Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Video of a spiraling UFO over russia

Not much info came with this video, just that it's a ufo spiraling out of a wormhole in Tomsk Russia. It's a really amazing watch, at first it shows what looks like a comet trail with a bright light at the head, then it goes dark and appears to open up releasing the ball of light which then starts to spiral, very pretty.

I haven't seen anything quite like it before and I can't begin to explain what I think it may be so I won't.

Sure hope it's not a fake.

UFO - Spiral Slips out of Wormhole in Tomsk Russia

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  1. No sounds as I'm at work but it looks very cool

  2. it does look pretty cool.

  3. Another good video here. Thanks for coming back to my site Rand. I love the new look here, you did a GREAT job and have very good content. When ever I can, I will be sure to link to you. Whatever helps my friend.

  4. Beautiful!!!
    It doesn't look like a UFO, it looks like a meteor hitting the atmosphere and breaking up.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    I always enjoy reading what you post Aura and thanks for the comment and support.

  6. Anonymous6:49 AM

    This is a rocket launch that went wrong. The first stage had three main engines. The second stage lost guidance and started to spiral. I've sent enough rockets up to know what it looks like. No UFO here. It has now been identified.

  7. Anonymous8:10 AM

    It is a rocket launch. No UFO here. Nice video though.

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I'm an avid UFO hunter (hence, not a skeptic or debunker), and I have to say this is a missile that's lost control also. Still very interesting though.

  9. I read that India was about to launch their test version of an orbiting spacecraft. That may be it.

  10. This is a fabulous blog. Just thought you should know.

  11. Definitely not fake. However that doesn't mean it's a UFO. I've never heard of UFO witnesses reporting any kind of trailing jettison/exhaust/contrail/etc. Most likely some man-made rocket or missile or something.

  12. Anonymous2:03 PM

    So, it ended up in Russia... good to know. I'm always cautious about live drills as you don't know where they will end up at, the drive mechanics... we need a better understanding of how they work.

    It's images end up here, on a site that nobody reads or cares about. Hah :) lady irony plays her hand well, as ever.

  13. I agree at the rocket launch theory, however I had to watch it a couple times. Its almost an optical illusion: right up to when he pans in on the tight white spiral it almost looks like its coming towards the Earth. Once he tighens up the shot however I think it definatly looks like its moving away... Great video!

  14. Anonymous7:43 PM

    This is an old video - people have confirmed that this is a rocket stage that was recorded nearby some testing area in Russia.
    To submittrer: don't post things with a cumb title like this - you'll look like an idiot when people swamp you with obvious explanations.
    Sorry guys... no cigar.

  15. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Wonder if this is the rocket that broke up into peices over denver a week or so ago? There was a TV news crew that caught it on video, although they thought it was a meteor but Norad called it a russian rocket.

  16. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Would I be breaking with the spirit of this page if I asked a simple question such as -- uh, date and time and viewing direction of this video? or worse, if I expected an answer to these questions? (grin)

    Check out lots of my reports on Soviet rocket launchings reported as UFOs for more than thirty years -- and the coverup of these explanations in western UFO literature. Look over at the space folklore section of and email me care of the home page, if desired.

    jim O

  17. Thank you all for your comments, when posting this video I didn't expect it to take off like this, just wanted to share a video that was pretty and interesting.

    I probably should have put a little more research into it but at the time I only commented on the info that was with the video, which was very little.

    The google video title was " UFO - Spiral Slips out of Wormhole in Tomsk Russia" which was the same as the discription.

    UFO to me means just that, something that is in the sky that is unidentified, not necesaraly alien.

    When posting videos, I comment on them, provide what info I can find and leave it up to the viewers to decide what to think.

    Keep the comments coming and if anyone can provide any links or info to this particular video that would be cool.

  18. It looked like a meteor entering the atmosphere until it got real close and you see that spiral pattern to the tail, yet it didn't appear to be spinning itself.

    That's where it got interesting. It's unfortunate that the video stopped at that point.

    It had grown so much in size by that point that you would think it would have had to impacted somewhere nearby soon.

  19. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Looks like a rocket launch. Tomsk isn't that far from the launch facility in Kazakstan. The darkening looks like the disengaging of the first stage. The spiral looks like it could be photoshopped.

  20. Hey - since you're into UFOs, have you seen this Roswell video? I thought it was fake until I watched Part 2. What do you think?

  21. Well, not a UFO but still looks cool. I guess, those people were really impressed. May be they hoped to get kidnapped by alians. I suppose Mars is better than Russia

  22. Mile Avramovic6:50 PM

    This is not a rocket launch.

    1. Stripes of light are going on sides, on exact same distance.

    2.Those lights are blue colored. Rocket fuel is different color. Mixtures that start the main fuel, also knows as lighters, the ignitions of expansion (that uses the main fuel) that thrusts the object against the force of gravity, cannot be that color either. They are only lighter colored, cause they have much smaller energetic value than the main fuel.

    3. Those stripes of blue light (see #1) cannot be colored by any of city lights, because even if it is a rocket fuel, the explosion, or expansion, the flames release light colors of it own, and even if we forget all that, it would greatly light the parts of a rocket, so we could see it.

    4. Stripes of light move the exact way, exact distance, exact pattern.

    5. The white mass, moves in very defined way, which declines the theory that the white mass is a part of the rocket, because it MUST move chaotic. There is a theory about that in elementary school in "Physics". Example: leave a garden hose in the middle of a garden, and let water go through the hose at the maximum possible pressure. You will see what happens.

    6. Even if it was only the coincidence that the rocket part (white mass) moved within a pattern of moves, it moves too slowly. First, measure the speed of that part. So, it moves slowly, which means that the part isn't close. When you compare the size of that part, with the size of the fuel cloud, you will see that it takes enormous amount of fuel to make something like that (because if it is a rocket, the blue lights are much bigger which means that that is the largest part, the part that is when rocket standing tall, the bottom one, so the white mass represent the cloud of the top part (smallest) and it has much, much smaller room for fuel. You do the math.

  23. Anonymous3:28 PM