Sunday, November 11, 2007

About Me and My Paranormal Life

This has been a long time coming, a proper introduction and about me page, I don't usually write about myself to much and I have a thing about keeping anonymous on the net, I don't know why, it's not that bad of a place, one day maybe I'll put up a photo of myself, but only on a good day.

Anyway here goes, I'm of Maori and European descent and have lived all my life down here in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a classically trained Artist and graphic designer, huge student loan and no high paying job lol, suits me fine, I'm a cruisy type of guy.

I've been interested in the paranormal ever since I can remember, probably has something to do with being allowed to watch horror movies from an early age and that my father and grandmother both knew I was into monsters, ghosts and UFOs, they'd always buy me comic books and books about myths and legends and such.

At best I'm an armchair enthusiast, but I have had my fair share of paranormal experiences, seen something in the sky I can't explain, have seen an apparition and have had some paranormal activity surround me, which I have not written about yet. I have also seen some strange things along beaches and the ocean.

I've had My Paranormal Life going for about a year and a half now and I try to post here as frequently as I can, most of my posts deal with paranormal videos I find across the web, I sift through loads of junk to present the best and most interesting videos I can find, I also try to present the latest paranormal news and from time to time my own art and thoughts on subjects.

I don't see myself waning anytime soon and I see many more years of posting to My Paranormal Life, it's a passion and a pleasure to do this and I have found the online paranormal community to be a very knowledgeable and interesting lot and have learned many great things in the year and a half I have been doing this.

I don't know how to finish this so I'll leave with one of my favorite quotes.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge"- Albert Einstein.

It's just so flexible.

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