Tuesday, June 19, 2007

UFO Drone photos inspired Videos

Every ones seen these, probably. it started with this set of pics from C2C and I think this is the last set of UFO drone pictures, I think there was a set in the middle.

I think they're fake and there are a lot of theories as to why they maybe fake, including a viral campaign for the upcoming Transformers movie.

What I find cool is that they are inspiring video makers to replicate the craft in full animation, I think I may have posted one of the youtube videos in a previous post, I'm to cold to check.

This video of the drone is based on the latest Big Basin photos.

I'm assuming a home user did this and it looks pretty cool, especially for a mock-up, some nice textures would make it look even better. I only wish I could produce CG like this.

The user also as a couple more drone videos based on the earlier photos if you want to check them out.


Links to the photo sets:
First Drone photos at from C2C.
Second set of drone photos, I think?
Big Basin drone photos.
More Big Basin Photos.
Drone photo with a ground device.
Big Basin Strange Craft High Resolution Photographs

Links to CG videos of the objects:
CG. Motion study cross UFO/Drone 2.
CG UFO Cross above house
UFO - "Chad" UFO My CGI Composite on old Film
UFO - "Chad" UFO My CGI Composite Version 2
UFO - "Chad" UFO My CGI Composite version 3
UFO - "Big Basin" UFO My CGI Model in Process 1
"Big Basin" UFO my CGI Version in Fresno California
"Big Basin" UFO v2

Other info on the drones:
Explanation of the Recent "Strange Craft" Sightings - I haven't read through much of it, but it does have some pretty cool photos of an object that looks similar in some ways.

Strange Craft in California - A nice video showing the time line of the photo sets, with photos and the write ups that came with them.

UFO - the Caret Drones - Video showing the drone photos and the Caret documents and photos.

Drone Sightings History - Go here to download a PDF with all the history and photos of the drones.

Critique on the Drone/Strange Craft Photographs - Write up which also contains some analysis of photos, yield something fishy.

My posts about the Drones:
Boo Post No.2 gross fungi and famous hoaxes

New drone photo with a ground unit.

Drone Sightings History by DrDil

Strange drones as a viral campaign?


  1. I agree. They look fake to me too.

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM


    I'm the guy who created the above video. I don't think it is a viral campaign. The whole Halo thing is probably the other way around. They saw the interest in the photos and turned it to their advantage. If this is a hoax, it is someone set out to prove something.. most likely how well things can be faked these days.
    However, if you look at the high res shots of the Raj UFO.. there really is some exceptional work going on there. I question if it is CG now. But I'm going to see if i can duplicate the shots very soon. : )

    Glad you like the work though!

    Keep cool out there!


  3. Thanks for the comments. Thanks for visiting my blog Saladfingers, love your work thats for sure, to me it looks like movie grade stuff, better even and I really look forward to seeing some of your future work.

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Hey just saw you were linking to my Big Basin UFO video's that I (Bord101)created a little while back. So just thought I would say Hi!

    These CG UFO's are sure fun to make and put in different environments. As far as them being real or not...I have not really dug into it that much. But I did see a new UFO Hunters on TV last night and they appeared to come to the conclusion that it is CGI along with high quality fabricated paperwork. So who knows, I think it would be amazing to find out that UFO's exist!

    Youtube User: Bord101

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  6. Thanks for stopping by Bord101, really like your videos.

    The latest news on the Drone photos I've floating about is that some company or something has hired a PI to investigate the whole thing.

    Could have been for UFOhunters, not sure really.

    Cheers again.

  7. Anonymous1:28 AM

    their is a video of a real drone filmed in Australia november 2008, its on youtube.

  8. the apparatus looks so fake! I think any sober person would believe such a thing! At least it was useful to feed my curiosity! any how, still I love your blog! Hope I can read you more often.

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