Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lake Champlain ABC Footage Found

I've been looking for this footage for ages and today someone was kind enough to send me a link to it on youtube, it's only just been uploaded so hopefully it stays up.

It was pretty frustrating, because the the video on the ABC page would load up but wouldn't play the video in question.

I'd seen stills of the footage, but I was always under the impression there was more to it, the video is a news report that explains some of the history of Lake Champlain and champ the monster, it briefly shows old photos and video of what is said to be champ, then they move onto the footage shot by two fishermen.

To tell you the truth, the stills are just as good as the video, the footage shows strange ripples on the waters surface, but you can't see what's under the surface, the two men say they could see it, but the camera couldn't pick it up. We do get a brief glimpse of Champ, and it does looks serpent like, no fins like a fish, even Eels have fins, though it does look a little like an old timer Eel.

What I find cool about the video is that I finally get to see it after a years wondering, probably should have looked harder.

Champ on ABC News


  1. awesome find. I never heard about this. At least the media is not making these guys out to be some idiots trying to play a prank. It looks legit to me. I can't wait till they find any of these mysterious creatures dead or alive and confirm it.

  2. Cheers for the comment, apparently there's more to this footage, more of the creature I think.

    Would be cool to see more.

    I think that's the only to really confirm their existence, but capturing one DoA.

    Well unless someone captures video of something that is not ambiguous.