Thursday, November 30, 2006

More about the location of the MPL ghost hunts

In two previous posts My Paranormal Life Investigation Video and MPL Investigation Video 2 I didn't write to much about the location that we visited, mainly because I want to retain a certain level of anonymity.

I'm gonna write about the location briefly because I found a story that describes something similar to the experience that the MPL team had. The cemetery we visit is Karori Cemetery in Wellington, New Zealand. It's the second largest in New Zealand and holds about 80,000 souls, it's a very pleasant cemetery but a little freaky, especially at night. We have been there a third time since the second post, just to see if we could see the ghost again but I'll write about that in a future post.

Now the story I found is not even a paragraph long but it describes a floating orange light that drifts among the head stones. What we saw was drifting, more of an off white yellowy colour and not floating among the head stones, basically it was the same thing.

You can read the short story here, it's the last story at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Zealand paranormal sites, where are they?

The reason I ask this is because I was thinking about doing a post about the Moa, an extinct bird from New Zealand. There was a photo taken a number of years ago that was supposed to be a Moa but it was very blurry and inconclusive. I thought that some one in New Zealand would still be looking for the extinct bird but I haven't found anything. So I thought I'd widen my search to "Cryptozoology New Zealand" couldn't find anything, I broadened the search even more to "paranormal New Zealand" found a little but not a lot.

I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of paranormal sites from New Zealand and how difficult it is to find them.

So what I think I'm going to do is put together a series of posts that hopefully consolidate all of the paranormal news, sites from all different areas of the paranormal that relate to NZ, along with what I usually do around here.

I did find a site for a paranormal investigations team from my home town of Wellington, funny thing is my old photography teacher from about 9 years ago is in the team, hehe small world(town).

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Odd Mondays Big Fish, Bear Wolf, Dragons and my uncle Ronny

Been getting into a lot of cryptid stuff lately, I just can't get enough of it. Sylvanic got me going, I really wanted it to be something substantial but judging by the reviews that are going around it seems no more than just a Blair Witch rip.

So this Monday will deal mainly with some cryptid news and stuff on the like.

I love fishing. Biggest fish I ever caught was a meter long barracuda. Nasty fish they are, big teeth, sea lice all through em, chew up your fishing gear. I don't know what the fish in this video is, it's pretty big, maybe a catfish?

This is an interesting story about sightings of a Bear-Wolf in Milwaukee, the description is of a creature that looks like a cross between a bear and a wolf and has pointy ears, sounds like a were wolf to me or a Wendigo maybe.

There's a lot of photos in this post about an unknown dead creature that was found by soldiers. Judging from the comments left, people seem to think it's an Orca, just posting it because there are so many photos of it.

This is old news but its new to me, I had never seen this picture before. It's supposedly of a dragon flying over the Himalayas in Tibet. It does look like a serpent of some sought and if you look at the space serpent video below, I guess you could say they a pretty similar. Found a nice discussion about it at which has a few larger versions and enhanced versions of the picture.

UFO Space Serpents.

I guess you all read about how Jack the Ripper's face has been revealed, well some say it looks like Freddy Mercury well I think he looks like my uncle Ronny.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Re-design Preview

My Paranormal Life is going to get a re-design soon, as soon as I get beta. I thought that I would take this time to show a preview graphic of what things may look like around here. It may stay the same as the preview below or it may be completely different.

Please let me know what you think.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Spooky Friday Chupacabra

This Spooky Friday we have Chupacabra!!! Well not really, it's fake but still I think it's a pretty good attempt at a fake Chupacabra video.

Chupacabras en moreno.

There are some very good scary videos out there, like this one that most people have probably seen of the Ghostly Hitchhiker. I always avoided watching it because it was so long, each time I attempted to watch it I would cancel it but I watched it the whole way through today and it is very creepy.

Hitchhiker Ghost.

Most videos that I watch on the net with a paranormal theme seem to end up like the two above, either artificial or very well made with a good amount of suspense and a descent story to tell. Very few videos seem to be genuine but I'm still gonna try and find the best out there.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another ghost head video

In one of the Spooky Friday posts, I posted a video of a ghostly head peeking around a corner, well I found another video which is almost identical.

Both seem very fake IMO but the newer one it does seem a little more subtle.

There's now embed code for this other ghost head video, it's on youtube so that easy enough.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

MPL Investigation Video 2

The fact that we saw something ghostly and all I could do was stair is really bugging me. Let me fill y'all in, we decided spontaneously that we should go and do a little ghost hunting not really expecting anything to happen, our spirits were high as we parked up next to the cemetery, we had been there once before. We walked to the main road of the cemetery laughing and stuff not really concentrating on the task at hand, when all of a sudden my friend yelled out WTF is that, we all turned to where she was pointing only to catch a glimpse of a ghostly figure crossing the road about 50 meters in front of us and then disappearing behind a building. My friend ran after it and saw it again walking up a road surrounded by trees but he lost site of it.

We were all a little freaked out and didn't really know what to think.

Now I'm usually the first to say "ahh was probably some dude" but what I saw just doesn't fit that. The friend who pointed it out to us saw it the longest and she saw it walk most the way across the road, I saw it as it came of the road, over a little grassy hill and then behind the building, while my other friend was chasing it I stayed put to see if it would walk out from the other side of the building which it didn't but the road my friend went up was on that side of the building. I would have seen it if it was heading up there. There were 4 of us, 3 of us saw it.

The ghost was a pale colour, looked like a female but I couldn't make out any real details and was sought of hovering.

What is bugging me is that I had my camera on, ready to take a photo and all I had to do was lift point and click and I would have had a really nice ghost photo but hey there's always next time right.

This is the first ghost that I have actually seen and it feels great. I have had many ghostly experiences before but this is the first apparition that I have seen and I am looking forward to many more.

After the ghost sitting we stayed around a little bit longer hoping to see it again but by this time I think we were concentrating to hard. I took a butt load of photos , most of the photos have orbs in them but I put those down to rain. I have put the best ones into a photo video, complete with scary sounds.

Ghost hunt video No.2

Also feel free to embed this video any where you like, Linking options.

This is the first ghost that I have actually seen and it feels great. I have had many ghostly experiences before but this is the first apparition that I have seen and I am looking forward to many more.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Odd Monday Chimps Cryptids and Monsters

Time for another Odd Monday post, just before I start editing up MPLs next investigation video. So here's a few odd stories that I found interesting.

Chimps on the loose, well one any how. A woman in Santa Rosa photographed an animal she couldn't explain so she went to the zoo for some expert help, turns out it's what the believe to be an escaped Chimpanzee but they don't know from where. There is mention of sittings of a baby bear in the area, it's very hard to tell from the small pics provided with the article.

Next we have a huge list Cryptid Creatures. I haven't heard of most of them, my favorite from the list is the Shug Monkey, love the name.

The Monster is part of a bunch of fossils found on the island of Spitsbergen in Norway. There's some nice pictures in this article from National Geograhic and the mention of a 33-foot-long pliosaur dubbed "The Monster" with teethe the size of Cucumbers was to good to skip over.

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Upcoming MPL video

Just another quick heads up on what we've been up to here at My Paranormal Life, we had a another impromptu visit to some scary places around town, I took a load of pictures and I'm in the process of making another vdeo slide show of our ghost hunting trip. It was pretty eventful... I actually saw my first ever ghost but I'll get more into that later.

Spook ya later.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Spooky Friday shadow people

It's Saturday here but somewhere in the world it is still Friday. I was watching this video and it is a little creepy, for me it's mainly because the video quality is so bad but if you watch it you see ghostly shadowy figures darting across the background. Most likely it's just people running in front of a torch or something but I could be wrong.

Possible Shadow Ghosts of Children?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Odd Mondays Ufos Earth and Big Cats

Ufo or Flying Saucer Ok a couple of days late but better late then never.

I bookmarked this story not reading it mainly because of the picture and head line. Turns out the photo was taken in my own country, something to look into more I think. The title of the story "Is it a UFO or a flying saucer?" got me thinking, aren't they the same thing but then if you see it is a flying saucer well then it ain't unidentified anymore is it. The photo was taken in February 1965 while the navy cruiser Royalist was in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. My first impression of the photograph was that it was a parachute but I find it hard to tell.

This video illustrating exactly how small we are in the scheme of things filled me all sorts of thoughts like why I hadn't studied astronomy instead of art.

Giant paw prints mystery this looks like a good mystery for a crypto group to look into, seems like Suffolk has a big cat on it's hands.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Paranormal Life Investigation Video

Well this is far from scientific, it was very opportunistic, I was there I had my camera and I was drunk.

Ghostly investigation.

The first set of photos in this video are from a previous trip to a abandoned mental hospital that I first posted about in my posts "A night in the Lunatic Asylum" and "Back to the asylum". We went back there the other night only to discover that it had been demolished which was a very sad sight indeed.

The second set of photos in the video are from a place I hadn't been to before and I'm going to have to ask my friend where we were, if you watched the video you'll know why. It was a windy night with no rain and it was located in the middle of the bush. I caught few orb photos here but only one is shown in the video I also caught a ghostly face in one of the windows but it's probably just a dirty window.

Are they easily explainable?

I tried to find music to go along with this video and I found a bunch but they were licensed under creative commons and I still don't get how that works, so I think I wont use creative commons licensed work until I do understand how it works.

Also you can share this video with this link you can also get the embed code at that link to place the video on your blog or site.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Spooky Friday Mental Asylum Ghost

Forgot about spooky Friday post so it's here a day late. In this video about half way through you'll see what is claimed to be a little ghost girl ghost. Seems pretty fake but that's not why I'm posting it, the whole feel is pretty creepy, the environment is an old Mental Asylum and screams horror film and the claimed back story is fairly interesting to.

Mental Asylum.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What My paranormal life has been up to

I thought I'd just take the time to point out some of the newish off shoots of My Paranormal Life. I've been trying to get a community feel up in here and have been looking at ways to do this, especially using free services because I'm poor and have no money hehe.

First off, I have been signed up to flickr for ages and had never used the account, so I thought that I would start a group that would relate to this blog. The group has 13 members at this time with some very nice photos added to the pool, the group is for anything that is Scary, Creepy and Weird hence the name Scary Creepy Weird. I hope for people to get advice from some top photographers and to share what they may have discovered.

I also set up a site at Magnify, Magnify is a video sharing site were you can upload videos found on sites like Youtube and revver etc, the difference being that you use the each video goes through a user reviewed process before it ends up on the main page of the user created sites, well I hope that's what it is, I'm still getting used to it myself. The Magnify site is called Paranormal Life, There's a few videos on the main page with over 200 other paranormal type videos to be user reviewed and passed.

The yahoo group, well I don't really expect this to take off but I'll leave it up until I get a better idea.

And finally please be my friend LOL, just Myspaceing myself.

Check me out!

Here's the Flick and Magnify Widgets...

photos in Scary Creepy WeirdMore photos in Scary Creepy Weird

Monday, November 06, 2006

Odd Monday skyfish bigfoot and demons

Only have a few links to share this odd Monday, first of we have " What Mythological Creature are you?" quiz that has produced the what you see below...

You scored as Demon. Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
created with

Cool I'm a demon.

Wow that took up some space. Next we have the story of Idaho professor Jeffrey Meldrum who is shunned by his pairs for his research into bigfoot, all I really have to say is that with out people like Jeffrey Meldrum treading a unique path we would still be living on a flat world. Thanks to Rose from 6 Cents Investigations for emailing me the link to that story.

Invisible poisonous skyfish fly at 300 km/h all around us that's what this story is about, I know them as Rods, the story is kind of funny, talking about Japanese skyfish catchers and how the hobby isn't that safe because of the speed at which they travel and that they a very poisonous. It would be so cool if they were real especially the ones that are estimated to be over a hundred feet in length.

Odd Monday indeed.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Edmonton man says bigfoot exists and he has proof

I would really like to see how this turns out. In this article Bigfoot Exists a man says he has incorporated 12 seconds of bigfoot footage into his documentary titled Sylvanic.

Cryptomundo has some great discussion about this documentary.

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Megalodon caught on tape

Had a dry spell in interesting news and media this week but this is just to good to be true. This video shows a huge giant shark claimed to be a Megalodon filmed by I think some Japanese show. It also has a few giant squid shots in it.

If this shark isn't a megalodon then what kind of shark is it because it is so dang huge, Basking shark? What could it be?

Edit: most people seem to think its a Greenland Shark.

Liked this giant shark video? then check out this huge 6 gilled shark video, could be bigger and also lend support that the above video isn't an illusion of some sort.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Spooky Friday catapillar get together

Not really spooky but very creepy, what are these catapillars doing? They look as if they got stuck together and fell out of a tree, creepy crawleys on film freak me out but in real life they don't, that's kind of spooky.

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