. God is Creational not of Creation. Mithra was not Crucified and was not BORN on Dec 25th more rubbish he was a god and is of origin which is obscured by subsequent invasion and redifining of his role as a deity. The SUN as center of the astrological I mistaken or do we view the zodiac from the EARTH.....the sun is not the center of the viewable zodiac the earth is and is depicted as such in many drawings. The mitre started off as a simple low rounded cap and become what it is in modern times and is not some SIGN of the age of pices...that is laughable. SARGON although having similar stories of origin to MOSES is chronicled in the writings of the 7th century Assyrians and therefore much after the time of Moses. Our knowledge of history is limited and so it would seem correct if not put in perspective. Minos is a king and a mythical tyrant nor is ther any correlation to Moses. Now comes an interesting note NEMO is some how related to MOSES in this dung heap of a film NEMO in latin means.... NO MAN or NO ONE.... WHOM is at work here in this film I ask you.

  8. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Evil lies in men and men do evil in the name of good. The inquistion was evil and done by the church and by individual men who have FREE will granted by god because he is loving and gives us many gifts. The past evils of individuals under the name of the church are just that past evils done by MEN who chose to do evil not by Jesus or GOD. Jesus was a rebel and not a slave.....he bucked the system and did not follow it. We are meant to be stewards of the earth and not abuse it, we are meant to live with love... for those that know god know love and those that know love will know god. Not kill one another out of greed.
    The Mark of the Beast described in Revelations chapter 13 is one of the most interesting portions of Bible Prophecy. First here's the actual verses:
    And [the Antichrist] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    And that no man might buy or sell, save [except] he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev 13:16-18
    There is truth and lie in this the detriment of us all if we forget that we are spiritual beings on this physical journey. That we are meant to follow a covenant with god to prevent what is described in Revelations as the NEW WORLD ORDER! George Bush I would never defend. Lies secrecy and scandal abound today. As we travel further from God the world spins ever out of control. Religion is not to enslave but to set you free.....question your government.....why are we killing innocents for profit? Question why the NEW WORLD ORDER is running your life.....Jesus would have. Don't use falsities and half truths to mar Christianity. If we followed what god hopes for us in the message of Christ Jesus would we be in the trouble we are today......the answer is The Devil hopes we turn from god but worship the god of finance. Moses warning has returned......we worship the calf again and it stands in the shape of a cast bull on wall street. READ THAT AGAIN. The golden cow has replaced our GOD.

  9. Sterling5:53 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Well although this movie has some SCAWY music and some very flashy sounds it is laden with falsities. Uncountable falsities about religion and the origins of man. At NO TIME IN MANS HISTORY was the SOUTHERN CROSS viewable by people above 30 degrees latitude south. Therefore Egyptians and others above the equator or parallel to it would have no knowledge of the southern cross From the website: "Another interesting sidelight is that Crux was last seen in Jerusalem (latitude 31 degrees, 46 minutes, and 45 seconds) about the time that Christ was crucified." From the website: "In the Biblical days the Southern Cross was just visible at the horizon in the Middle East. It was last seen from the latitude of Jerusalem at the time of Christ. Today it is no longer visible at latitudes north of 25 degrees (the approximate latitude of Key Largo)."
    From the website: "That wasn't the case 2,000 years ago, however, when precession had carried the southern stars of spring into the view of the ancient Greeks."

    Apparently the Southern Cross was visible in the Northern Hemisphere at a time in MAN'S HISTORY.


  10. WOW, those are three of the longest comments that this blog has ever seen.

    This movie just seems to stir up debate, which I think is the purpose.

    I really can't comment on the above few comments, as i don't know my facts. But if anyone else wants to take a crack at responding be our guest.

  11. I liked the movie, but you have to stand critical to all information presented - as is the essence of the movie itself. It is clear to me that we have a challenge as human beings in today's world, and this movie points the finger to it - realization of our divine freedom.

    Nevertheless, the movie uses persuasive (manipulative?) tricks to convince the viewer - similar to how the mass media operates. The creators may see it as the only way to reach the public, while in fact it is the reason why the movie will fail in reaching the public.

    It is too easy to challenge validity of presented data. If one statement is proven false, all statements will be regarded as false by the public. The data is easy to challenge because the creators draw too many conclusions based on their own convictions. This is in fact inconsistent with the plot - finding your own truth. Hence, the public will not agree to the conclusions made in the movie, thus challenges to the facts will gain more credibility.

    It is the same reason Michael Moore isn't taken seriously by the general public - he makes his movies to display his truth, rather than inspiring people to find their truths.

    On the positive note, this movie will wake more people out of slumber.

  12. Hi there, I am Tim, the one behind the crazy rush to see this movie. I don't know if you have heard of me but since the 1st of July, I have gotten over 9 million people to see this film and have called for 50 million by Sept. I will be posting official Zeitgeist Announcement.

    The Revolution is now.
    Tim from Zeitgeist

    Don’t' believe Elitist lies about Zeitgeist. It is all true.8/02/07

    These fools try to bring up Wikipedia as a source; unfortunately the entries are driven by the editors and not by truth.
    They refused Zeitgeist movie permanent entry status even when I pointed out the errors in their arguments. I had proof but they still chose to keep the entry in the considered for removal category.
    They won't even correct this because cadres of neocon operatives have removed many legitimate entries from the Truth Movement in the past.
    I even challenged them on this and they are too spineless to answer me back.
    Wikipedia is now a neocon sham and bears little resemblance to a real encyclopedia as far as accuracy is concerned.
    I would like to know when the entry for Horace was made and modified. What has been deleted from the entry and what is not said in it?
    Don't believe their lies. Why didn't this come up before? Funny how that is!
    They are spitting because I have a count of 5.4million views since I started this in July.
    Google only reports about 1/8 of the actual count, I know because I watched it a few days and no matter how many times Zeitgeist was #1 upon the next click it was at the bottom again.
    Yesterday I went to all the Google video countries in America and Europe and discovered that their count doesn't include America. Also they are very much under counted. I saw the same pattern of behavior in Europe as in America.
    This is all spreading despite a blackout in the media.
    Understand what has happened, without any real contribution from the mass media we have achieved an army of over 9 million people.
    This cannot be stopped.
    This is a true revolution of the masses getting ready to tell the masters ENOUGH!
    You so called progressive talkers have not one full set of anything between you.
    You have become fat and comfortable with your own delusions of importance. You like the notoriety of being seen with the Elite. The people are telling you to run with Zeitgeist but because many of you would like to put your own special spin on it or take credit for it you shun Zeitgeist.
    Ya that's right, I AM THE ONLY FIRST!!!
    The only other gutsy person is Jeff Farias of NOVAM Network.
    You are all very self serving. I on the other hand only benefit if we all pass down the road I have proposed. The only thing I get is the satisfaction that I have done what was needed for the good of all. What you got on your side eh? Self promotion, engraissement etc.
    From now on the people will have a say in what is going on. Do you hear the fleeting sound of your support waning.
    You Elitists who haven't seen it or reject it, can you feel your support waning for the world you would make with death and destruction. Can you feel how your betters are deserting you, can you hear?
    I have mail from some of you Elitists who have seen the light. Good show folks. Way to see the light. It is only a MATTER OF TIME.
    Elitists if you have read my proposal and seen the movie you know what must be done if you believe. Pressure your brothers as never before to give you all a far better world than you all live in now. Your children free to walk around without fear. Never more to be considered pariahs by the people but instead our true saviors who take all the people of earth to the best future you ever saw.
    Think of it, unlimited opportunities to profit from a free world.
    Elitists crunch the numbers and see that I am right, a Confederation from crust to core, a world, living in freedom, peace and achievement.
    This is the blessing of Zeitgeist Truth. Peace, freedom, and finally able to see the light after so many eon's in darkness.
    There is a beautiful future ahead and Zeitgeist provides the tool to achieve it.
    GORE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT ALONG WITH EDWARDS AS VP. Think of it as a chance to have another dream team like John and Bobby in power. These two guys will get us through the horrible effects of Global warming.
    We need to act as fast as possible if we are to avoid the horrible loss of life that till come.
    I saw a movie called After the Warming on PBS in the late 80s by James Burke. It changed the way I looked at the future and gave me a resolve to do something about it before it was too late. This movie blew my mind with the scope of the devastation of the globe and horrible loss of life,
    everyone should see it so you understand what I mean.
    It is with this in mind I have chosen these two to do the job and along with whom they know I am certain they are the only game in town.
    Gore is the only one who deserves it; he has always been my president. They both have the mettle it takes unlike any of their opponents. Edwards will be very busy helping Gore with the time we have left. Hillary is far too caught up in the DLC, corporatists of the Democratic Party.
    Sorry Obama, you lost me on Wed. You really said that? By the way, thanks very much Mister Kocinich, you deserve honor. You have been a lone voice in the wilderness and you are the best. The rest don't matter.
    I firmly believe that the office of Vice President should be as the Presidents right hand man carrying out his policies and essentially become the White House chief of staff and the man who ensures policy is followed. The hired gun if you will.
    The VP should be a job of grooming rather than just a political boot licker. I strongly say that it needs far better men than we have seen.
    They must have the resume to the job and maybe a civil service grade.
    This is a people’s revolt and it cannot be stopped.
    It is totally bloodless and safe for every person on Earth. You revolt with your computer clicks and telling everybody about it. The lawyers take over when the pressure is applied and it all ends up as law.
    Always remember that the Elitists need us as much as we need them. They are the ones with the organizations to save this old world of ours, we are the reasons they exist. It is totally symbiotic; one cannot exist without the other.
    The only question is will the symbiosis be of slavery or of all befitting from this.
    Let me know what you think, I will try to honor all comments.
    50,000,000 views by Sept.
    Remember; Z or Zeitgeist everywhere, deluge your government with inquiries to do something about it, Hit every single media outlet around talk and do something about it..
    Demand Zeitgeist Peace! Shove it down their throats.
    Jeff Farias,

  13. Anonymous1:46 AM

    "......Demand Zeitgeist Peace! Shove it down their throats..."

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

    i am fairly well versed in the words of many a peace maker/keeper of the last, say 50, years ... and i don't believe that shoving anything down anyone's throats has ever lead to a better world...or any form of peace for that matter (perhaps you shouold read the wonderful speech on violence, given on the eve of MLK's death by RFK).

    revolution, of the type of which you speak, is nothing short of karl marx revisted ... you're not saying anything new my friend, you're just saying it differently and by using the EXACT same mass media techniques, manipulations and venues you so adamantly critisize(d)
    i'm all for a peacefull revolution, just not your's far to full of fear, conspiracy crap and very little love and civiv repsonsibility ... what kind of workj, exactly, have you done on a world wide basis to feed and save a person?? me personally, i am able to sztick my moiney where my mouth is...
    walk your talk.



    That guy had to halt all comments when "Tim" created such antagonism on his site. And that's an atheist site!

    IF "Tim" is from Zeitgeist, it puts the film in jeopardy because this guy is half-cocked. Something to think about.

    I've watched the film and I have a big problem with the first part. No, I'm not a Christian or anything really. But I do think that Jesus DID exist as a MAN and then was USED by the Church centuries after he died to serve their desire to control the masses. I don't believe in the virgin birth, the death and resurrection except in a sense of allegory. I believe Jesus was a highly evolved soul who came to earth to show us how we could all eventually be through love and compassion. The Buddha articulated the same message.

    As for the rest of the film, I found it fascinating and eye-opening. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way for this supposed "revolution" to take place. I'm not going to kill my way to freedom.

    One final thing that no one has brought up. That flashing of light at the start of the film made me turn away. I know from film production and mind control techniques (no, I'm not crazy folks), that split second images can be carefully placed in media formats that flash lights at an audience. Through this, stimulation of certain nerve centers can be activated to achieve whatever the film makers want you to feel (resignation, fear, apathy, etc.) I'm wondering if the film makers did such a thing at the start of this film in order to create some sort of vibe. Worth thinking about.

    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

      I stopped the movie after those flashes (having had the same thoughts) and wanted to Google it, to see if commentary existed about them.

  15. Anonymous10:05 AM

    On another blog, Tim "from zeitgeist" posted this..

    “What a dolt i am, here is the page you start with and go down to 7/13/07, the last third of the segment.
    I open my yap to announce 1 million people.

    Thanks, Tim”

    Now, I’ve listened to that excerpt from the farias show, and it’s clear from Peter J’s reaction to you that he is in no way affiliated or connected with you. Yet you post on all these blogs that you are “from zeitgeist”.

    I understand that your intentions are well placed, but please don’t associate yourself with Peter J while spitting your vitriol around these blogs. You are not helping your “cause” one iota.

  16. Aaron8:36 PM

    I personally checked via email with the creators of Zeitgeist to inquire whether "Tim" is truly from their crew and I was told that they have never heard of him and that he has zero affiliation with the film.

    "Tim" has serious problems and he's not doing the film any favors.

    End of story.

  17. Truly this is a very controversial film, thanks for all the comment s and discussion. I never thought that after posting about this movie there would be so many comments. Thanks Brett for pointing that blog out, I have no intension of deleting this post or closing comments, so people discuss and debate as much as y'all want, I don't have to many regulars, I don't think so anyway, so disruption to regs probably wouldn't happen.

  18. Sounds lie you people don't like the truth when it is to close for comfort,I know I have really touched those sore nerves of failure you pseudo -progressives have. You have kept your selves low key except to decide the next failure of a candidate in our elections.
    The candidates you normally field are the biggest losers around and I am sure mirror your personal profiles.
    Here is my latest Ha! to you all.

    Well just what have you done lately to change the world? You claim vitriol but I
    claim waking up a complacent public. You want nicy nice words but what has it gotten you?
    I have done what you have never dreamed of doing. I truly believe the people you represent are the same ones who didn’t like Howard Dean for kicking asses and just look at the way you put the looser Kerry into play. By the way I knew he was your favorite from the start and I also knew he had no stomach for victory.
    You don’t like me because I am telling about your kind like it is and pointing out your kinds failure after failure after failure at changing what has been going on. I have watched you do nothings loose the people their civil rights, their freedoms their government, their everything.
    You are the reason for the failure of this Democracy.
    I watched the Democratic Party for years choose intellectuals who may have been good men but because they had no appeal to the rest of us they were bound to lose.
    You chose to have people like yourselves as candidates from the East coast with 0 appeal. You have deluded yourselves into thinking you are the only ones to govern even though your failures are uncountable.
    I call your kind Pseudo-Progressives; you like the look and feel of The Progressive Movement but don’t really care because you make out whatever way you go. You like the way things are but must keep up appearances. A totally self centered bunch who hate the real dirty work of Democracy.
    We need to get your kind of people out of the leadership as you haven’t done one damn good thing that I recall. Move over and let the real people that represent this whole country take over. There are far more of us than you.
    Now I know some of what Howard Dean has gone through. You are vicious and violent in the way you try to destroy someone life with you poisonous words.
    You claim I am angry! Well you damn right I am and so is the rest of the country at YOU not me. Just why aren’t you angry. I say if you are not and don’t show it you are burying your emotions or you really don’t give a shit because either way you still make out.
    You are losers who still demand to lead.

  19. Tim for Zeitgeist

  20. Brett8:18 PM

    Uh, I believe "Tim" became "neo" since the rant is almost verbatim what "Tim" wrote on other zeitgeist sites. He likes to call people "losers." See what I mean? He's off the wall. If THIS is what Zeitgeist brings out in people, then we are screwed. We've lost. It's like all those Militia mania crazies prior to Y2K, storing rice and beans in five gallon buckets and telling us to "lock and load." Hey, "neo," don't think I'm angry enough, eh? Well, you're certifiable. I'm the reason for the failure of this Democracy? Hey, you got it wrong. This is not a Democracry; This is a REPUBLIC. Look up the word and you'll see the difference.

    Whoever monitors this blog (Rand?) better watch out. This is going to get weird.

    The other possibility is that "Tim" or "neo" are just plants trying to make the whole Zeitgeist thing look bad. Whatever. It's all too whacked for me.

  21. My my how useless you are to keep complaining about me when your kind lost us everything on your watch.
    You have proven for decades that you only govern for your own personal fortunes and completely forget the rest of us.
    You are con artists who have conned us all for too long. It is high time you gave up your decrepit attempts at leadership and move aside.The thing about it is that I have proof on my side, just what do you have to counter?
    As long as I have been aware I have watched you losers run our party into the ground.
    I don't like you people running our country.
    You have sold out the public far too many times and since you are all pretty much compromised when you hold office I would say you are useless or at best traitors to the real progressives and liberals among us.
    You are the ruling Elite without a counter. You keep the appearance of legitimacy. You work your deals in darkness and sell us down the road just for fun.
    Move on please, you have collaborated enough and done far and away enough damage.
    Let the rest of us start healing. Please take your back room talk and LEAVE.
    You are not welcome and every day the public demands you leave more and more.
    You are now food and the public will eat you alive.

  22. I probably need to make a proper about me page, I monitor this blog, thanks for the comments people.

    I've never had a post garner such enormous comments and I have never had a post get comments that are FTW.

    I can't really comment on U.S politics since I'm down here in lovely New Zealand, I don't have the knowledge about it to even respond to what is being bought up.

    I can speak of what it is like down here, we the people employ a party that we think will best run the country, we don't call ourselves republicans or liberals or whatever, we just vote. I guess we don't see ourselves as part of the government, we're their bosses and if we don't like what they're doing we'll kick em out, though our government never really does anything bad enough to warrant such action, the worst they do is by under gruts with tax payers money, kind of funny to me.

    Anyway, I don't know if what I just wrote relates at all, the comments here are so big and varied, but Tim, Neo if you could try and respond to some of the other comments directly instead of general comments that would be great, if not, do what you do.

    Thanks for all the info guys. Rand

  23. Rand:

    Thanks for stepping in and saying somethng.

    All I can tell you is that Tim or Neo's comments are random. I have no clue what he's talking about. He says I'm "the ruling Elite." Huh? I "work my deals in darkness and sell us down the road for fun." Seriously, this makes no sense. If he's talking about the power brokers of the world, sure, yeah, that's what they do. But me? Jesus, I'm just a guy looking on a website for Zeitgeist info and I get this delusional crap thrown at me. Like I said earlier, Tim is a whack job and has NO connection with the Zeitgeist film whatsoever.

    As for the Jesus part of the Zeitgeist film, I urge people to research the books by Laurence Gardner, including BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL, THE MAGDALENE LEGACY and LOST SECRETS OF THE SACRED ARK. If you want to really go back in the Jesus Conspiracy realm, read "HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL." It came out in 1980 I believe. It's a tough book to get through just because it's so carefully researched that the writers get bogged down in covering their asses a little too much. But due to the subject matter of the book, they felt they had to. In short, the book is about the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, their children and then the theory that Jesus was not crucified (either it was staged or it never happened) and he took his family to France where he is buried today. Holy Blood, Holy Grail was the basis for "DaVinci Code," leaving out the whole death and rebirth issue.

    Zeitgeist based their Part I on Jesus on much of one woman's work. Her name is Acharya S. Her real name, as best I can decipher, is D.M. Murdock. She chose Acharya S because it supposedly means "master" or "guru." She wrote two books, "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greastest Story Ever Sold" and "Suns of God: Buddha and the Christ Unveiled." She is one of the many who rant on about the "Jesus Myth." I'm open to just about anything if it's delivered in an intelligent manner. But I've read some of her work (couldn't get through "The Christ Conspiracy") and watched a 54 minute interview from The Conscious Media Network. I found the video interview to be the most telling. In my opinion, she came off as smug, arrogant, an intellectual elitist and another man hater. Be careful of those man haters because they'll get you every time. There was no love or compassion coming from her in the interview; just smug, calculated opinions of why Jesus and every other master is just a hoax to force control over mankind.

    I agree that RELIGION is a power deal and that's why I don't subscribe to any religion. But to look around and deny the existence of some magnifcent power (call it whatever you want to call it) that allows for the incredible interconnectedness of mankind to operate is just ignorant. Acharya S. doesn't come out and say it, but she's an atheist through and through. And her followers (if you read her blog on her website) are as hate-filled as she is. What's also telling about this woman who was the sole inspiration for Zeitgeist's Part I on Jesus, is that she goes nuts when somebody criticizes her on her blog. She's nasty, full of vitriol and makes odd assumptions about people she's never met. I don't judge the woman but I DO make DISCERNMENTS about her and anyone else who proposes to know "the truth." (Ironically, her website is

    Acharya is a humanist in the sense that she struggles to believe in hardly anything that can't be PROVEN by logic, etc. If you've ever hung around Humanists (and I have) you know that they can become the most tedious, boring people to endure. They are ALWAYS casting doubt on the simplest thing. "Is a flower really a flower? Is the sky really blue?" The only thing they will agree upon is that we live on a rotating orb and that there are an indeterminate number of other orbs around us. That's as far as they'll go. See what I mean?

    So, since Zeitgeist chose Acharya as the basis of their Part I of their film, I think it needs to be taken into consideration as to its validity.

    Then Zeitgeist stuck Parts II and III on, dealing with 9/11 and the Federal Reserve. These are far more interesting to me and far more vital. These I tend to believe as I feel from doing my own research that we have been deceived on the highest order.

    And, Rand, if you don't think New Zealand is connected to the rest of the world, you are wrong. You are no more insulated from the powermongers as we are. I don't know what kind of government you have but we are ALL tied in with the power brokers of the world.

    By the way, what does "FTW" stand for?

    So, in closing, I'm not here to cause any problems or goad Tim into anymore attacks. I'm just a guy who's done a lot of studying and asked a lot of questions about reality, life, beliefs, politics, etc. and formed my own opinions from either not getting any answers or getting answers that didn't feel right in my heart.

    I just read a book, a crime fiction thriller, that has really stayed with me. It's titled PROTECTOR and the author is Laurel Dewey. Her website is if you're interested. It's billed as a "paranormal crime thriller" but, honestly, it's much more. You should check it out, Rand and anyone else who is looking for a book on the mystical interconnectedness of life and how it affects a deeply traumatized female cop. It's well written and a page turner. The reason I brought up PROTECTOR was that it kind of symbolizes that unseen energy that circulates around each of us, whether we wish to believe or accept it. That field of energy operates nonetheless and can drive our minds to do good or evil.

    Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of Zeitgeist, I'd much rather focus on the power of our mind to change our world. I love the work of Gregg Braden ("Zero Point" and many other great books). That's the energy I want to focus on.


  24. Rand thank you for your comments and hosting the movie. I appreciate what it takes to run something like this.
    I will no longer comment on personal attacks or to people who would love to get me exposed to shut me up.
    First of all I use many addresses to protect my identity.
    I am not to be the fodder the Elitists can destroy.
    I attacked when slurred or had lies told about me and when I attack I attack to win so tough about my strong words for peoples tender eyes.
    I answered the attacks on Jeff Farias's show on Nova M last Fri., you can probably find it in the archives,and on this blog.
    If you want to discuss the proposals I have made then I am your man but anymore personal attacks and I just post without notice. I will not play this game with you on this blog.Go suck air!

  25. Here is something that I am sure will get a lot of comments.

    You folks need an education so here is one.
    Clearing up the misconceptions of a Jewish Brother!
    I have had enough of this Zionist bull crap haven’t you? You have been fed lies about us progressives. I support a state of Israel but not an empire of Israel. Empires are dead and have no place in a free world.
    I have watched my people try to rub out the Palestinians instead of treating them like equals.
    That isn’t liberal thinking that is cold blooded vicious Zionist thinking. No wonder people hate us.
    Zionists don’t want an even playing field; they want to dominate everyone to cover the crimes they have committed on us all.
    I am sick of having to explain things because of their inhuman attitude towards the rest of us.
    You have been fed lies all your life by liars who want their secrets hidden and use you to forward their evil ends. They are the original sinners and want the rest of us to pay for their crimes. Brother you got to get off of this Zionist kick. When I say Zionist I don't mean just them I mean all these damnable organizations that have been using fear and coercion to control and enslave the world, you the so-called ruling Elite.
    You have been brainwashed into this thinking and used as fodder to protect them not yourself.
    Just answer me this! Just how is it that this state is constantly warring on its neighbors in the illusion that your neighbors could ever succeed in really harming you?
    You have beaten the Palestinians till you are just kicking the corpse.
    If Israel had been a lot better to their Arab neighbors and worked with them I think none of the atrocities committed by our so called freedom fighters would have happened. They would not have been needed. If Israel didn’t attack its neighbors I doubt they would attack Israel. They don’t even have the power it takes to defeat it, Because of atrocities committed by Israel since its big wins on the battle field the pressure is kept up on its neighbors in order to cover for its crimes against humanity.
    For God’s sake you kill Christians, Muslims other Jews who disagree with you and who knows who else. How damn stupid is that.
    You corrupt governments because of the paranoia instilled in us by the true masters of all this.
    In Spielberg’s movie Munich there was a conversation between the Mossad assassin and a Palestinian. The Mossad agent asked why don’t you give up the land, it is only sand? The reply was, “Because it is our land.” They were their first so why didn’t you negotiate with them.
    After the liberation why didn’t you set down with them and come to terms that everyone could live with. We are supposed to be good at negotiating so why didn’t we?
    The answer is because the Zionists had their own priorities and it had nothing to do with what was best for all.
    If this had happened we would have been able to stem the tide of the Nazi influence over the Arabs. We threw away a golden opportunity and instead listened to these Zionist thugs who ran the insurgency. Many of us were in lock step with them even though they sold us out to the Nazis’.
    Think of this also, since the Nazis’ were supported by the Zionists then doesn’t it follow that they were the ones putting pressure on the Jews to go their way. They were the ones who had the Nazis' influence the Arabs to attack Israel. They sold us out yet again.
    The Zionists have run the show from the beginning and I will bet you didn’t even know that.
    You were sold out by your masters even before you were born. No wonder all Jews are so paranoid, we have been working against our best interests to follow greedy fools instead of our consciences.
    If anyone says I am wrong all I have to say is PROVE IT!
    I would strongly suggest you check into just who you believe; you will find some pretty serious shit that is bad about them.
    You appear to be an intelligent person so you can find out the truth for yourself and not from only one source.

  26. Darent8:23 PM

    WTF??? Brett was right. I have a headache from this nutcase. What could have been an insightful and interesting post has degraded into an odd journey full of name calling from a raving lunatic. Too bad.

  27. Yea our government is fine down here in NZ, but we do have a problem with the treasury also, it's also separated from the government and we're in a state that our Dollar is worth so much that exporters are feeling the sting, foreign investors are investing in our country and are making butt loads of cash due to our high interest rates, get an NZ bank account fill it up with loads of money and earn loads from the high interest.

    All in know is it's not helping NZs exporters, but I can buy stuff from America really cheap.

    That "Truth Be Known" site is shocking, shocking in that it's one huge money making scheme, nearly every link on that site makes the owner some money, amazon, adsense, auctionads, more ads than content.

    FTW, stands for "for the win" it's not directed at everyone though.

    may have to check out the book you mentioned, sounds interesting. Cheers Brett.

    Cheers for the comment Tim, I listened to the show, very interesting stuff, sounded like Jeff called you Kim, was that you? if so do you use craiglist the classifieds site to spread the movie, are you able to post links in the ads, if you do they take the ads down pretty fast right? wouldn't mind hearing more about the craiglist stuff.

    Cheers peeps.

  28. Just finished my reply and dang two more pop up.

    Kind of reminds me of a yahoo chat politics room, though the points made are a lot longer, I like the short snappy to the pointedness of chat rooms. (OMG, pointedness is a word), FTW.

    I see where Tim is coming from from his last comment, if you look at the history of Israel in the past 100 years it is a little iffy, that's as far as I will go with that.

    Cheers for the comments peeps, but they're getting pretty long, so I'll comment here when I can, to much ground to cover sometimes.

  29. Post this explosive information everywhere, this is crucial.

    Thanks for your kind comments Rand, nice to see someone without their head up their butts.Man if the crazies don't come out of the wood work when they are loosing!It is so funny to see them try to get away with the stupidest stuff. I have the proof to back me up and I have a compunction toward using it.I am at a loss as why no one else saw the truth too.
    It became clearer and clearer to me that the Zionists/Nazis' Masons were in control of the whole thing.
    It took me a while to come to this decision but one key piece of the puzzle fell into place when I read a newspaper story from the 1030s.
    It had to do with some men who were exploring the southwest and and the discovery they made an underground city. I had been reading up on anomalous artifacts, things in the wrong place and time.
    I had always wondered why the official history was so short, it never seamed right to me. a planet 6 billion years old with only one rise of man ever. It didn't' add up. I started researching on my own into ancient anomalies, those ignored artifacts that don't fit the official history time line. You can Google it and just read away.
    What I found staggered me and it will stager you too.
    This site seems to have the most info though their are others. Here are some examples.
    On this link you will find an indication of just how long the Masons have been here.
    Just look down to Markings Discovered and see for your self.
    The Masons are the only group I have found an indication for that has been here for more than 80,000 years. I believe they have been responsible for Earths destruction before and have built new shelters underground to protect themselves from another attack, I think that those that attacked them before are coming back.
    I think this story could be true because there would be no reason to make it up and because of the number of people corroborating the story, his companions. There would be no reason to lie.
    I have found records of artifacts that put man in some humanoid form as long ago as 300 million years in rock formations in quarries, petrified bones, giants.
    The reason the truth is kept from us is because they don't want us all to know just how long these people have been manipulating and interfering in the evolution of mans natural progress. They are scared to death to have this knowledge known to the population of the world.
    Someone really needs to get at the Smithsonian Institute. Time and time again in my reading they were mentioned as having received or been notified of the finds.
    We need to demand that the truth about our history be told and in America we need to light a fire under the ass of the Smithsonian to force this. But I have found they are loathe to do so.
    This Zeitgeist Revolution needs to encompass the true history of man.

  30. Greetings,

    I have written a review and thought piece of this movie that can be read here:

    Please check it out and let me know what you think...


  31. Tim for Zeitgeist will be on the Jeff Farias show today 3:00 PST.
    I will be kicking ass and taking no names.
    I will be addressing the black out of Zeitgeist by progressive talkers.
    Catch me then.

  32. Jeremy1:37 PM

    I watched the 2nd part first, and it changed the way I look at 9/11. Unfortunately, the 1st part is so easily refutable that it makes it very hard to trust any of the sources this movie uses. The main source is a book that is not considered scholarly or accurate by any serious researcher. To claim that Christ never existed is a joke. Every historian, atheist or not, will tell you that Christ existed without a doubt.

  33. Sorry but you are wrong.
    what you are saying is disinformation. You need to examine your understanding about Zeitgeist.
    They explain the historical aspect quite well and it is counter to your post.
    Stop spreading lies about Zeitgeist!

  34. If Zeitgeist doesn’t get you off your ass Sept 15 this will!
    Pass it on!
    This is an excellent companion to Zeitgeist and verifies what Zeitgeist says. angers&total=155&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1
    This will curdle your set! See at least the last half so you get a perspective on today but see the whole thing so you know like me just how long they have been doing this. The churches are money lenders you know from Zeitgeist and these are their minions! See the connection?
    This must reach everyone!
    We need to especially cover the East, Midwest, and South with this information! Those people are the ones who will most easily be able to go to DC. We need them to especially see the truth. Also we need to change plans for mass demonstrations in home cities and must concentrate our efforts on Washington. Together we succeed and divided we all fall. Don't let them keep us divided
    Zeitgeist isn't meant to make everyone happy, that isn't its purpose! Without the religious background you won’t know just who started the whole thing and who has been stealing us all blind all these years and giving little in return. Just why do we have to pay for these preachers and priests? It is time to turn them into helping institutions and not the spiritual conformity teaching institutions we now see. Instead all will convert to helping save this world and teaching people how to break away from their own teachings and see the world and our relation with the universe. They and the money lenders will all change to non profits and the world’s safety net.
    Think of it no new taxes and everything taken care of by the Elitists.
    It is a wakeup call perhaps for the last time for mankind. This Revolution is of the most damning information ever released getting to the most people possible with the best tool ever made to accomplish this. This is a revolution for the masses done in complete safety for all. All you do is see the movie and understand it and then tell your friends. You then have something in your hands to use to put pressure on them.
    I take the template, lightly, of the Magna Carte as what we the people of the world need to a sway the power of these moneychangers these Masons of old that I have found a very long history of indeed. See the historical references of this and much, much more here;

    Google anomalous artifacts and ancient anomalies and read away. The History has also been changed.
    I believe it will take something of this magnitude in order to secure the final freedom of mankind to be as an equal to every other sentient being on this planet and as such to be Respected by all others.
    I don't know the exopolitics of it but I am sure there are those who do and could lend a major hand to obtain freedom for their children and themselves also.
    I would be interested in seeing someone in the know weighing in on this.
    Their have been over 50 million views of Zeitgeist. We need to get these 50 million to Washington on Sept. 15th.
    In view of the plans for a large military presence being deployed it is clear to me they are taking a last stand attitude. They are expecting the Custer thing all over again.
    If that is what they expect then I say why don't we give it to them?
    Instead of shooting them we will overwhelm with sheer numbers.
    Understand folks, we have them on the ropes. We the people who know the truth are the most powerful weapon for change ever in history. This will probably be the last chance we will have for freedom, for a very long time. After Sept. expect the most comprehensive crackdown on dissidents ever to happen. Everyone will be affected.
    If we don't take this opportunity to demand the resignation of the administration and for good measure put the 3 branches of government on notice to shape up or ship out IT IS LOST. When Nancy Pelosi takes over we will have to put as much pressure on to demand she restore all freedoms and rights and cancel the Patriot Act immediately and bring our military children home from around the world. We now have this Black Water Army to contend with and we need our military to protect us from them.
    We must also demand the destruction of the Central Banking System and conversion to that of a non profit for the world. They have stolen our money and made us slaves for 10 of thousands or more years so they get the tab to fix things. I believe this is to be their ultimate purpose to mankind.
    This military deployment in DC is with some of the most sophisticated anti personnel devises ever made. They immobilize with microwave transmitters and high frequency sound devices to disable protesters. Apparently they also deploy lasers as a blinding weapon. The Israelis used them lately in Lebanon according to reports.
    These are the weapons they will deploy. We must be prepared for this.
    The only viable weapon we have is millions of people converging on Washington as they did in Spain after the bombings. They changed the results of the election almost overnight.
    This may be our last chance. We dare not fail!
    We need at least 20 million people to converge on Washington to make them think twice about pulling something. Now far too many people know just what has been going on and know where to look for it. They must be made so scared to come against us they will have no choice but to attack and lose or give up and join us.
    It happened in Russia, Spain, Romania, The Ukraine etc.........
    It happened there and it can happen here. Freedom is at hand if we grasp it.
    Check my thoughts at and listen for me at .

    Guess what!
    I caught The Veteran Truth seeker in a lie the other night on his show. When I asked him what he meant he tried to goad me. I stayed calm and he hung up on me! The next caller felt his wrath and brother(?) Michael tore him apart like a bully! He them further compounded his stupidity the next night by lambasting the caller at an e-mail he sent asking why he blew up.
    Michael Malloy needs to hang it up. He has been a gatekeeper for years for the Elitists in denying their existence time and again. Was he really on our side or just his own? I will never listen to him again. Catch Aug. 30th and 31st at The White Rose society.
    Except for Jeff Farias we have no voice on the corporate air. We have only ourselves to trust
    The Revolution is Now!
    Tim for Zeitgeist

  35. Anonymous3:15 PM

    several years ago i would have been skeptical or offended by this video. However the last four years of my life I have spent 4-10 hours a day reading the bible in the greek and I have to say this video is done very well. We now have the ability to research online and since the inquisition is not greatly favored we can have opinions. Opinions such as this video. The title is most appropriate THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE, ZEITGEIST. If everyone would take the time to verify if the names pointed out in the video are true you would learn about the direct corrolation between the catholic church and the nazis and most importantly POPE JPII, possibly the best chemical sales rep for IG FARBEN to the nazis. I think it is time to abandon religion(latin for religare to restrain or to bind fast). Anyway unless the masses let go of thinking faith and a belief on a greek imposed god or pretend messiah better known as jesus is a way to salvation the world doesn't stand a chance. Wake up AMERICA not everything you read is an attack on your self indulgence, but rather to give you insight.Resurrection is intended for the spirit not of the physical. Read Read READ!!

  36. Heh, so can I continue along the paranoid thread and conclude that "Tim" is an operative of the world order intent on disrupting any dissent to the powers that be?


  37. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I'm a recovering Catholic of 20+ years and like to be skeptical about things, I had a hard time viewing the first few minutes of the film because of the emotional images but I wouldn't want to film makers to edit or take anything out of this full length version. I do want to mention that I've seen it several times since then and so have a few friends I've passed it along to, now I wanted to mention that I don’t think the beginning was an atheist message, one of the makers of the film even said it himself, “I don’t know what God is but I know what (he) isn’t” – definitely not some angry man up in the sky passing judgment on people and not earth centric or located exclusively in some middle eastern continent.

    What I gathered was a rejection of those notions and an embrace of the God force in the natural world and universe, the cosmos, and that the messiahs, virgins, etc where metaphors “ascended masters” (as referred to in the New Age movement) who are found in every culture historically. And that those beliefs where “highjacked” for political reasons. So now we have religion as a political stranglehold on people and as a result they are void of any spiritual connection and morality and they lack a profound consciousness/connection to the natural order of the universe and each other.

    Part 1 stripped away the façade but I can see that it would rub those not ready for that raw. Again, I wouldn't want it edited or dumbed down for those not ready for its bold approach. This film is NOT and attack on spirituality, just religion as tool of manipulation.

  38. Anonymous10:51 PM

    A guy named Peter James Thorpe has been named on Air America(cant remember the show). I have been looking him up but he doesn't seem to have any kind of web presence. According to the show he is a nobody. Well he is somebody now! I love part 3.
    The revolution is now!

  39. Zachariah10:09 PM

    I think it should also be realized by "some" who post blogs, that the film does not directly attack governments, it attacks those who have a hold on them. If you are going to sit there and type out aggressions, it would be wrongly placed frustration to rant about the flaws of a government. Every government has flaws, just look at history.

    Overthrowing, disassembling, disecting, or otherwise, destroying a government would solve nothing. Marching up to Washington would do very little to change what is wrong with the 'world.' Obviously, if what the film brings to light is true, than the government has no control over the current situation. Simply through communication and the spread of knowledge we could wake up enough people and fire up enough minds to turn a thought into a movement. It's not going to take violence. It's not going to take force. We would end up with the same system we abhor all over again. There has to be a way to do something, but unless enough people realize what is possible of the world or what has possibly happened to it, nothing at all with come to pass in our favor.

  40. Anonymous6:53 AM

    zeitgeist was an eye opener to many thinking minds, whoever made the movie had the balls to come forward and speak the truth, i am a full time financial trader, and i know for a fact and can prove that the whole financial markets are controlled way in advance. so jesus,muses or mohammed are from the same family(all jewish).some will not agree with zeitgeist movie,but then i call those as sheeps and the sleepy kind . IT is true , THE WHOLE WORLD IS CONTROLLED. Every major news network are full of lies, read between the lines. the whole world is fucked as we know it

  41. Boy have I got a party for you all. This is the party to end all parties, it is to usher out the neocons!!!

    And no I do not side with Marxism Leninism, except for John, Communism, Nazism, Masonism, nor so called Illuminati/Zionism. They are all the same bunch of rubbish that came from the same source.
    Read my piece on the history of people who seem to have had the same implements and temples as Masons over 80,000 years ago! Do you know of any other verifiable, at least with a historical context to read, group who has existed so long?
    The biggest thing about Zeitgeist for me is that it starts the dialog to check these things out for ourselves while we still have an internet to check it on! We need the below before they shut the whole damn thing down. I am as serious as a crutch as we say! The US Justice department has now come out publicly for a two tier internet. it cannot get anymore critical than that.
    It is now or never!
    The Revolution is Now, use it or loose it!

    World Party and Family Revolt.
    I have news of a new day and time for a World Party to take our country! I figure we have at least 2 weeks of good weather left and now it is clear that the government will do nothing about Iraq and our children dying there. This will be a Family Revolt!
    I read a post on Craigslist that was up a few minutes before being deleted. It stated that the crew used Bush's weapons codes and that the Air Force was looking to make arrests, Also they didn't want any unfortunate incidents to blow the country up and that was the reason for the stand down on that day. I see that a number of the ground crew are now dead, wonder just who is involved in this?
    I do believe we just avoided the overthrow we have been looking for. I believe the Officers who talked are hero’s and should be honored as such.
    I am telling you all they are ripe for the picking. They are ripe for a fall; all it will take is for us to use the most powerful weapon on this planet, the American People! We can do this before Christmas, wouldn't that be great!
    I am glad to see that this secret was told, our country is dying because of such secrets.
    I am, calling for families especially to go to visit DC over the next two weeks and stay! If they ask us to leave we can say NO not till Bush, Cheney and Rice resign!
    Just what could they do if a million families just showed up in DC on a lark and refused to leave?
    I will be calling for a world party on the 30th to take back our government or maybe the next week if this isn’t doable.
    I would like to hear others sound out on the list about this! members especially, I encourage you to support this action. The Dems have slapped you; just what will they do next? This is the time to use what you have to finally take care of these scum suckers. Let us take our country and go into a new age of mankind, an age of freedom and peace never before seen on this Earth.
    You have an opportunity never seen before anywhere and never will be seen again!
    Many of you are tired and so are all of us. Just get it up one more time for yourselves and trust yourselves and have faith in yourselves. This will win it.
    In this action they’re weapons would be useless as if just one child and mother were injured I believe the Neocons would be immediately shot down. If just a few seconds of a child in a woman’s arms being pushed or beaten could bring this government down. This I believe will work.
    Ask people you know what they think and get back to me. We can do this if we all hang together or we hang separately, no matter what we will all surely hang!
    I think I can get the so called progressive talk show hosts to support it now. I sure will give it a try.
    I figure there is a lot of blood on their hands for not supporting the march and I will hit them with this!
    Below is the biggest selling point I figure and it would go to the heart of every family in the nation and the world.
    March on Washington to have the best holiday season in history!
    We have all suffered badly these past years and it time to turn our frowns into smiles. In one felt swoop we can change the future so everyone can know what happiness is again. Aren’t the people sick of feeling bad? Well this is the cure you need. Go to DC and shop your problems away and shut down the government and change the future just for fun! Go to the party to end all parties and save the world while you are there.
    Just think of how much more blessed the holidays will be with the downfall of the Neocons. Tell everyone you know.
    Welcome the troop’s home before the holidays; it can happen if you do it!
    It ain’t gonna get better till we take out the trash!
    Let me know what you think!
    Catch my rants at
    click the picture then Zeitgeist!
    The Revolution is Now! Tim for Zeitgeist

  42. BlaBlaBla4:44 PM

    The funny thing is that this movie say lots of things about USA than the whole world knows about, for a long time.

  43. cen0bite2:00 AM

    I hear a lot of people arguing about whether or not the facts in the movie are real: Mainly about the existence of Jesus. Nothing said in the movie is new, people. Not to sound like too much a conspiracy theorist, but the Church has worked long and hard to "black out" any mention of these statements from the public eye. After all, it's not exactly in their best interest to have people start questioning a religion that's been established as long as Christianity has. I'm not exactly sure why the falsities of Islam and Judaism (a slightly more important one as this belief has been the cause of a lot more World conflict throughout the ages... no, I'm not an anti-Semite, just someone that's done his research) were left off, but then again, I didn't make the movie. If there is one thing that anyone needs to take away from this is that the World and it's politics (in which religion plays a major role) need to be looked critically. Ultimately, when we start associating with/ committing to mere ideas and make belief systems out of them, we are only asking for zealotry and strife.

  44. Well said cen0bite!
    With the truth finally coming out we will now have to examine just about everything in human existence to see what is truth and what is manipulation. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore.
    This is a new age of man and we will now have to start over with A CLEAN SHEET!

  45. Anonymous9:21 PM

    as for the revolution "for the man behind the curtain", there is no way a peacefull revolution will work. what is needed is the support of the countries that are already in the path of this whole scheme....venezuela and iran....

  46. My brother I have invited the world to do this, so many people know about this now who knows how many will show up. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone, authorities included.
    1.When you get to DC be very nice to the citizens and courteous to the cops and soldiers.
    2.Defiantly patronize the retailers and make them comfortable with you there.You might be there for a bit.
    3.This is a battle for hearts and minds.We need to make the cicizens feel secure we are not there for them, at least not most of them.
    If any one gets violent help the police to catch them. Show respect and be nice to them.
    We are the best people around we people of the internet world. We are the brightest and most intelligent of the world out there.
    This is also a Geeks Revolt.
    You may have heard the old saying, Circa 2001, that the Geeks will inherit the Earth!
    Wouldn't it be funny if they meant Geeks from the beginning.
    This is our REVENGE.!!
    This can be the best thing you ever saw.
    There is no need for anyone to get hurt.

  47. Jared H5:44 PM

    This movie was pretty good but its not all surprising that religion and government are scams. Fear is a naturally occuring emotion that occurs when there is a present danger. Our ancestors needed a way to control people and create civilizations. They then seeded unrealiswtic fears into our minds and many years later we are here. Its all about classical conditioning.

  48. Anonymous6:32 AM

    If that guy was from Zeitgeist - he is the devil!

    I dont really think he is from zeitgeist, I think its a want-to-be or someone trying to take zeitgeist down.

    I enjoyed the movie, rather its truth or not, if it makes people think then its good!

  49. Lots of guts there Autonomous. To timid to give your name but easily you call me names. What a man you are.
    Is it any wonder why I come down on people when they don't have the guts to talk about what I have written but find time to slander my name, funny how that happens.

  50. truthseeker12:41 PM

    I saw ZeitgeistMovie this weekend and it shook up my world view. I do not believe everything I read and that is why I searched the web to find out what others were saying about this movie.

    I must admit my surprise that so little has been published on the web since the movie launched this June.

    Some of what is written here is quite illuminating. I was not looking for a "preaching to the choir" sort of message board, so I'm glad to read opposing viewpoints as to the veracity of the movie.

    Tim, on the other hand, does not contribute anything to this dialog and his rants only add to the incredibility of the premises of the movie.

    Everytime I saw a post from Tim, after the first two, I just scrolled past knowing it would add zero value to my quest for the truth.

    I have a friend who was a 1960s radical and he told me that when he went to a peace march it was infiltrated by a small group of violent extremists who started fights and fires and he is convinced that the government did just that to put a terrorist face on all of the peaceful demonstrators.

    In closing, Tim, if you are truly for Zeitgeist, then lay off the vitriol and the name calling on sites like this. Feel free to rant to your hearts content on your own blog but leave the rest of us to seek the truth without the rabid extremism that so turns people off.

  51. Well 'Truth seeker just what have you ever done that approaches the success I have had, Millions of people know my name and agree with me. What's your problem and just what is it you have on your side again? You come off as a little girl complaining that someone told on her!
    Just what have you ever done for the planet?
    You shills wander around spreading your ignorance like the time I heard you talk about how nothing will ever be changed, well with you fools to make it so it never will.
    I love how you wander the web never telling the whole truth just as much as you can stand. The people have far more intellect than you Elitst shills will ever give them credit for.just what is your problem, could it be the truth? Is it possible you have gotten too old and senile to know what the world needs or has it ever been your concern.I am sure about who you are and I am shocked at the low way you are talking about me. I always showed you respect and support till you lied to me.You have no respect for anyone I think down under but are a very good actor.
    You have done nothing to stop this conspiracy in all your years, you are the biggest failure and my biggest disappointment. I was right about you when I told the world the truth about you.
    You have made your lying bed now go sleep in it. You spineless wimp!You are an utter failure trying to be the zit on the ... world.

  52. andrew4:23 PM

    Hi Everyone

    Well let me just say that I have not seen the movie only the 1st 4 mins.

    I don't really have to see it because it won't tell me anything I don't already know, I renounced Religion when I was about 10 took it to the cleaners for it's falsities.
    Religion is a coceptual way of life that has smply got overblown and is now the scorge of mankind and may even be the end of man if we let it get out of hand.
    All deities are false our own intelligence tells us that.

    Tim you are a far right nutter best ignored or shut away with some thorazine.
    Yes peacemarches etc are always infiltrated we only have to look at Burma for the latest infiltration, make a peace march angry allows police action yada yada yada.
    Simple dirty tricks campaign used by all intelligence services around the world.
    I guess the film is to make you think shake you out of your complacence we are all complacent it's the easiest way.
    To the guy who suggested subliminal actions @ the start of the movie.Your not wrong but maybe not right either.
    Subliminal imagery is outlawed, it works the CIA tested it way back in the 60's it's well documented.
    Yes I agree it's a strange start to the movie but we are all hypnotised in some way thtat's what makes us complacent.
    If that sounds a bit to far out for some people my apologies it is not meant be, I just know a lot about mind control through research.
    We don't have adverts for no reason, adverts influence us we buy it's mind control at it's simplest form.
    As stated the movie is tomake you think by the sounds of it, it goes to far drawing into the monetray aspects of it, they are actually seperate arguments, but not seeing the movie yet i can't honestly say but it's that whole illumanati thing, the pyramid the eye on the dollar. war has always been a business it helps economies grow.
    what can i say is it to late for action perhaps who knows religion has the last foothold here.
    the holy war, the scampering around for resources such as oil the car manufacturers holding back production of hydrogen and hybrid cars, we are our own worst enemies
    as resources become more scarce there is a real danger of anarchy but with all the new terror laws in place the authorities have a foothold on the situation.

    We can help slow or reverse global warming.
    We need to initiate hundreds or even thousands of salination plants
    we take the frsh water and spray it in desert arid areas turn them fertile, we refill lake bikal, we use the sweetwater to water crops let the Ogala replenish itself naturally.
    With this technology we can even make a few rain forests.
    Take the salt and dump it back in the ocean bringing the salination of our oceans back up cutting down on the freshwater undercurrent which is increasing in flow increasing the time flow of El Ninios.
    I'm sure plenty will scoff at this idea, but hey who cares they are the same idiots who believe in gods or who dismiss global warming.
    Global warming is a new fad a new buzz word but I still remember all the scientists who were scoffed at and ridiculed in the early 70's
    You all ignore everything until it is to late, we are the most stupid thing on this planet perhaps we deserve to become extinct.

  53. Did you just call me an asshole you rotten prick!
    When you call me right wing you Elitist prick you better watch your ass!
    You ignorance by not viewing Zeitgeist is equal to the arrogance of a true Anarchist.
    I don't associate with you anti- democracy types and I am certain that is why you hate me so.
    I have been a Democrat all my life and I have watched you collaborators aid and abet the Elitist cause. I investigated you scum for all these years and now I have issued my finding and remedies to change the behavior of all you juvenile delinquents.
    You pervert the very idea of Democracy and the Democratic Ideal. You want constant war to fill your coffers of blood you frauds! All of you.
    You have grown fat on the backs of the public for eons and it is time to take some of that wealth burden from you to help all those your kind has screwed for so long.
    It is time to take out the garbage of my own party first them we can come to agreements with the Elitists on our own terms.
    They respect power and we have been led by powerless puppets who have followed other masters instead of we the people.

    Tim for Zeitgeist

  54. andrew1:56 AM

    Hmmm, your eloquence asstounds me
    asshole no i don't think i did but if the shoe fits
    you should be banned from posting anywhere you are a complete idiot
    you need medication you paranoic delusional fool.
    Yeah your an atomic bomb ya nut job!
    Also to claim allegiance to a political aprty and their ideals shows just what a dumbass you are which is in contradiction to all your philosphies you really are the dumbest **** i have ever encountered
    He's not the devil just an escapee from your local mental institution.
    Take of the Ski Mask dude, take the medication
    It's idiots like you that scare of people from thinking from themselves.
    RANT RANT RANT You are scary
    Oh i'm terrified of you by the way watch my ass, why does it look big in this?
    BAn This Fool

  55. What a cretin, you think you can dish it out but you lack the guts to take it!
    You attacked 1st so the sin is yours.
    You scream your words and I just answered you. Don't like it a bit do you?
    I guess you cannot take it!

  56. you have nothing to do with this movie
    your just a leech

    lack the guts your nothing just another idiot running riot on the web, i'm not the only person of that opinion, this is mty last reply go jack of somewhere else moron.

  57. Who cares what a shill says.
    millions of people know me and agree with me. The only one who object are you Elitist shills.
    I really don't care if your ilk like me, this is for we the people not you fools who have done nothing but treat the rest of us as garbage or like we are just your personal cannon fodder.
    This revolt is for us against your kind!
    In this revolt you don't matter, I have circumvented you all.
    Zeitgeist has been translated or subtitled in many languages and many more are coming.
    I beat you all as far back as last July. this has all been your slow death ever since.
    I will do what is needed to stop your illegal and genocidal wars.
    Just this last week a pole of the troops in Iraq found that the troops have come out in a major majority against any permanent bases in Iraq. The troops don't' support what you are doing, they refuse to be your tools any more.
    Too many people know what is going on now, just what I wanted, the spread of information that brings you all down!

  58. Andrew4:27 PM


    I was not going to post again, and fuel sicko Tims weird perverted desires.
    But just watched Michael moores SICKO the last half hour was brilliant VIVA CUBA.

    Let me just tell everyone how deluded our poster TIM is i'm elitist am I well here I am in Scotland, currently on welfare, I'm pretty sick @ the moment.
    Don't own my own home I rent I don't have a car I uses buses or trains, Hell I don't even have a TV
    Elitist oh yeah me and my ilk just rule the world.
    Have a Nice Day Guys n Gals remember think for yourselves, ignore delusional fools who are banned even from their own blog, this comment will probably just give him something else to jerk off too.

  59. Funny story coming from someone who has nothing better than to call names to someone who didn't attack him.
    Funny how you people love to cut me but have never in the past 4 months come up with one iota of any kind of plan how to get the world out of this trap.
    Being from Scotland are you perhaps Scottish Rite. Are you Mason/Zionist, yes you are all from the same perverted root, are the ones I have found implicated in the is conspiracy the longest. Didn't the Anglicans kick you all to the curb the other day. If the Church of England doesn't like you that is about all I need to hear from you.

  60. Please try to keep things civil guys, the main thing is please don't use cuss words, use classical cuss words if you like, for example Blowhard, Bosh, Mudsill.

    I'd actually better put my two cents in then, the part that interests me most about Zeitgeist is the final chapter, about the banks and money, Ron Paul wants to bring back silver and gold as the main money system, which I guess would bring more control back to the people.

    Legal tender is worthless paper and it shows with inflation, even in this country, need some cash, print some more, use tax and interest from the people to make that money real, it's a never ending cycle. Without the power to do that I'd think there would be less wars, though economic and technological advances would be much slower, but I feel we are moving to fast for our own good these days so slowing down could be a good thing.

    One last thing, why does it seem the U.S government is looking for a war, they already have more than they can handle, why not leave well enough alone and stop this preemptive balloony, see old time cussing works a treat.

  61. Well said Rand and no problem with me. I don't start it but I will finish it.
    Check out the Money Masters and you will see the most detailed and accurate back up for the claims in Zeitgeist about the Fed. It is a college reference.

    You will be very surprised at just how on the mark I have been in this whole thing. Believe me I have checked it out before I say something.
    It is working to the point that The previous p0oster has said I am causing a riot on the web.
    WOW! Am I doing that?
    It amazes me just how dangerous a man and a cat can be! I never though my little cat would be such a threat to the order of things!
    He just lays there playing with his toys, what a threat and picking his butt when the urge hits him like most males! As for me I just think before I say something, anyone can do that if they have a mind to. I type what is logical and good to get this old world back from the brink of destruction.
    I have given the Elitists pause to think about a different outcome than the one they feel has to happen. I believe I have given their leaders reason not to drop the hammer at the moment but to think of the possibilities a truly free world can bring to them. I have invited them to crunch the numbers and see if a free world doesn't' make excellent financial sense! The markets are endless on a free planetary society, the rewards far greater. Now they have the chance to really be the heroes of mankind instead of the pariah's they have always been. They can truly earn the title of leaders instead of reprobates and scoundrels. I know some of you like that sort of thing but it is death to any free thinking society and brings only pain for all including yourselves.
    We all gain our freedom by supporting this revolution, we all win with this.
    It has worked ever better than I have ever dreamed and it is all GOOD!
    I have chosen to keep doing it as a free world is worth any price.

    Tim for Zeitgeist

  62. Anonymous8:48 PM

    This is Great stuff! I love it. I watched it a few times already. However, it is unfortunate that Satan’s plan for humankind is exposed so clearly and so boldly while his archenemy has been totally discredited. Christ lives and I know it! He alone is the only person that will have power to fight against the mess these selfish men are creating. With that said, I still believe these conspiring men (led by Satan himself) are in charge of many of the worlds religions even those that claim to be based in Christianity. Christ’s true church would teach about such worldwide conspiracies and it does. So, what of Christ’s Church today? It has been restored in all its glory, majesty, and power in April 6, 1830. It is called “The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints” better known as the Mormon Church. A restoration (not reformation) was necessary because the Romans were, in fact, successful at eliminating all the chosen prophets of God and Christ’s followers. They then took it upon themselves to be the leaders because they realized they could get a misinformed public to believe anything they wanted in the name of religion, hence the Dark Ages. Now that you have an idea of all the false propaganda around us, don’t be too quick to jump to a conclusion when reading the many volumes of Anti-Mormon literature (you could literally fill a small library) that has been written and inspired by corrupt men.
    Two of my favorite sites that I recommend to all are

  63. Ryan Toronyi3:49 PM

    Before we search for the hidden truths, lets remember the obvious ones:

    Article by: Ryan P. Toronyi


    The key to knowledge is the ability to organized and understand information…
    Do not support what you don't agree with…

    I felt a need to examine my life. I discovered truths that changed my realities…
    I'm not sure if my views are changing as much as my beliefs in my views...
    An intelligent person is the first one to debate their opinions…


    You are born without understanding or faith. Your natural instincts are changed as you are taught who you are and who you should become…


    - We don’t see with our eyes, we see through our eyes…. We actually perceive an image, translate and comprehend our environment within a physical area inside our brain that hasn’t directly experienced light in any form since? This is true about all of your senses: Hearing, Sight, Taste, Smell, and Touch.


    If you take away my flesh, who I am remains…

    - Categorize a body into small enough pieces and you have the ability to witness that in the absence of any piece of a physical existence a personality remains, we can only destroy or change the physical.
    - Our existence beyond the physical cannot be identified as more than a form of energy (society has and continues to debate this - the element of a soul).
    - We are unique, as much as science has and will continue to explain about our genetic recipe, ultimately as a person we exist before conception. No two sperm will create the same results.
    - You are unique before conception, the energy of who you are creates who you become, and the deeper science investigates the more we realize about our existence.
    - Our physical bodies are biological machines we use to experience this existence, a machine that is fragile and can be destroyed… but still just a machine.


    - This is important, because in the long list of disgusting attributes human kind has developed that set us aside from the other species we share this planet with – we have with complete ignorance allowed members of our species to believe they’ve obtained supremacy of power, value, and importance over the rest of us.


    Never allow anyone to tell you what to believe as truth…


    Although I believe at one time our governments worked for societies. I now have no doubts that societies are working for the governments, ask yourself if that’s right…

    What is the purpose of our federal governments?
    Imagine if our local municipalities existed without any higher form of government. Imagine if your tax dollars went directly back into the community in which you live and work.




    The federal government doesn’t care about you, it’s robbing you. The federal government is limiting what you do, where you go, what you consume, etc…

    They pretend to own you, and it’s a shame just how many of us believe they do…


    As much as we will ever know about our existence, I believe firmly that only an ignorant person would assume that we are the elite of all creation. There is and will forever be more to the picture, something greater then what we understand.

    Please question everything, including your faith… – Free online Knowledge – Email me for more sources:



    - We are animals of gaining knowledge therefore it is safe to assume that while we don’t all share the same knowledge we will discover disagreements within ourselves and those we live amongst.


    - We allow our emotions at times to dictate our actions, although this feature of our existence requires more understanding, it remains a truth.
    - We will find that we all share an “evil” inside us, and at times (right or wrong) we act upon that “evil” as a part of who we are. Let’s not forget about the “great” inside us, and what wondrous outcomes hail from which.


    Even though I’ll admit that Policing/Military forces can serve a purpose (world aid, etc… – this is another long discussion), I still can’t help but believe that the human race would continue to exist with or without such power controlling forces…

    - Just as we have the ability to act criminally we have the ability to act morally.
    - The only time our opinions on a situation contain any value, are when the actions taken affect us directly and/or indirectly. This seeming to be the case for just about everything that happens amongst our species (for every action there exist a reaction), it rests as evidence that if justice is to be served and the final decision is to contain any solid form of social justification, then it must be the decision of the majority of every opinion, not just the opinions of those in power with the loudest voices!


    Please read this twice…

    - We have proven that unless the environment of our situation is fully controlled we are allowing the possibility for actions of “hatred” to prevail. However we also prevail with actions of “greatness”. Full control will eliminate the option for either.
    - We live in a society where we will stand by without action and watch something we know is morally wrong occur because we fear the same Policing/Military Forces we have created to protect us from such injustices.
    - We know that Policing/Military Forces don’t prevent crimes of any nature. This is not because there is not enough force, it’s because we cannot predict an uncontrolled future.

    Chaos will always exist – it is a required element of evolution…


    - Too many of us are guilty of placing more of our efforts towards our own personal gains without taking the consideration of the wellbeing of others into mind.
    - We are guilty of accepting the belief that we are “evil” on a primitive level, instead of simply ignorant and misunderstood like every other creature that exists.
    - This “primitive” level of our existence is studied under the research of our reptilian complex.



    People are good, until given reasons to justify their “bad” actions...

    I was once told that everything in life can be justified - Are we intelligent enough to know what needs to be justified?


    How do you expect us to behave? You tell us not to allow our anger to bring harm to our neighbors across the street, but you do nothing better then make us heroes when we do worst to our neighbors in foreign countries because of an anger you’ve created?...


    - The reality of obtaining world peace although appears to require major change actually requires ZERO effort. The major changes come after we realize this truth.
    - It is our biggest contradiction that we continue to believe that this achievement requires war. – Free online Knowledge – Email me for more sources:

    The realities I’m faced with today will show in the actions I take in my future…

    I will not directly support what I don't agree with - this statement should be true for everyone…


    - We are all born into the moral sins of our ancestors. This is part of how we evolve/improve as a species. It is our responsibility on an individual level that we recognize how our actions affect the collective.
    - We have allowed the development of our society we must share the responsibility of fixing the problems we discover within it.

    The next steps we take are the most important – this will always be true…


    - To own shelter and protection from the elements
    - To have food to prevent hunger
    - To find love worth everything
    - To have family and friends to celebrate existence with
    - To have others who will provide aid when required
    - To have the ability to return a favor
    - To just feel “good” about the person you are


    I am still searching for someone who wants anything less – the truth is that when you take a global perspective you realize that the majority of us don’t have what we all deserve. Stop believing that there is nothing you can do…


    GOVERNMENT – How does this system work? Is it required?
    TAXES – Why do we pay taxes? What do they fund?
    IDENTIFICATION – Why are we being named, numbered, and organized?
    RELIGION – Should any faith require the element of fear? Should we not question our faith?
    HUMANKIND – Who are we? Are we actually intelligent?

    I disagree with the structure of societies under all forms of hierarchy – because the people on top believe they have more value than those below them, and the people on the bottom dangerously lack the intelligence to know better – all us of breath the same air, we are all here for the same reason - to enjoy our lives as much as possible…



    - Money is not a bad idea, it makes trade more convenient. The problem with money is obvious, we made it worth everything – It truly became the almighty dollar.
    - We have given it so much value that we became purchasable.

    To imagine that something as small and simple as a coin in my hand would hold enough value to another person they’d take my life from me for it…

    What holds real value cannot be stolen to hold real value for anyone else…



    - We are taught that our freedoms cost the lives of many in war and that we should continue to support the ability to protect what freedoms we have, while we continue fighting for the freedoms we lack.

    When did one person take freedom away from another? How did they do it? Why did they do it? What is one person’s freedom worth?

    - The action of fighting for our freedoms is the statement that admits we don’t have them.
    - Freedom can not be stolen - it has to be given away. We give up our freedoms when we fear those who threaten us.

    The act of war is something that should embarrass us…
    The brave will walk forward in peace, despite the threatening actions of others. They are fearless of everything including their own suffering and death…

    I will not remember and honor the soldiers we have and continue to lose without the same consideration for the lives they have and continue to take. ~ PEACE TO ALL ~



    - This statement will hold truth until our level of intelligence rises.
    - The most dangerous thing you can do in your life is threaten what holds the most value to another person.
    - Understand that just because a statement holds truth, doesn’t make it right for every situation.

    We unfortunately do not always think before we act…




    You might want to read this again to avoid any misunderstanding…


    The collective development of this document was only possible because of the knowledge obtained by those who knew/know what needs to be understood. As such, this document has and will continue to evolve. The World Wide Web is our global consciousness…



  64. Nicely said and very introspective of the nature of man and the environment we all live in and every day must reexamine to see if we are in fact living in truth or are we so deceived that the truth is obfuscated.
    That is what this revolution is all about, to see what is real through new eyes that have just been opened to the manipulation perpetrated on us all by these genocidal manics the Elite.
    They have murdered billions of us over the eons.
    They are the alpha of the screwed up world we live in.
    They made this thing.
    We as truth seekers have a duty to root out every ideation of this fraud this conspiracy to enslave all mankind forever.
    Have you noticed the change that has come about in mass media everywhere?
    There is the air of domination reaching a crescendo in what seems every aspect of life. The brutal idea that to dominate all things is to become the and be accepted as norm.
    There is violence everywhere on the television and movies. So many times I have read or seen where the idea of brutality in sex as apposed to happy fantasy is being pushed as I have never seen before.
    The gentile loving and fun attitude toward sex is pushed aside. Violence in sex is being shoved down the throats of young men to the point of undesired abuse and outright violence done to men and women.
    We see this all over and apparently endorsed buy our own government as exhibited by the abuse and torture of Iraqi's people.
    We live in a land where the most vile kinds of abuse are championed by the right wing dickheads and our own illegitimate leaders like it.
    To me they are all sado-masochists and need their fix taken out of their hands.
    It is time for them to lose their desire and be put down!
    It begs the question; just what is it they are preparing us for?
    We are in the midst of a campaign in the media to ramp up the vitriol and violence.
    I believe there is a conclusion that we have yet to see and they have planned for.
    As I have been pushing the truth these past 5 months they have increased their campaign. I am sure the have now gotten the message that if they don't do it now, they will never be able to do it again.
    I know for a fact that I have pushed them to take stupid actions in an attempt to nullify this push of over 50 million people.
    They may have tried to even kill Putin if what I have read is true and it appears there may be one more nuke missing from that B-52. One wonders just where it is?
    See my post on the Military Times Forum under B-52 .....
    If you google The Military Times you will find it. Links don't work so good on this blog.
    I will keep pushing on them as much as possible.

    Today I am announcing my


    I have been doing more research lately into just how far this conspiracy goes.
    Over the winter I will issue at least each new piece of the puzzle as I decipher it. As soon as I know the truth I will tell everyone. I want as many people as possible on the same page as concerns the truth and FREEDOM and THIS revolution so stay tuned.

    Tim Winckler for Zeitgeist.

  65. Anonymous11:45 PM

    There may be a possibility of a Jesus, but he didn't walk on water, perform miracles or rose from the dead.

    There is no god. There is no devil.
    No virgin mary. No nothing.

    We are just organisms of this earth and we are not only killing it, but killing ourselves as well.

    Very simple. Yes, the gov't is lying to us, but what else is new?

    Regardless of whether this film is lying, manipulating the truth, or providing us with facts...

    it does say to go find out for yourselfs and THINK for yourselfs.

    Wow, what a concept. As for us humans....we are doomed unless we get our shit together.

  66. This is my answer once and for all to my spineless detractors. Someone got on my last nerve.
    I have had enough of the disrespect and slander so I will end it.
    They all have your blood on their hands

    Tim Winckler for Zeitgeist.

    When will you shills stop stooping to your slanderous and libelous comments without one shred of proof! You scummy buggers have been spreading lies about me every where and now it is time to bust you all up. You freaks have had my last nerve and now I will tell all.

    You buggers have blood on your hands from the troops who will die, the Iraqi’s that will die, the people around the world who will die from terrorism, the people whose families will suffer everywhere because of your, failure, to the people who will die and suffer because there is no one to pass a medical bill. It would have saved their lives and the list goes on and on because you failed to support this march.
    Let all their deaths be on your collective heads because you denied them relief.

    I have all my E-mails with Peter to show how much he supported me till you scum lied to him about me. Oh yes I am aware of the enormous pressure you put on this poor man to separate support from me. You dirty buggers avalanched him with E-mails telling him you wouldn't support Zeitgeist unless I was out of the picture. He told me about some of them so blow off on me not being connected with him.
    As far as I know I was the only one ever invited by Peter to join him in an interview on the radio. It was Jeff Farias's show on Nova M. Have any of you scum got anything like that to your credit? I have been here from the beginning with Peter’s ongoing support until recently. I know what you told him at the march on Washington on Sept. 15th. I also know how you pushed him not to support his own Revolt on the 6th of Oct.
    Folks they got Peter W of Zeitgeist to screw himself out of his own revolt. For 4 months I worked like a dog to hand Peter his revolt on a silver platter, all he had to do was support it and all this crap happening now would have been done with. I could have had a rest.
    I guess I didn’t have enough money to contribute! Sounds like he has been bought off!
    Funny how people turn on you when there is money involved! How much did they give you Pete or so it would seem from your E-mail!
    I am so mad at these fools for blowing the last good chance anywhere to change the world in one single step. I kid you not! I had it all planned for almost 40 years and knew when to strike and free the world. I studied and planned all that was needed to win all of us our freedom. No messiah just someone who learned to use his head for the truth at an early age. It just took brain power to do all this.
    This to Peter:
    You threw your revolt away for what? I proved to you time and again I had it covered you were a fool to mistrust me. I helped bring you over 50 million views and this is how you treat me. You even deny me any credit for all my work now. What a suck up to these people!
    Hey how about that screening, did your friends help you pay for that?
    I planned the World Party and Family Revolt. I made it so easy for so called progressive and truth movement leaders to support it and succeed it was a sin.
    I invited everyone within distance of DC to bring their families and occupy the city with the millions of people in the DC area and all the others that could have made it. I invited the world everywhere I could to come to America and free the world and shut the government down! I even had it planned so the soldiers and police would eventually help us.
    I figured out how to revolt without casualties. The secret was that Families would never be touched by the Bushies as any mother with child that was pushed or beaten on camera would have won us the day especially if they were white, not prejudice just fact.
    I invited everyone to bring cameras and document everything that happened and even help the authorities in capturing violent disruptive people. It was all about winning hearts and minds.
    I invited everyone to shop at local businesses to build support and keep them from minding us there. We could have been there for a while and it would have been courteous to do so.
    It would have ushered in the best Holiday season in the history of America.
    I called for vendors to get ready for the crowds. Like I said I had it all planned with safety for all as my first priority.
    I knew from what I had detected it was the right plan that would have worked at that right time.
    So why didn't these so called progressive and so called truth movement leaders support it?
    I was told point blank it was because I was involved in it.
    Think about it for a second, they didn't support a plan that was guaranteed to work that would have ended this nightmare in one step because of me.
    My God, how did I become so dangerous that they would deny the American public their last best and safest chance to change this country forever yet they refused to support all of us. If they didn't tell you to support it they screwed you all.
    Ask yourselves just what the hell happened and why did they deny all Americans their future for your families and your children especially? I will tell you the story below!

    Folks on this great blog:
    Here are the facts about many of these so called truth movement and progressive leaders.
    First of all many of these scum are hard core right wing racists and La Rouche Libertarians who think nothing about denying us our freedom. They would be loathe to see the full aspects of this Zeitgeist revolt ever instituted. They only support the aspects that would give them cause to start their violent overthrow of your government.
    Nazis and Mason Zionists, yes they all come from the same perverted root and not all Zionists are Jews; always find someone to attack and attempt to dominate! They breed and live in utter chaos and make millions off the so called truth movement. They don't want this to end too quickly, too many mouths to feed Eh? They have stretched this on for years already and really would not support a final change that doesn't' give them the dollars they so desire.
    Many are truly blood thirsty.
    As to these so called progressive leaders and talk show hosts in the Air America mold. All you have to do is ask why they didn’t tell you about all this years ago when they knew the truth.
    They and all the democratic leaders knew how we the people had been screwed by the Elitists with approval of the Democratic Party.
    See the movie The Money Masters. See it here as it is hard to find with google video. It is a college reference that came out years ago and is mind numbing with its factual backup of Zeitgeist truth.

    Copy and paste the link to the address bar as links don't work here.
    It describes the Elitists conspiracy with devastating consequences for all of us.
    This has been going on for eon's and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It lays out the whole plan in distinct words and quotes from the perpetrators them selves. It is a mind f...

    The jealousy of these people is out of sight. It is mind numbing to me just how low they will go. The other day on Craigslist Thom Hartman or someone who knows in his organization slandered me and accused me of being some freak who calls to yell on the air about the Federal Reserve. I have never yelled or carried on air in all my life! Just why does he need to yell at you Thom, why don't you want to discuss the truth about the fed. Is it that you are too fat for your profits to really ever want change?
    Randy Rhodes is another. She saw the conspiracy in action in the military and was aware of this conspiracy. She couldn’t avoid seeing the truth in her own research yet she told you all nothing about it. WHY? The truth was very easy to find.
    These are just a few of these so called progressives that just do not fit their moniker.
    How about those folks at
    I invited them to change the world with Peter and I and they didn't so much as offer me the courtesy of a response. Just why wouldn't they support a revolt that would have given them everything they wanted or so we have been led to believe. I think they have gotten too big for their britches and are just a little greedy for power. I think unless the approved leaders of their movement are in charge and can gain the glory, they won't really support any real change, not to their benefit!
    Political power as they know have is quite intoxicating if you don't watch yourselves. You need a lot of maturity to do it right.
    As it is I have supplied documentary evidence in film for all to research and find the truth for themselves for my claims. I don't ask people to just believe me but the proof I always supply. I always try to backup what I claim. I have been a truth seeker longer than many of these up and coming newbies. They lack the knowledge and wisdom to do more. They just don't have enough time to really understand what is being told them, that’s why I have run rough shod on them for lying to the people I am old enough to know how to rum em good!
    I will out the lies as well as the truth for all the people to see.
    I have circumvented them and brought the truth to you directly with out their help and support or and avoiding their obstructions.
    I have proved my claims. I have been forthcoming and honest with you from the beginning.
    I have stated my purposes from the beginning and told you all about me and why I am doing this. Have they been as forthcoming with their goals and purposes as I have been? Just ask yourself just what is their purpose in destroying my reputation with lies.
    Ask yourselves just why did it take someone like me to get this done in fact why was it left up to me when it could have been done by so many more qualified?
    Why am I the one left to tell you this?
    Just what the hell is the matter with these people!
    I have said enough for now but you can read more of my thoughts at and the Military Times Forum.
    look for my posts especially under B-52.... and Elections and Politics as well as others. Just look for Tim for Zeitgeist, you will have to copy and paste as the links don't work well on this blog.

    I am announcing my

    Winter Campaign of Truth

    So stay tuned at my blogs and on Craigslist.
    The Revolution is Now! Pass it on.
    As always people of America I remain your most loyal servant
    Tim Winckler for Zeitgeist

  67. This is all true they want me murdered folks.
    They are scared to death of me now., it can all be checked and they want the truth stopped!
    Tell everyone you know, they want the truth stopped!
    What do you say about this America?
    Tell them how you feel about it.
    I need your help America to finish this revolt and help us all free ourselves from the tyranny! Let the Mason/Zionists know how you feel about them!
    It is time to stand up for yourselves and freedom. It is time for you to wake up and free your own world!

    Tim Winckler

    To those of you lying about the truth, tough, it is all historically accurate.

    Hey folks guess just how scared of what I am saying they are, they just posted my address so they believe someone can kill me. Well truth be told, I live in a neighborhood where I have many eyes and many friends. They watch my back so I can finish this. We are family and I wouldn't suggest you try to come up against them.
    You could be at a stop light 10 years from now setting there thinking of a lovely day then a slight pressure behind your ear and and then all of a sudden you don't think anymore. That is how family is!
    I got em on the run, everyone join in with the fun! You no longer have to fear these stupid *. I have opened the floodgates to wash them away!
    If you are against Zionism now is the time to strike with everything you have got. Freedom for the world is at hand!


    Hey Zionist fools!
    I just got done taking down one of your finest on the radio for all to hear!
    I put the fool down and showed him a fraud.
    Never had a better time cutting one of you Zionist fools to shreds.
    Jeff was laughing too in the end.
    Score one for humanity against the most vile scum on the planet.
    You can catch the fireworks tomorrow in Jeff Farias's Archives below. just after the fool hung up 1st hour..
    You can catch it below, 11/19/07

    Don't you ever try to play your zionist BS games with me. I have been fighting you scum for too long to play up to that kind of crap!
    You dirty buggers killed my family in Germany and Russia so you go to hell. This is a blood feud going on with you Mason/Zionist buggers.
    You sent your proxies the Nazis after us so you could loot the wealth of European Jews.
    You then used the holocaust as an act of Social Engineering to pack us all off to a God forsaken sand heap where you could manage us better and use us to increase your genocidal earned profits.
    Every Jew who lost family in the war should know this and decide what they feel about this. This going through so called important people is worthless. Every Jew must know the truth of it and judge for themselves. For me you are nothing but cutthroats and murderers who have had the obstinance to believe you could ever rule any kind of world without destroying it. .You are complete and utter failures as leaders. It is time for you all to go!
    Ve are good verkers aren’t ve heir Grantby. Ya vole! Ve make such good veapons for da Army!
    Not good but it serves my point. After all Israel has one of the biggest arms industries.
    You have never given a damn for us Jews and have tried to delude the people of the world.
    I know the straight scoop on you thieving murdering buggers and I have already insured your eventual demise. Get a clue before this all hits you in the face. It is too late for you to fight with success; I have made sure of that already!!
    I see where you have ramped up the propaganda to attack Iran; it will be to your peril because I can guarantee you that you’re Boy George will be asked to resign. Unless you start negotiating with everyone I wouldn't give you a chance in hell of survival. You all best mark my words; it is already too late for you to pull anything without being swept away for your stupidity.
    You have made the bed for the unfortunate people in Israel; you have placed them in a trap.
    Whatever happens to Israel let any responsibility be on your collective Zionist heads and no one else’s. You have done this evil vile thing and now you will atone according to the Law! It is coming you mark my words!
    You conspired with the British to steal the land of Palestine and you conspired with and supplied the funds to all callers during the war, isn't that treason? You were best friends with the Nazi's and now follow their lead as far as tyranny is concerned. You are like twins it is so identical. You almost wear at least in public close to very near their posh designs. You are all such fashion plates.
    When do you bring out your back shirts and boots eh, more stylish for your reign of terror?
    I can hear the Zionist boot steps on the pavement getting ready for the final battle that will kill all Jews everywhere for even being associated with you scum. You have betrayed God and now he will get you.

    As a Jew my stomach turned when I read this!


    Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the "Freedom Party" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

    The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.

    Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin’s behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.

    The public avowals of Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.

    Attack on Arab Village

    A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish lands, had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 (THE NEW YORK TIMES), terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants—240 men, women, and children—and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community was horrified at the deed, and the Jewish Agency sent a telegram of apology to King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. But the terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it widely, and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin.

    The Deir Yassin incident exemplifies the character and actions of the Freedom Party.

    Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority. Like other Fascist parties they have been used to break strikes, and have themselves pressed for the destruction of free trade unions. In their stead they have proposed corporate unions on the Italian Fascist model.

    During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish community. Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults were shot for not letting their children join them. By gangster methods, beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.

    The people of the Freedom Party have had no part in the constructive achievements in Palestine. They have reclaimed no land, built no settlements, and only detracted from the Jewish defense activity. Their much-publicized immigration endeavors were minute, and devoted mainly to bringing in Fascist compatriots.

    Discrepancies Seen

    The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin and his party, and their record of past performance in Palestine bear the imprint of no ordinary political party. This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a "Leader State" is the goal.

    In the light of the foregoing considerations, it is imperative that the truth about Mr. Begin and his movement be made known in this country. It is all the more tragic that the top leadership of American Zionism has refused to campaign against Begin’s efforts, or even to expose to its own constituents the dangers to Israel from support to Begin.

    The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.

    M. GALLEN, M.D.,
    H.H. HARRIS,
    M. SINGER,

    New York, Dec. 2, 1948

    Tim Winckler

  68. Anonymous4:19 PM has AFTF, zeitgeist, and money masters.
    Al Gore and John Edwards are both part of the machine, Tim. Ron Paul is the real deal.

  69. Hi there everyone. i would just like to say that i am a muslim and i believe that jesus, moses and Muhammed were all prophets in Islam. Jesus is not the son of god but one of the prophets, and so is moses. The Quran is the holy book that Muslims follow, it is the book of guidance, it has not been changed since it has been revealed to people by God, wherease the bible and the torah have been changed and therefore there are many versions of the bible out there. but there is only one Quran. my advice to everyone is to please read the quran with an open mind and you will see and find out everything about jesus, moses, muhammed (pbuh) and all the other prophets and how they were. even in the bible jesus never claims that he was god and to follow him, it says that he is just a messenger, but later on people changes the bible. Muslims believed that the bible and the torah were also the word of god but because they have been changed around, muslims dont believe everything that is written in the bible and torah, only the parts that are true. the last book that was revelaed by god is the Quran, it was revelaed to prophet Muhammed (pbuh). and this is why muslims believe that there will be no more reveletions and that Muhammed (pbuh) is the last prophet.

    is there anyone who has felt that there religeon doesnt make sense to them? and that there are so many questions that are unanswered? and so many contradictions? then i advise you to please read the Quran, and study ISLAM. there are NO CONTRADICTIONS, NO LIES, JUST THE TRUTH. there have been so much bad things said about ISLAM in the media and everywhere around but when you study islam and read and understand the quran then you will see that islam is a way of life, and it is about peace.

    Islam is about unity of all mankind, brotherhood and sisterhood, we are all made by one creator, and we should therfeor obey and follow this creator ALLAH.

    islam is a religion for everyone. once you read and understand this beutiful religion then you will see everthing from a different perspective, islam is also the fastest growing religion in the world. why is this? PLEASE READ UP ON ISLAM AND STUDY THIS TRUE RELIGION.

  70. I disagree!
    I sympathize with all you folks are going through because of my country but you need to have your eyes open to the truth..
    The object of all religions is conformity to the rules of man not God.
    God would never order any kind of death contrary to just about all the worlds teachings say, he is not evil.
    We have god in all of us and need no priest, preacher or mullah to tell us the way.
    If allowed all sentient kind can access the righteousness built into every sentient being on this planet.

  71. Anonymous5:14 AM

    i just came across the movie zeitgeist and sat down and watched it.. it was truly times it seemed a little off on facts about the religions but i let that slide as i dont believe the religion bullshit anyways..
    what really got me was the fact that facts rigght or wrong the word is being put out there and we fuckin need that by the looks of things... great word..ive passed on the word of zeitgeist to all my friends an they will do the same..and if everyone does that it wont take long before the people start demanding sum answers!!!

  72. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Here is the link for Title 6. Find it anywhere in there for me where it says you must file a tax return.

  73. Cynapse4:44 PM

    This film, like all good conspiracy theories, is a classic exploitation of the yes-yes method described in How to Win Friends and Influence People.

    Alternative Review of Zeitgeist

    The problem with this approach is that you can "prove" collusion in nearly any disasters because the official story is never 100% correct. In the case of 9/11, it could be very well that the FBI/CIA knew EXACTLY who they were looking for and didn't want the targets to know that they knew. But the authors of the movie see a lot of holes in a story and assume the government is covering their OWN direct work. That's quite a leap.

  74. As a Muslim Im just sharing my views on Islam because I believe it is the true religion, I hope I don’t sound rude or ignorant about other religions, as I do respect everyone’s beliefs but I also truly believe as a Muslim that it is my duty to give out the right message about Islam and the Quran, and that Islam is NOT ABOUT TERRORISM.

    These Islamic scholars are some of the scholars that are really good if you want information;
    • Harun Yahya
    • Dr Zakir Naik
    • Ahmed Deedat
    • Abdur Rahim Green
    • Yusuf Estes
    • Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
    • Yassir Fazaga
    • Khalid Yassin

    And many more

    Here are some links about scientific facts about Quran in Islam and about Islam:










    And there are many other, please search.

  75. They nothing rude about it. You have an opinion, that is what is most important.

  76. lljames8:56 AM

    When I was a 10 year old child in the fifth grade, 1975... My Zeitgeist was the book called "The Little Prince" I couldn't put it down. I have always been an imaginative little girl, a fast learner and accused of ADD because I would skip ahead of subjects and get aggitated from sheer boredom, because the pacing was so slow.

    So, you could imagine how this book revealed what I had been seeking for so long. To question authority, to see the ludicrous ideals and teachings thrown upon us by our government and history books.

    Our modern day example is Wikipedia. What is history? It's HIS STORY. We manipulate what we WANT people to see.

    Needless to say, one of my jobs was an illustrator for Psychological Propaganda. You must understand cultural norms, creeds, and beliefs to manipulate how and what a culture thinks through subliminal imagery.

    Its happening to all of us right now. Our media, our books, magazines, commercials, movies, shows, shopping malls, billboards everywhere... You are being manipulated with imagery, sounds, as everything is a product of how the majority wants you to think.

    WAKE UP!

  77. Zeitgeist Refuted:


    The Money Masters proves you full of crap!

    It tells all the dirty crap your kind has done to the world!

  79. Anonymous4:35 PM

    All three documentaries were very interesting viewings. However, I believe that Zeitgeist should portray more realistic facts than simply ramble on fantasy. If 911 were fabricated, one question we all need to ask ourselves is "How could such a big secret be kept by most of the public" when thousands had to be involved. As leaders, we should invest our time on fighting: hunger, poverty and protect the future (our children)!

  80. I disagree!
    Unless we clean house on these bastards and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for 9/11 specifically,we will never heal. Unless all the truth comes out none of it will make any difference. It must start with the top and chew em done to powder and blown away in the breeze.
    You are mistaken if you are naive and ignorant enough to believe the official line, you are as infant.
    Unless we tear at the roots of this whole thing it will just spring right back and destroy this world again!
    This is a battle for the planet and we the sentient being of this planet must win our final freedom for ever.
    This is the ultimate battle for freedom and a New Magna Carta for all the sentient creatures on this planet!
    This is the Geeks Revolt, Pass it on!
    Tim Winckler

  81. I haven`t watched the movie. But if they think that Jesus is a myth, they absolutly don`t know what they are talking about. they could have any proof to back them up, but the thing is that their proof is physical, is for your eyes to see, and for me that is NOT proof thats a lie. My proof is spiritual, is the energy of Jesus son of God inside of me, and that is real proof, no visual proof like you guys from zeitgeist think of having, your proof is only an illusion created from the devil for people that are ignorant and inside the box to believe that Jesus is a myth, so he could have your souls. Im not for any goverment, and I despite all the rulers of this world. My only true ruler and king is God my creator. There is to much energy of God inside of me to proove me wrong, and I will try everything possible to follow he`s teaching, that is Love and Forgiveness, its going to be hard because the devil is always trying to tempt us, he even tried to tempt Jesus. Im human and not perfect, but I try to be with the help of God. Peace and God bless!

  82. PureThought3:01 AM

    Wow, I have never read a blog comment section in its entirety, however Zeitgeist was a compelling movie that delivered some interesting thought for debate and this blog section opens up a myriad of interesting views. I would love to comment on most if not all of them, but in the end, I can only affirm my thoughts on the movie.
    Man controls man, and will go through any means necessary to achieve control. I feel that Zeitgeist presents compelling evidence such as religion, false flags and money as tools used to enslave us.
    That said, religion is always a topic for debate. I found it interesting how a Muslim used this forum to try to attract potentially disillusioned people of faith over to a new one. Not that I am judging him, I just thought it was a nice, “oh by the way… if your religion sucks here’s mine pitch.”
    This is something I don’t talk about much so I will share this very odd view of my own existence. Keep in mind, this is a personal belief structured on personal experience and in no way reflects any dogma or religious views, even if it should in anyway seem to allude to one. This is purely individual spiritualism for me that I will share with you. And in many ways it may only ever have relevance to me, and me alone.
    As far as I can remember being human in this life, at the age of two, the age of five and to this day, I have always remembered that I have existed before this life. I remember that I am a consciousness that occupies a body, but is not the body. This personal revelation comes before this life, a concept that many here do not share and yet in some strange way, some find that they too may feel this way.
    When I was two, I struggled with memories of being killed in a war. The violent death, the afterlife that followed the desire not to become human again all cascaded into this life. A very real, very vivid memory that at the age of two was something I could barely articulate to my family. And I was heavily engrossed in sessions with the being that sent me back. I was remembering my previous life, and was at an age where I could not refute the illogic of those memories and thoughts. That was a challenge for my more skeptical mind later on in life.
    The experiences for me at a very young age always taught me through self-realization that I was something else, someone else, but the new life I now had muddied up the memories and that past was shattered in dreams and flash backs. This previous life was one revelation that shaped my view of the world. And yes, my parents tried to get me into organized religion. But honestly, my true religion was forming in my heart and mind through self-realization through something we all obtain in life… experience.
    Organize religion kicked me out, I have been called the antichrist by two preachers for challenging their views, I did however have my reasons. My life so candidly displayed the nature of reality in a more personal upfront kind of way.
    Take for example dreams. We all have them, there is no surprise there. Dreams are just thoughts. More importantly, they are your thoughts. And in many ways, they are a subconscious micro-reality that you go to when you sleep at night, regardless of you remembering them or not. It’s your personal virtual reality playground that you may willingly or unwillingly be a participant of.
    Well, dreams are thoughts right. Pretty obvious fact, it can be proven if you have ever shaped a dream, or dreamed something you want. The dream will quite responsively change to portray the new thoughts you are having. And marvel in the fact that your thoughts can create a pseudo 3 Dimensional experience that parallels this real life, and can extend way beyond what this real life experience can deliver. And this micro-reality we call a dream is instantly, effortlessly created by our mind… by our consciousness as easy and effortlessly as breathing.
    Dreams are thought. And that is very important to know if you haven’t every considered what dreams are made of. What would happen to you if say… you dream something and wake up remembering the dream. Days, weeks, months go by and suddenly that dream comes true. Like déjà vu but you remember dreaming it. I would be lying if I said some of you never had that experience. You will know it, it is true. You have dreams and they in the literal sense, can come true. (Not all dreams mind you, a particular branch of the dreaming spectrum yields precognitive results)
    Why do I know this, because I also have had dreams come true.
    Well, I can go on and on about these experiences I have, suffice to say that I am also able to be fully conscious and self-realized in a dream. Lucid dreaming, or conscious dreaming. Basically you are lucid and conscious right now, and aware that you are awake and realize you exist. That’s self-realization, and that also can transfer into a dream where you wake up as you, fully aware and self-realized, yet the reality you are waking up to is the dream.
    There is a saying here on Earth that says, “Thought creates reality.”
    It’s not something I invented or came up with, however dreams coming true, and dreams being composed of thought illustrate this hidden truth.
    Now like I said, everything I believe comes from self-realization. Not from books, religions rather my own personal experience with the same reality you are experiencing. However, in my passing through this blog, I want to help you remember that you are a dreamer, and your dreams and your realities are one.
    Zeitgeist asks us to seek the truth. Not that we have never sought the truth or would seek it without watching this movie. The end of the day, the truth is subject to our approval and in many ways, one mans truth can be another mans fools gold.
    My paradox is knowing truth, knowing deeply the reality of consciousness and thought and how it relates to life, existence and the universe as a whole. However having no means by which to demonstrate this truth other then simply saying, you are living it every day and it’s simply waiting for you to realize it. You are truth. Start there.

  83. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Tim is probably just some US government offical or FBI spy pretending to support Zeitgeist. However, he displays his adoration a little too strongly, making me think he's a nut, and anyone who follows Zeitgeist, follows Tim, the nut. See what I'm saying? This is probably what he wants. By showing his over-the-top support, he's actually giving this film a bad name and making everyone who believes in it seem crazy.

  84. Anonymous9:46 AM

    WOW, that's a lot of comments.
    I found parts 2 & 3 very interesting.
    Although, I find it hard to believe them because of the great inaccuracy of part 1.

    For the theory of part 1 to be true, Jesus would have to be born on Dec. 25 and also the three wise men would have to seen him the night he was born.

    Christ was not born December 25.
    The Zeitgeist website states, that no where in the Bible does it state the birth was on Dec. 25.

    The wise men did not see him the same night he was born. With a little bit of word study of the Greek text you can find this out.
    The wise men came looking for a young child. The shepherds came looking for a babe.

  85. Hey you sound like a Mason/Zionist shill and anti-democracy malcontent, that is worse than anything there is. Even the Church of England has banned you.
    I am not against our Democracy but I am against those who would pervert it from inside and outside of it.
    This manipulation has been going on for a long time and it is time to out the Pseudo-Progressives among us and finally have the people in charge.
    You have never represented the interests of the American people an never will. You are closet shills for the Republicans! You have been failures from the beginning at protecting our rights and freedoms and sold us all out from the beginning!
    The Money Masters on Google video is History and a College Reference so it can be believed.It proves just how long you bastards have been selling out the people of the world. It is time for you to fall and let people who give a damn about people take over! You soulless buggerers have been plaguing mankind for Millenia and it is time for you to step down.
    You have never been worth a damn as administrators and have failed everything you have ever attempted that wasn't evil in nature or didn't enrich you in some ways. You have been the reason for mans suffering and I am going to prove just how far back you started this all!
    It is as I have always said, this is a murder investigation and I am hot on the trail of the criminals and just how long they have been here!
    If the Sumerian texts are correct you have been here a long time indeed!
    I am sure you are the original gold thieves who came here a very long time ago and are still here!
    No wonder you deny Ancient artifacts and sites that fill in what you don't want known! Now the world knows why you destroy dig sites and artifacts or sell or sequester them till a latter date!
    You pervert the history to cover your monstrous crimes!
    I have found you and am almost done with you!
    By the way anonymous, you never seem to have the guts to show your name, what a spineless coward you are!
    You call me names but as with all you Mason/Zionist scum you never have the guts to challenge my writings.
    You loose every time you challenge me to my face so you use back stabbing and innuendo as the only tools you have left!
    By the way, read my replies, this should piss you all off, to all of you at copy and past link if it doesn't work! Click the picture and Click Zeitgeist and read my thoughts!!
    As to the History, look for my piece about the history being wrong. I will update the site as I get more information about it.

    Tim Winckler for the Geeks Revolt!
    Pass it on, our world depends on it.

  86. Oh ya I forgot!
    You republican freaks are now using the word Zeitgeist to describe the So called spirit of your fools brigade of stellar losers running for president. It is one your

    website. Go half way down on the right side and see the zeitgeist of Mit Romney, GAG, they forgot to mention his strong Scientologist ties!
    What a bunch of cynical thieving dogs you all are!
    If anyone is muddying the name of Zeitgeist it is you soulless freaks who have perverted the meaning of the word and have appropriated the one thing we the people have to fight you with, THE TRUTH!
    Fortunately there are so many people who know the true meaning of the word as to be able to call you the liars you are!
    Your appropriation will be known far and wide for the fraud it is.
    No wonder you all, don't want people to know me or my name associated with Zeitgeist.

    Tim Winckler for Zeitgeist

  87. eddie korkis7:23 PM

    alot of this movie was cool.

    But here is the thing. If the top people want to control the world with a microchip and control what you buy or sell, then the bible and Christianity would be true. The book of revelations talks about the end of days and the mark of the beast(microchip?). without the mark you can not buy or sell.

    something is wrong and something is also right with this movie.

    I liked it.

  88. This is all true!!!!!

    My Brothers and Sisters!

    Sometimes I wish that was true but Obama is a shill. I wanted to support him in the beginning but he was for the war so I rejected him. I still think he is for it. I also found that he is a relative of George Bush and is in the Group of 300, the link below proves it. Go down to Politicians and read. You will notice many names from the administration; they interbreed like rabbits to keep the power with themselves. Every birth defect is passed on and this is where our leaders come from! Also note he is related to Cedric of Saxony, yes he is an English Blood Royal! At the end of Empire of the Cities you will see why it is important. I believe the Illuminati have padded the future with two Illuminati Saviors, the Heir and a spare! Word of advice, watch out for those foretold saviors, could be just a plan that they are telling you they favor and are carrying out!!

    I am sorry this is true, I still had hope for him. Please pass this on as our country cannot stand another administration from Bushco INC. We must get rid of all these dynasties; they have never really done anything for America anyhow.
    The Bush, Clinton and Kennedy dynasties have born very little fruit if you analyze history and have gotten much from America for it.
    Be gone all dynasties.
    Neither of these candidates will stop the North American Alliance, which alone is enough to reject them.
    See Zeitgeist, The Money Masters and The Empire of the Cities and you will know the truth. They back each other’s truth up. It is horrible. See them in order then you will get it.
    Next week Tues. I will announce the best reason on Earth to vote for Gore as he wasn’t a part of this thing on Jeff Farias on Nova M network, all the truth all the time. Jeff is on at 3:00PM PST.

    This lady will tell you what I mean. She is devastating to the whole power structure in DC. It is all true unfortunately. Both these candidates are in this crowd so I have no hope for either of them. Al Gore is the only major leader not involved in this, look at how the Redubs are fleeing, this is why. She is very hard core from her abuse so please take it into consideration.
    This is not about Gay Love, it is about the ritualized institutionalized sexual abuse of boys and young men and the total subservience of women to the most barbaric abuse and sexual torture possible. This is why you don't vote for who is given you but for who will do the best job. We must demand the candidacy of Al Gore or it will slip through our fingers completely and our world will fail! You can mark my words!
    Please pass it on to everyone as our world literally depends on it.
    Take a look at Al Gore’s speeches at George Washington U. for, they will inspire you.
    You are the first person I have told about this doc with Kay Griggs and would appreciate your opinion on this.

    I am trying to open the minds of the world to the history of all this so we the people of the world can take what is rightfully ours.
    You can read my thoughts here:

    You can also Google Tim Winckler for Zeitgeist

    Ask yourself, just why are the republicans working so hard to put Obama in? They just outed McCain for a dalliance.

    This is the Geeks Revolt and I am Tim Winckler, Tim for Zeitgeist, pass it on!

  89. A critical blog on this film:

    and a response.

    I'm posting it here in case it's not put up there as I think it makes some pretty good points, particularly in how this film has been critiqued.


    I have very quickly found holes in your interpretation here.

    And I didn’t even have to look far.

    Horus IS considered to be the sun god, in fact he is considered to be one and the same with Ra, which you make some mention of. Gods were always changing and evolving. This was clearly stated in the film
    Horus was the son of Ra and Isis. it is true that this is not a ‘virgin birth’ proper… but to discount this as you have is quite misleading.

    Ra was DEAD, and WITHOUT GENITALS at the time that Horus was conceived.

    If this, coupled with the fact that he was later assumed to be HIS OWN FATHER, is too distant for you to see how this is very close to a ‘miracle’ birth (IE conception without semen) is too far of a stretch to a virginal birth (let us also not forget that there has been question about the virginal birth of Mary in the original texts, since there is some overlapping of meaning with “virgin” and “young”), then I can’t help but find this to be a rather heavy-handed bias on your part.

    As for Roman crucifixion, yes it’s true that this came about after Horus. But remember that this is a very, very old symbol that they would have definitely been exposed to. It is also a symbol which is BASED ON HUMAN ANATOMY. Quite practical for hanging. I fail to see the significance of this point. While it is true that they used the word crucified in the film (which I do think is a problem with the script..) do you think it would have made any less of a point if it had used the word “executed”?

    We know that (as the story goes) Jesus wasn’t born in December… I’ve also heard that he was born in march, april, august… but what does that matter? if it was changed to coincide with pagan rituals this does not take away from the point that Romans using this as a form of control over people: it only strengthens it. Also these dates are pretty pointless if, as the film asserts, Jesus wasn’t real to begin with.

    “…200 years after the birth of Christianity, and 120 years after the last New Testament document was written.”

    The bible was edited for over 500 years so this is just plain wrong. There were many folk tales going around about Jesus (including some rather horrible things involving him killing a child by supernaturally throwing him a far distance into a wall… call them fakes or whatnot but they did in fact exist… some simple searches should verify this) that were removed, edited, etc. etc. by the Roman powers for a long time after you state that the bible was completed.

    And finally, going back a little in your post here:

    “As time progresses we see that the Hellenic Greeks got Horus confused with Osiris, which would make Horus his own father… still not a virgin birth, as there was a father - himself, according to Greeks.”

    (I notice that you fail to mention that everything Egyptian of this nature would have arrived to this part of the world through Greece… )

    The pertinent question here is not whether the stories are identical, but if they clearly influenced the story of Jesus. This film did a very good job of connecting many of these facts. If there is a failure in this film it is that it’s not 24 hours long to explain how all of these connections happened and the need to oversimplify some of this for our 5-minute attention span generation(s).

    You are focusing on these small failings alone and not addressing the wider picture that if any significant portion of this is true, then Jesus very well could be completely made up. This shows, as earlier stated, heavy-handed bias on your part. I’m not 100% in favour of all the research that went into making this film, but, it was done FOR FREE… and it is better documented and more factual than almost anything you see in MSM.

    Further to this I don’t see any footnotes in your post above. I do see some cherry picking of points that makes your post quite misleading.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t make it to your comments section (I don’t see anything that states whether they’re reviewed first or not) but I do hope it does.

    Questions or comments:

  90. Very Interesting Zara and well thought out.

    The Empire of the City gives and alternate view, would like your opinion!


  91. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Hey Tim.

    I've seen some of your posts around. I admire your passion, dedication, and sense of wit.

    I will indeed check this out and will get back to you (possibly on your forum)



  92. Thanks Darlin! Look forward to it.

  93. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Dear people,
    I saw the movie, the comments and ask myself... why those people have an argument about Jesus only? The movie is showing lies covered with myths and spectacles.
    For example, it is easier to rule with smaller part instead of one bigger part united. It is logical what they stated in the movie about credit union. Good example is Yugoslavia, the national financial depth toward western banks was about $ After the separations, almost each of those new states has credit depth around $ Trey have fucked up the big country, pull it in civil war, made a war profit, plus, deliver new credits and created dependent countries, in all sense of the word.
    This is just small example, but from other side it is natural law of the bigger and stronger. As they use to said its business, nothing personal.
    We are living in the age of information, which are exposed to every one of us, but you have to find out which one is right and which one is wrong. To find out right information you have to search a lot, know how to find the reference,and so on and on. In midd evil time, there was 2% of all people who could read and write, and that kept information secret to small amount of people. Today, you have an access to 2% of all printed books ever, and you are exposed to vast amount of all kind of different informations, and on the top of it, if you are ordinary, not so much educated person, with no logic developed, you are.. that's not good at all. Sorry, I could write a book on this subject, but all I wanted to say is that there is a lot of truth written between the lines in this film.
    Thank you, and sorry for language barrier :)


    Letter to someone!

    Dude think!!!

    They are both tied up with the Nazi’s. Since the Zionist Masons supported the Thule and Boreal societies in Germany before WW1, they are the occult precursors to the Nazi’s! OBAMA is also part of the same crew as Clinton. The Mason Zionists control all the candidates.
    We need to choose Gore instead because at least we may have some chance of setting our world free.
    They are both Nazi’s and Obama is one of their saviors. Follow the connections and you will see the truth.
    See The Empire of the City 1&2 and you will know the truth. It is all historical and accurate.

    This movie will show you just what sort of Looney Toons motherfuckers I am battling in this revolt. They are fucking nuts!
    If this truth doesn’t beg you off OBNAMA then you are lost and will help bring about the annihilation of most people on the planet, you mark my words. The Illuminati 1&2, 2 really exhibits them in their perverted glory.

    Kay Griggs tells you just how perverted they are. She was the wife of a Marine corps. Commandant who finally came forward and told the world of the diabolical nature of these beasts that roam the earth and destroy as many lives as possible for their god Satin.. This is all true.

    This young woman, Arizona Wilder, was chosen at a very early age to be one of their high priests. Even with the poor quality of the film she is evidently lucid and truthful and a real great looking woman too.

    There are many more women among them Jeri Ryan, 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager and Debbi Pitts, Clapton's Layla. As a child she also went through this perversion and abuse..

    Like I said, THINK before you throw your world away! The truth is out there, spread it far and wide. Let me know what you think.

    Catch me here!

    Catch me calling into Jeff Farias on Friday! Just click listen live at 3:00pm PST. \

    Read me by googling Tim Winckler.

    Tim Winckler for this GEEKS REVOLT

  95. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I really liked this movie in the way that it shows the responsibility of everyone to THINK and to be as wonderful as we are, everybody of us, and to be remembered of our light, our spirituality, our love and our freedom.
    Open your heart, your soul and act in wisdom, i´m sure you will realize that we are already living in paradise.
    Love will heal the World!


    Hen from Germany


    It is as I have been telling you all along, they are Pseudo-progressives, yes also my word! They are the same sons and daughters of bitches that gave us the Federal Reserve System, same thieves’ just different era.
    It is the theft of the Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, the supposed achievements and freedoms every American is supposed to be able to attain. They have been stolen from every American out there. You no longer can count on being free to do this without selling yourself out to the most vile Mason Zionists.

    It is now official. I have been telling you the truth now for 1 year without one successful challenge to any of my accusations! They are facts!
    Now that the congress has betrayed the troops in the field and the people of America again, by giving the Bush-leaguers, yes my word, all they want, now you have to ask yourselves, "Just what the fuck is going on with these scum suckers?”, or words to that effect.

    Unless you genuflect to their god Satan you can never achieve any of these things really. Without their stamp, or is it stomp, of approval you are not allowed to come up without their control!
    They are in control of everything, or so they think. I have found their weaknesses and exploit them to the full. I stomp and spit on them every day with impunity. I have pimped them out and made them my bitches that do what I want every day. I manipulate them and bend them to my will.

    If I can do it you can also. I have given you all the tools to fight this scourge of man and woman kind and showed you all that there is victory against this. We are no longer subject to just their whims. We no longer have these self naming gods to fear. They are now at the weakest point they have ever been and are now totally doable! Just follow the below and be freed forever of these vile monsters, you should see them without their masks, they are fucking ugly!!!! Argh, makes me want to upchuck at the thought. Ugliest creatures who ever inhabited this planet. They are the very definition of grotesque and an abomination. The true freaks of our world, but then they aren’t from our world are they! Read the history I have provided at my site and see who they really are, PROOF IN HISTORICAL RECORD OF LIZARDS & WHERE THEY CAME. All documented and all true! They have corrupted us for eons and it is time to say NO!
    No more are you going to waste the lives of our children in war, no more are you going to steal the very life breath of what is America anymore, and no more are you going to murder abuse our children for your fix!

    It is time to emancipate the world from this evil and take it back from them. It is time for us humans to turn the hunters into the hunted if they don't play ball with us!
    Below is what you need to do.


    Tim Winckler for THIS GEEKS REVOLT


    I am the big winner Tuesday May 6th 2008!
    Obama lost every state I focused on. Clinton eked out victories, never a clear one.
    I said I would have this split in the convention 3 months ago it has happened just as I planned. I have been telling you all the truth for I YEAR now.
    This is the purpose for which I did this thing!!!

    Two separate unimpeachable sources with the same story. Google their names and see their testimonies, Kay outs you the second part of her 8 hour interview.
    Of course Obama is a Nazi as I have proved beyond doubt, all Mason Zionists are Nazi's, they started the movement through the Rothschilds. See the movie The Empire of the City 1&2

    GORE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT ALONG WITH EDWARDS AS VP. Think of it as a chance to have another dream team like John and Bobby in power. These two guys will get us through the horrible effects of Global warming, yes they blew a hole in the Ozone with Nukes and now we have to do something about it. See the movie with Rosalie Bertell, They Blew a Damn Hole in the Ozone!!!!, at my site. No one wants you to know this so they don't tell you.
    This lady talksl about Harrp, Enviroweapons etc....WOW! What a mind!
    She backs up my claim that global warming is engineered.
    She is a PHD in Biometrics and you have to have a great mind to do that!
    She is also an epidemiologist and I am sure many of you have heard of her before, 1st time I heard what she has to say.
    Sr. Rosalee Bertell, 1st nun I ever had respect for!

    By the way President Al, stop with the Carbon Credit fraud. You must come up with another plan as I told you before. I will make the Mason Zionists change their minds about it and give the green light for you to run. I watch your back, you watch ours. That's the deal.
    Every person who reads this and knows the truth must blast the Mason Zionists and demand they let our man run. Send E-mails, letters calls to your local Mason Lodge.
    Protest, Protest, Protest them keeping Gore from the ticket and demand, demand, demand. Do not stop till they break and break they will.
    With this action they are all screwed, never again to be able to devastate the world because they are anonymous.
    Demand they be subject to the same over site as any public institution if they want to run things. If they don't, run em out of town on a rail.
    They no longer have the advantage of anonymity; they are now fully exposed to the light. Let’s light a fire under their asses and burn them up. They are doing the same for us.

    If they want to be the Government let em. Let’s make them responsible for every government function there is and if the fuck up, crucify them all. Demand they fix everything they have done to us on THEIR DIME. They are now subject to inquiry and court actions into just how bad a job they have done for us, murderous bastards all.
    Gore and Edwards will do the job, I am certain they are the only game in town.
    Gore is the only one who deserves president; he has always been my president. They both have the mettle it takes unlike any of their opponents. Edwards will be very busy helping Gore with the time we have left.
    I firmly believe that the office of Vice President should be as the Presidents right hand man carrying out his policies and essentially become the White House chief of staff and the man who ensures policy is followed. The hired gun if you will.
    The VP should be a job of grooming rather than just a political boot licker. I strongly suggest that it needs far better men than we have seen.
    They must have the resume to the job and maybe a civil service grade.
    In fact let’s make all political appointments subject to the Civil Service tests and qualifications to do their respective jobs. Make their jobs based on performance with yearly reviews by the GAO. If they don't measure up fire their lousy asses.
    Gore and Edwards are the only ones that can push this through with the right people.
    We can all live, that is the beauty of it.
    IN THIS GEEKS REVOLT everybody lives. In there's everybody dies.

    Tim Winckler for THIS GEEKS REVOLT

  97. Zeitgeist is a cleverly created anti-Christian film put out by Christs biggest haters - the Sabbatian Jews. Even when the devil tempted Christ he used Christs own words, except he changed ONE word that made the rest null and void. Such is this film. Some truth sprinkled in with a lot of LIES.

    That this anti-Christ propaganda piece didnt even begin to delve into the role the Sabbatian/satanic Jews play on the world scene SCREAMS out that it is pure bullshit. It is sad when so called truth-seekers or tellers dont have the balls to talk/write about 60% or the worlds problem creators. They refuse to talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the world, smashing it up and destroying it. Talking about everything else BUT the creators and fabricators of most ill. Rev 2:9 & Rev 3:9

    That said, now the learning begins... There are over 600 flood stories around the world. All of them talk about Noah and the 8 boat passengers , and most stories include up to the time of the Tower of Babels destruction and then dispersal of humanity.

    ALL religions are from that same beginning, but many have strayed far from its roots. Man CORRUPTS everything. From the egyptians to the hindus to the mayas etc... they all have similar stories even of a Christ Saviour being born into the world.

    What the Bible represents is the closest to the original 8 people whose story it is of. It is of the Adamic family line all the way to Christ. It is not that dificult to understand. The Bible is the cleanest and OLDEST source of all of the stories we know of today.

    All societies, have degraded from the original to where they are at today, with many gods. They deified the original 8. Look into the earlist gods of egypt/india/s.america... Nothing new under the sun

    If you want real truth and understanding then buy the trilogy from Jonathan Gray

    then get STOLEN IDENTITY.

    What Zeitgeist is about, is a last attempt to destroy your belief that God loved us enough, to come dow in a flesh version to hang out with His creation. TO BE LOVED, and to LOVE US

    (John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the WORD WAS GOD
    John 1:14 and the WORD was made FLESH....and dwelt amongst us)

    Zeitgeist was probably made by the seed line of Caiphas. Yesteryears pharisees who Christ said their father was the DEVIL John 8:33-44 is todays modern Judaism.

    Their books of the Talmud - which descibes Christ as a bastard burning in excrement, and the Kaballah - whom Aleister Crowley said was his UnHoly book, are the books of the devil.

    The same money changers Christ kicked out of His temple with a cat-o-nine tails are the same ones manipulating us today thru the City of London and its spwans the City of DC & NY.

    It is not a Judeo-Christian thang. IT is a Judeo-MASON thang. Masons trying to pose as Christians, whose own great leader and author of the 3 world wars Albert Pike has said that we worship Lucifer/the devil/satan/morning star OUT RIGHT etc.... Pikes book Morals & DOgma

    What I do like is that people are starting to question the status quo. But it is important to know the whole truth, not this garbage of a propaganda movie.

    If ye love the truth and nothing but the truth, you will continue far past this crap, and get to the real shit.

    I will try to help those who seriously want to know what is up. I have a PhD in Conspiracy, and the truth.
    mike knapp

  98. You are a lying horses ass mobbed up with the Mason Zionists so SHUT UP.
    It is your kind that has spread the lies and fooled the people.
    You have nothing to prove Zietgeist or any of the movies I suggest as wrong.
    PHD in obfuscating the truth is all.

  99. Tim-holio, when you can argue past a 3rd grade level, come back for a discussion. Until then you are the horses ass. An the correct term is judeo masons, not mason-zionists, and yes you are that stupid.

  100. What a Maroon!!!!!


  101. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I am ready for a revolution!

    One thing I am disappointed is the see the website of the scienology in your blog. I hope they do not give you money to support your movie. ( as they want to recruit people and after your party one they might found few of them). Please take it off this Scientology of your web site "They are killers as the other one you have mentioned". And I am "choque" to see that in your blog knowing the cause you fight against.It make no sence anymore as The Scientology is an other big conspiracy.

    But People should wake up and I am agree with you its time for a revolution!

  102. First of all a big NO, not a Scientology. I despise them.

    Which link are you talking about bro?


  103. Anonymous6:38 PM

    My paranormal life is also "a fraud" then ??? as they are advertising for Scientology...Tim go to an other blog , please. It will be great a part 4 for against Scientology and a part 5 against psychiatrists.

    NB: psychiatrists kill innocentes people and created monsters as Bush and Hilter...It s not about Ben-laden but about Bush as an example...See links

  104. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Why I need it to put 3 times the word verification to post my comment...of cours. Conspiracy of internet by the way Scientology has contacted I forgot the name of it.mmmmm... but you know a systhem to check your identity, echalon. For example if I tape scientology in internet they know who is it... What a conspiracy via internet but tanks to internet as we are more informed about what happens in this beautiful world controlled by idiots...

    Let me put for the 4 times this word verification. In the past I tought it was to see if I was drunk hihihi. How I was naive at this time...

  105. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Don t tell me in 2008 with all the technology we have we can not to found a Ben-Laden. They really thing we are stupid, the only problem as you said Tim they doing such a good job...I am sure Bush and Ben-Laden are talking every day by phone or ...and might be even share a party of Sudoku in their mobile...

  106. Anonymous7:32 PM


    If you go to "your blog":

    Sorry but my english is not too good, that s why I need 4 messages to express my self...But it just bizzar to fight against religion conspiracy and to have an adverting of Scientology in your blog.

    I hope you understood what I mean.

  107. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Myparanormallife is having a relationship with SCIENTOLOGY,the religion conspiracy of the 20th century.Be carefull even if you don t believe in God...

    A MUST SEE...

  108. I think the contextual ads a bringing Scientology ads, the more Scien tology is mentioned on this page the more the ads will show up.

    My understanding of Scien tology is it based around I guess a story and that machine that's supposed to tell ya if your centered, that's just hooey, you don't need no gadgets for that, we have emotions to tell us that.

    The captcha image, well I have problems with those on blogger as well, I'm not sure on this but I think that if to much time passes while writing a comment the captcha may reset and bring up a new one which will show after you hit "publish your comment". As a rule I copy and paste my comments to notepad just in case something goes wrong.

    With our Scien tology powers combined I will catch you later, sarc.

  109. "In all humility I want to point out that 99% of the information in the current work is accurate.
    The 1% that is highly debatable is going to be clarified or removed."

    I think those percentages are backwards.

  110. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Zeitgeist has taught me to keep a very open mind and it has changed my beleifs. I think a revolution should take place to get rid of these bankers who think human life is expendable. If you want to start a revolution email

  111. I Enjoyed the film alot, It Definately opened my eyes to a few things and helped me to think about things a bit differently. The Rants on this blog make for amusing reading. I cannot comment on all but it is obvious this film has had an impact. My comments are simple views from a simple man... so here they are:
    1) Religion, the film said pretty much what i have thought all along really, I will not say Jesus lived or did not because i do not know. I do have a question for many people out there: How am I supposed to believe in something that has been responsible for so much bloodshed the world over, for so many centuries, I find it hard to put faith in any religions "compassion" and "love" when i see all that has been done in its name over time. Would you let a government survive for that long if it did the same? i think not.
    2) 9/11 and terror? it wouldnt suprise me in the slightest if this was the case, a government using its people to feed its financial and territorial goals? now that is easy to believe. it has happened time and time again during mankinds history all over the globe, and it will happen again and again as long as there is a struggle for power and control, it is just that the world is smaller now and the gains are far greater. I just feel for the people that are affected by these actions wether directly or indirectly many innocent people always suffer.
    3) Finances controlled by a small group of select individuals, well that seems to make sense too, there has to be someone at the top and you didnt honestly believe it was the government did you? the high level of incompetance and corruption in most governments nowadays would not allow things to function at all. If there is someone else holding the reigns and keeping things in check, that makes sense to me, although it doesnt mean it is right, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer whilst continually striving to better themselves against an ever higher boundary. Money is the root of all evil, as my gran used to say, but necessary im afraid, cant have one without the other, good and evil go hand in hand. It just how we see it as individuals that makes it one or the other. It would be good if we could earn and see a little more for our efforts rather than continually feeding those that already have more than enough to sustain themselves.

    Well I hope some of that made sense, like i said i am a simple man, I do not subscribe to any religions, I work hard for my family and i believe they are the most important thing for this worlds future however small or large their part. I am not poor, nor am i rich, we do what we can, when we can and enjoy our lives and that is all we can do, as for revolution? I think that would just escalate into another war of some description, it always has and always will, just look through history. There will always be someone at the top, because they have the power to stop such things from reaching them, however, if they are reached then they are simply replaced by someone new, who will ultimately be the same after a time. as the film says: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Perhaps when we have matured as a species and realised that "the common good" would benefit us all, rather than individually seeking power we will move on but until then we are stuck in an endless circle.

  112. Anonymous9:21 PM

    The earlier rants of the fanatics from both sides, the religious and those who claim to be atheists, only proves one thing. Religion prompts wars. It has been the cause of many, if not most or all of the worlds most serious problems. Throughout history, man has killed or justified his means by way of God. be that god Christian, Muslim, Buddha, etc. It is those who can be called the fanatics or zealots that believe with out a doubt that they do the will of "God". Last I checked, the current Gods of the earth don't ask for death and mayhem, but yet it is perpetually displayed throughout the world. If this movie can teach anything to everyone, it is that everything, including your religious beliefs, should come into question from time to time. Do not believe all you are told, even from century old books. Our government is deceitful, our churches lie to us, our news clouds the truth and all is not well.

    Religion allows for the easy answers. Gods will and the Devil's influence are to easy a cop out for me to believe. I am not saying that there is no God, but I believe that religions are a means of control, and full of flaws. Being that government is run by those with religious back rounds and beliefs, one can only suffice to say that the corrupt religious regime has plenty of influence on the already corrupt Governing body. This allows for each other to keep us all in line, not questioning the wrongs that are done to us.

    Zeitgeist helps all to realize that those in the position to control the masses, do. And they do it with a great deal of profitable return. Forget peaceful revolution, these men don't understand peace. The time is now for those educated with the knowledge that things are wrong, to stand against the corrupt.

  113. Anonymous9:52 AM

    zeitgeist has alot of good points.. but they are a cult.. watch the two movies carefully.. number sucks you in, and two finishes the job. number two starts with facts about secret powers and men who run the world. (in my belief, this is true, but i feel that they are associated with satan and using money, war, religion as their pieces in a game of chess. with people being the pawns.. hence the rook, bishop and knight in chess) Then all of a sudden zeitgeist part II starts talking about religion and MAINLY christianity. It starts making extreme references, but since they stated facts in the begginning, you would most likely believe these references. Then at the end they talk about a "utopia" and ridding the world of govts and God. They start to tell you to join the movement and etc. They suggest in the movie that we are one and the same with the universe and the "creation" of God was our attempt to become one again. The website also starts to lead you in; the goal of zeitgeist is to make all those with faith lose it. It's a ploy in a giant game. satan and his demons run the world, and are just playing a game with humanity to pass the time until judgement.. Research everything and put the clues together

  114. Anonymous1:58 AM

    lol thi movie has so money loop holes infomation isnt showed both ways its a one way movie. this movie was probably made by the goverment just so we all go crazy lol why not look at the facts. 1. its makes us fight 2. it will make them look better some how lol. this movie kinda sucks

  115. Listen, all of you, ALL religion is man-made. It is myth built upon myth built upon myth. The more successful myth's become established "religions". The least successful become minor sects or outgrowths of other more successful tales.
    I grew up in a "Christian" home where my pastor insisted that Christianity is NOT a is a RELATIONSHIP built upon grace and not "man by man's efforts solving man's problems." I fell for that for many, many years until...I grew up...matured and started using my noggin.
    It, like many parts of political a mental disorder. It becomes a huge crutch that stymies growth in one's spirit (i.e. consciousness)and ability to meet head-on life's challenges.
    It tells me he is morally corrupt, a priori. The "religious right" has all but destroyed the Republican party and delayed stem cell research which we desparately need. The abortion litmus test is a joke.
    Please, every one, learn from the past and see where it has brought us.
    Robert Taylor @

  116. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Wow enough people are taking this religious portion of the film so crazily (i could understand if it went completely against something i believed) but I mean it's a movie pointing out similarities and suggestions. you dont have to believe every idea someone throws out nor do you have to shut it down, just accept that theres conflicting ideas with practically everything and take what you want out of it. no need to try and ruin the experience for every other vieiwer

  117. This article refutes and disproves claims of Zeitgeist movie, from the part of Christianity:

    I suggest to read the article!